Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Get Rid Of The Enemy Then Think

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However, the Darkness quickly discovered that its situation was not as bad as it expected—in the face of the Ancient Dragon’s supremely dangerous breath, the Legends behind the Darkness had been targeted as well, and so retreated at once.

As fellow spies of the Ancient Dragon’s power, all the beings present: the two Pentashade Dragon Kings, Demon General, the Behemoth that wanders the Void or the Fleet from a mysterious civilization were all not allies of the Ancient Dragon. They also know clearly that they came to the world of Kronos to help free the Ancient Dragon—and even if the two Legendary mages did not have any hostile intent, they could not share that thought with the Ancient Dragon.

Therefore, against that magnetic field breath that would seemingly pierce the Void and tear the physical realm apart, every being that was unwilling to suffer that blow together with the dark mist simply retreated.

—A chance.

The unnamed Darkness quickly realized a possibility where it could evade, since it was huge sheets of mist in the end. As long as the pursues behind it did not make a block, it was not difficult to send the primary part of its mist away from the trail of the Ancient Dragon’s breath. The one who controlled it—or perhaps its very own special attribute—made it execute the plan with no hesitation after it had made its decision, and so the dark mist pulled back at an unimaginable speed. As if a video being rewound, dropping back and following the original trail.

If it continued, it might really withdraw most of its primary power before the Ancient Dragon could muster its power.

But it miscalculated.

For there was still one who had yet to retreat.

“I’m here not to fight you.”

Joshua stood in the Void, facing the dark mist that was intending to escape and the dazzling electromagnetic aurora that was about to come striking. Having already transformed into Steel Giant God, he extended his right hand in immeasurable solemnness and grasped—light that resembled either a sword or an entire world was gathered in his palm, while lightning bolts danced and flickered over his body, first the intense actuation of electric currents and subsequently the swift whirling of magnetic field… in the end, crimson lightning assembled distinctly on Joshua’s palm which soon turned into veins of scar-like patterns.

The fundamental substance that made up Joshua’s body was degenerate matter, itself unleashing immeasurably powerful magnetic fields. The warrior could usually walk around normal individuals with his mass that was above a hundred thousand precisely because he possessed the ability to control his own magnetic fields through Steel Strength. He had later summarized that ability and delivered it to the balrog that was at who-knows-where and the young girl it admired, becoming the legacy of a new power.

Even so, being the pioneer of that power, this was the first time Joshua was using the technique at full power. In that instant, the two Legendary mages who were preparing a dimensional spell to pull the warrior who was unwilling to leave the path of the Ancient Dragon’s breath realized in shock that a profound and irresistible force was emanating from Joshua’s body, blowing away the magical power that touched him like a feather. At the moment, he was a star standing upon where he was, without a power capable of moving him an inch.

“Just correcting my past mistake.”

Magnetic boundary surged, blinding light of energies torrented in the Void, and Joshua raised his right fist that seemed to be grasping something across thin air. The stars of the Void dimmed at once, for something that was even more captivating had appeared in the world. It was as if time had frozen in that second, stopping the dragon’s breath, the warrior’s fist as well as the Darkness that was pincered and unsure how to free itself. Two infinitely bright and powerful magnetic fields whirled simultaneously, spreading a tinge of energy that instilled a sense of danger even in the Void Behemoth that was positioned in the distance.

For that was the power that could destroy all things.

When the Ancient Dragon mustered its full power to draw out the electron degeneracy pressure from all matter, the unfurling electrons would thus unleash extremely powerful electromagnetic radiation and high-energy particle beam. That phenomenon presented itself as translucent bubbles of light and undulation by the Ancient Dragon’s maw, with any black mist touched by the light instantly self-immolating and dispersing as the basest of particles.

A body of white-dwarf substance alone would not be able to withstand such a blow, because it was also an existence reliant upon electron degeneracy pressure. One must go one step further, becoming something to a neutron star that utterly depended on electron degeneracy pressure for its existence… at present, Joshua was far from achieving that, but he did have another method to counter the magnetic field breath of the Ancient Dragon.

