Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 339

Chapter 339 The Way To Become A God

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It was indeed a question that left Joshua wondering for ages.

This world had many gods, their titles countless but varying, which in turn gave them different aspects. Even without taking other gods into consideration, the contrasting aspects in titles was obvious even amongst the Seven Gods of men.

For one, followers of the God of Power and Justice could gain a series of divine spells that counter evil and Chaos while also attaining the ability to control. Another fine example would be the priests of the God of Love and Hatethey could charm beasts or even daemons, as well as interact with the dead or summon heroic spirits to protect themselves.

To list the others would be merely to be repetitive. In short, it is the different facets of the gods that earned them worship in different lands.

Usually, the Northern Empire commonly revered the God of Power and Justice along with the God of Conservation and Reformation. The West Mountains, on the other hand, worshipped the God of Law and Freedom alongside the God of Order and Destruction.

Most mages in the Eastern Plains were atheists, but there was a subtle following of the God of Wisdom and Choice. At the Far South, there was an entrenched devotion for the God of Love and Hate as well as the God of Life.

Nevertheless, why would their titles so often contrastor more specifically, be inconsistent?

Joshua believed that the titles of these gods and their faith had a logic withinthere was even an entire doctrine that tries to make interpretations. But since deities with easily understood designations like God of Orcs and War exist, why would the gods of men make their own titles so erratic?

Perhaps they really did develop mental problems?

Ogner stared blankly for a while at the warrior’s question.

How rare Here he is, a warrior that actually does not want to ascend into godhoodand they are supposed to be the type that chase after power in all forms.

Indeed, all this question would do was help satisfy Joshua’s own curiosity.

Interesting guy.” The twin-headed giant could not help but shake His head. He regretted inwardly that He did not have much time, for Ogner really desired to have a long conversation with this human. Still, it was best to answer his question.

Why the contrast in divine titles?” He repeated, pondering briefly. ”Why some deities would pick two clashing divine occupations as the source of their power? This assuredly would never be an uncertainty for beings that never touched demigod thresholds.

It is actually a choice,” the twin-headed giant said, putting weight behind each solemn word as He leveled His gaze at Joshua’s. ”Choice can be the incarnation of a certain power or the ‘existence’ for a divine force.

“What does that mean?” Joshua frowned. He seemed to grasp the meaning but was uncertainand pressed on without hesitation. “What’s the difference between the two?”

Father Nature whom you had met, and I are two great examples,” Ogner explained patiently. ”Father Nature’s designations are Nature and Elves, and so His power came from the natural cycle and the elven civilization he nurtured. His divinity and blessings are therefore supported by the entire nature itselfI believe you’ve come across that.

Joshua nodded in agreement. In the final battle at Illgner, two buff skills that Father Nature employedthe [Protection of the Lord of Nature] and the [Radiance of the Forests] were indeed borne by nature itself.

From that perspective, the Evil God of Calamity’s actions such as corrupting the world, vanquishing all lives and all that was natural meant that he was a counterpart of Father Nature. There was little wonder that Father Nature would hence behave so gravely and wanted so much for Joshua to lead a few of the elves to flee.

When you’ve mentioned that Father Nature had fled this world amidst the war towards the end of the Glorious Era, I wasn’t that surprised,” Ogner said calmly without a hint of scorn towards Father Nature.

He had free will as long as the conditions ’Survival of Elven Civilization’ and ‘The Preservation of Natural Ecosystems’ were met. Utterly subservient towards those circumstances, His own title compelled Him to lead the elves to flee once the Mycroft Continent face devastation, to a place where he would rebuild their civilization along with nature.

Because He was an incarnation of nature and elven civilization, He could never disregard His instincts.”

As for me? I’m the God of Fortune and Despair.” Ogner said, raising a hand with only four fingers and pointed towards his own ancient face. ”My powers could never compare to Father’s Nature since my creed includes the tiniest bits of realization about fortune within despair. Naturally, both of those divinity constants tore at my willlucky for me, I have two brains to separate the load.

“And it’s exactly because of that, with the two contrasting powers, you could maintain your independent will.” Joshua nodded pensively, finally getting the point. “The only things in the God of Orcs and War were the orc civilization and strife. As for the Seven Gods of Men, They each have different knowledge and thinking, and would use different methods to nurture different civilizations.

Indeed, with ‘Despair’ voided, the only thing left was my ‘Fortunate’ existence.” Ogner made a rather harrowing and emotional smile, but otherwise did not seem to mind much about His predicament. ”The differences between the two, however, remain huge.

For Father Nature, as long as nature and elves survive, His death merely meant a long slumber which he would awaken from one daythe restriction, of course, being that there were no God of Nature appearing in that time.

On the other hand, If I were to fall, I would never revive from events of fortune or despair even if the Ougel civilization still stands. At most it would be like this, to awaken for a brief moment before returning to my death.

Even as the twin-headed giant spoke, his shape became even hazier.

Meanwhile, the black chest within the white crystal screen was now totally smashed, turning into shards of black dust.

The Chest of Erebus no longer spread Black Shroud, just as Saya had predicted. Ogner, the God of Fortune and Despair, His seal that had endured the grating test of a thousand years and His own original deformed existence, could no longer prevail.

His frame now appeared so frail that He would completely vanish in moments.

Any other questions?

Still, Ogner did not seem to mind His own passing. He was at peaceeven turning into nothingness was fine for Him.

If you would like to know the way to attain the divinity you desire, I could tell you the way even if time is running short,” He suggested, before shaking His head and smiling. ”Ah, that isn’t quite right. You’ve already a hint of divinitythat makes things a lot easier.

The warrior, however, shook his head too.

“Don’t need that.”