And that was to depend upon another powerful magnetic boundary.


In the ancient ruins deep beneath the mountains of the world of Kronos, the fainted girl unwittingly awakened due to a throb in her blood. She looked up puzzledly at the spectacles displayed upon the crystal walls, where a silver dragon was unleashing a breath of powerful light that short-circuited the crystal walls, while a Giant Steel God was swinging a heavy fist that shattered mountains and quaked the earth. The attacks of the two created huge blankets of aurora over the skies of Kronos, stirring the world’s magnetic field and emitting dazzling lights. The Darkness that was sandwiched between the attacks of the two was broken into pieces, wiped out like wisps of dust by the two supremely augmented magnetic boundaries—or perhaps pushed to the distance.

Thus, two butterfly-shaped magnetic field glowed in a lively manner in the void, counter each other.

“That…” on the altar, the girl who was bound by the Steel Chain to where she was lay prone on the ground, looking up at the crystal walls as she softly mumbled. “That light…”

“It’s that person. The founder of the technique you have learned.”

At that moment, Lisa sensed a warm will was interacting within her spiritual link as he heard a familiar voice. “He has come.”

“To attain another victory.”

Is that so… the founder of Actuate Bolt is that silver-colored Giant God, huh…

Lisa did not say a word—she could feel the power of two majestic beings above the skies. If the output of the Actuate Bolt in her body had been refined into a whole new cohesive power counted as one, the Dragon God over the skies would count as seven hundred thousand… or up to nine hundred thousand. Additionally, it was non-linear as well, since whenever such cohesive power was added to, there would unimaginable empowerment that granted the wielder Extraordinary powers which far outshone mortals.

However, somehow, even with the might of the two champions, the girl felt a little uneasy.

She had a feeling that things would not be solved so easily.


Meanwhile, in the Void, Barnil and William sought out the Black and White Dragon Kings that were becoming restless, while everyone else watched the Ancient Dragon combined in a pincer attack against the Darkness.

“Barnil… and William. You two are here as escorts of that young man, huh?”

Kanor the Black Dragon King exuded a gray breath of negative energy when it saw the two Legendary mages’ approach. It stared at them vigilantly, and yet did not really assume combat alertness. “We do not plan to attack. It’s just that we feel awe, having seen you humans gained another formidable Legend.”

Even loonies would know that it was lying. Why would they stay their hand if they could mount a successful ambush against Joshua, the world-renowned dragon-slayer and the fellow who stopped their assault on the Seven Gods’ Sacred Mountain?

On the other hand, Bognar the White Dragon King, the Lord of Falling Sleet who appeared acquainted with Barnil showed better manners. “Barnil… with things turning out like this, is there still anything left to discuss? The Ancient Dragon’s power far exceeded our imagination, and with you three Legends being present… we will leave soon, and no longer spy upon its power.”

At present, even the White Dragon King which yearned for the power of Creation so as to produce a better habitat for its own tribes was forced to admit that the state of affairs had far exceeded their projections. Not only were the powerful beings that came to compete was unexpectedly many, the Ancient Dragon that should not have been able to use its full power also appear extraordinarily power… and with their old opponents from Mycroft standing in a corner, it was forced to abandon the plan.

The Pentashade dragons could no longer suffer any more losses. Even if one more Legendary Dragon King—Verdia, was alive in the Sleeping Dragon Abyss in the event that the two dragon kings present here were lost, one Legend alone would never be able to lead the Pentashades to survive safely in the Abyss.

They did not even have the capital to gamble.

It was after a long silence that Barnil finally spoke softly to the colossal white dragon before him.

“Bognar. Just distance yourself from Mycroft.”

There was emotion in his voice, as if reminiscing or staring into the future. “I still remembered your image when you generously permitted the younger us to search for the classical text regarding Ancient Dragons in the Dragon Island beyond the seas… You had not been as crazy as you were during the Berserker Dragon Plague, much less the King of Evil Dragons that people talk about. But when I thought about it, you may already have planned to find Ancient Dragon power as leeway back then already.”

“But now things are not same as you believed, Bognar. The Mycroft civilization slowly awakens—we have rediscovered the legacy of ancient times, and relics our predecessors left behind.”

Barnil then closed his eyes, opening them again with light circling in his gaze. “The people of Mycroft would step once more towards ten thousand worlds. You would be utterly crushed if you drag your heavily injured bodies to stand before us.”

The white-haired mage’s daily image was leisurely, pleasant, not serious and quite eccentric. He had absolutely no qualms about cheating when playing cards with his friend, and there was no telling that he was a Legendary champion—and yet, right now, Barnil comprehensively revealed his might as the Master of Runes, his calm stare turned into one bearing infinite anger, and though his words were calm, they utterly broke the rage of the two Legendary Dragon Kings.

“I’ve once wandered the surrounding Void, searching for the whereabouts of Ancient Dragon and information regarding your tribes… Bognar, Kanor. Your kind may very well be the final tribes of the Pentashade. Compare to the future, it is best if you preserve the present.”

At those very words, the two Legendary Dragon Kings became tremendously dispirited. They looked at each other; their eyes were filled with self-mockery and forlornness.

Barnil had no reason to lie… furthermore, did they need humans to tell them such things?

Would they not know the reason why the legacies of the Red Dragon King and the Green Dragon King had disappeared amidst the many elemental realms and the Multiverse? They may still be alive, but as long as the day that they found a world suitable for their race to live upon never came, the dragon kings who did not wish to let down the expectations of their own kind would never return.

Beside them, William spoke as well.

“Just stay in your Abyss, flourish there, and never return.” He sighed. “You will surely die next time—we would not be merciful then, and would completely server the ten-thousand years of karma between the Pentashade and Mycroft.”

That was a certainly a kind warning. On the honor of the fellowship they shared in younger years, the two Legendary mages took the opportunity when Joshua was absent to advise the Dragon Kings, asking them so that they leave the region and dissuade them from making moves around Mycroft. All without the intention of attacking them.

However, those words seemed to hurt the self-esteem of the Dragon Kings. “We are races with a longer history than the Mycroft civilization itself.” Bognar promptly spat, blowing out an absolute zero-degree white mist while its eyes turned blood-red. “The Pentashade dragons and their kings were once a member when the world of Mycroft was at its peak… you are definitely right, but for sake of hope, the dragons would never back down!”

“Battles waged for sovereignty over the continent was reasonable in the first place. Wasn’t it the same when you human and elves war against the sauroks and harpies all those years ago?”

“And yet, we did not search for foreign aid from the Abyss and the powers of Chaos… Continuing on this path, are you guys not intending to become the beings that destroyed your own world?



The Dragon Kings left. A black and a white belt of light hence vanishing in the Void, venturing deep into the Abyss without looking back.

Bongar and Kanor had given up on the struggle of the power of the Ancient Dragon.

Meanwhile, the Void Behemoth that had kept to itself at a corner left as well, having seen that the Ancient Dragon was in perfect condition and how the Darkness had been maimed. It looks a long look at the many Legends present as if to carve all their faces into its mind, and hence drew on gravity fields, disappearing into the other side of the Void.

The Golden Fleet were pulling back as well—they were in fact the faction that reaped the best rewards. The fleet of an unknown civilization had attained much monster and Drakonid blood samples from the Kronos Mountains, while gaining substantial information about the Ancient Dragon’s actual power. Though it did not appear to be much, it was not unacceptable and, in the very least, much better than placing their lives on the line while competing with multiple Legendary champions.

In the end, they were a fleet—a force that watches over civilization. They must leave now, having lost one-third of their warships, returning for repairs, or their losses would far outweigh their gains.

As for the Insectoid Demon General, Shaluka had already led the Magma Fleet and fled a long time ago—leaving earlier than the Void Behemoth itself. Not a fool and having no backup, only idiots would have stayed to fight against three human Legends and the Ancient Dragons… With the Pentashade Dragon Kings gone, Shaluka could work together with nobody, and having failed to even stand up to Joshua alone, would he not be encircled, and died as one of the most pitiful of Demon Generals?

And now, Joshua stood off against the silver Ancient Dragon high above the skies.

The Ancient Dragon knew that this was the man who beat it up from its slumber, which was why it briskly categorized it as a foe. But after that clash, it understood that it was impossible to completely vanquish it. Along with the presence of the black mist, it did not have much thought to spare upon it.

Its window of battle was dependent on the ritual left behind by the former civilization of Kronos. Through its existential sensory, it learned that there was only one awakened pure-blood Drakonid amongst the entire race, and a child at that.

That means it could only fight once, and that should not be simply wasted on an enemy that could not be rid of.

As for Joshua, his whole body flickered with huge lightning bolts even as the substances over the surface of his body was crumbling and regeneration simultaneously without ceasing. With the Darkness sandwiched in between, the attacks from both Ancient Dragon and warrior did not hit each other, but the force from the electron degeneracy pressure still damaged the warrior a little.

—What should he be doing at this time? Greet the Ancient Dragon first, and tell it that he had been a little out of control before, and this time, he was here to help him?

Who would buy that?

Clearly not one for diplomacy, Joshua would rather communicate with the Ancient Dragon with his fist instead of actually communicating, and become bosom buddies afterward. However, the Ancient Dragon did not plan to give the man face. Having seen that the other beings that were spying on its power had all left, it turned, prepared to return to Kronos and continue its procedure of repairing the world.

It was a promise it made with the Drakonids. It would never break it, even if the price was to be chained to that small world for millennia.

But just as Joshua was prepared to turn, seek out the two elderly mages and confer with them, a black sphere suddenly leaped out distinctly out of the Void that should have been utterly vaporized, emanating obscure black mist—prompting both dragon and warrior to turn back.

Somehow, the black sphere—the true form of the Darkness and the being that controlled the black mist—had actually survived Joshua’s fist and the breath of the Ancient Dragon. It was now whirling rapidly in the Void, absorbing every iota of energy plundered by the dark mist before. It was also what controlled the electromagnetism of the black mist, and yet, even with the black mist diminished in its entirety, it stubbornly survived.

Moreover, it now followed its original plan straightforwardly, and streaked down towards the world of Kronos.


The Ancient Dragon appeared astonished by the fact. Never had something like today occurred, even when it fought against the black mist before—each breath it exhaled before had been enough to wipe out a huge expanse of the black mist and its true form. But now, just after a few hundred years, the beings behind the black mist had developed to such extent that they could withstand its full-power breath?!

Things happened so suddenly that no one could react even time. Ancient Dragon and Joshua, alert to each other’s presence, hence allowed the true form of the black mist to freely enter the world of Kronos.

Therefore, indescribable calamity descended.

From the point of view of the creatures dwelling in the Kronos Mountains, it was a black star, falling from the skies.

It was a huge sphere with a diameter of over forty meters, its body still wrapped in the powerful lightning arcs breathed by the Ancient Dragon and yet was not damaged—powerful magnetism similar to the Ancient Dragon’s own had allowed it to survive the terrible pincer attack. The darkness consumed all things in its way, releasing concentric circles of ripples, assimilating the minuscule dust in the air around it, altering them into new black mist. Even as it kept descending, the new dark fog swiftly spread its presence like ink dripped into a cup of water.

The darkness was much more active than it was in the Void. Between breaths, it had already fallen into the cloud layers of Kronos, with large sheets of grey-white clouds of gloom distorted at once, becoming a gleaming crystalline liquid that reflected the dazzling myriad of light above the Void. In the very next second, it fell as black color rain, seeping into the land and the barren desert, permeating all things.

The darkness hence spread like flames burning on grasslands and pestilence amongst the crowd, extending swiftly towards all directions.

—A subjugation weapon used to erode worlds.

Joshua quickly understood what he overlooked. Indeed, how could it possible for the weapons of a superior civilization to be limited to battle in the Void? They must possess extreme endurance and attributes that were effectively indestructible in order to advance across the dangerous Multiverse, invade and subjugating one civilization after another.

At present, Ancient Dragon power could suppress it but far from completely, with their power sharing the same origin.

Over the land, the black rain was still falling. A black soil that was over dozens of kilometers wide promptly appeared in the Desert of God, with dark vapors combining visibly with dust, combining into various weapons of unimaginable forms—spikes, spheres, octahedron, triangle, hexagonal prism… as if the black assemblage of three-dimensional geometry, countless unusual creations akin to mathematical models developed int the mist, while endless mysterious runes flickered over the geometrical shapes.

Those geometrical shapes were beautiful yet dangerous without any delicate or complex construct—to be so simple was a threshold of extreme aesthetic. Their surfaces and insides were inscribed with countless runes, with powerful energy activating one after another formation of runes, creating various unusual phenomena

When magical runes were formed in nanometer formations, what power could it produce?

It was precisely what Joshua and the silver Ancient Dragon witnessed as they rushed into Kronos from the Void.

As if an incarnation of the darkness essence, the gloom that reflects no light and energies were gathering in the lightless mist. It had formed endless curious geometry shapes as well as a huge hand that was entirely rectangular. As a rumbling echoed across the horizon, the black giant hand that appeared to be a 3D model projection reached out, disintegrating the Ancient Dragon’s tentative lightning strike, while the dark mist kept churning, as if wanting to condense and form a tremendous Mobius Ring to wage battle against the Ancient Dragon with its own combat form.

The Ancient Dragon wanted to keep using its disintegration breath, but with them present inside the world of Kronos—the place where Drakonids lived. It would trigger another complete apocalypse and devastation if it attacked with excess power, which was why it hesitated and paused where it was, unsure of how to face it.

“Looks like your help is needed, masters Barnil and William.”

At that moment, Joshua turned calmly and spoke to the two Legendary mages who rushed to the scene. He was aware that it was thanks to their diligence that the other Legendary champions left the world of Kronos, granting them a peace of mind when they faced the dark mist, or the situation would have been several times direr.

However, neither Barnil nor William appeared to pay Joshua any mind. The white-haired mage and the wandering poet were staring dazedly at the silver Ancient dragon beside them, saying, “Look, that perfect form, a flawless body even as electromagnetic fields dances around it—it simply makes the heart throb…”

“Feels like falling in love…”

Though what they were saying made no sense, the two Legendary mages did not hesitate to join in suppressing the Darkness. As a Lord of the Mind, William appeared to be helpless against the darkness that had no mind and was made entirely out of nothing. However, he turned and glanced at the distant Kronos mountains, and as spiritual waves visible to the naked eye disseminated, all Drakonids and native beasts that came out to see what was happening quickly shrunk back into their shelter. After that, he waved his hands in the Void, and layers of translucent magical barriers materialized around the Darkness, halting its spread for the moment.

At the same time, Barnil removed his glasses. The Legendary mage’s artificial eye flickered with a prismatic radiance like a diamond, and after taking a deep breath, the elderly mage plucked it out of its socket, and threw what was his life’s work as well as what was very much his runic masterpiece into the dark mist.

In that brief instant, the urgently unfurling dark mist stopped moving visibly.

“Alright. Through my runic core, I am struggling against the dark mist core for control over the mist itself. You guys hurry in, and shatter its true form… What the fuck, that bastard’s processing power is so much higher than mine? Is it even human?!”

At first, Barnil had a face full of confidence as if victory was at hand, since there were not much beings in this world that could match Legendary champions in processing power… But clearly, the core of the black mist was an exception. In seconds, huge droplets of sweat were appearing over the Legendary mage’s head—it was not ordinary physical excretion either, but liquid nitrogen the elderly mage was using to cool his brain.

Just as the two Legendary mages acted, and unlike the Ancient Dragon that had yet to come up with any solution beside them, Joshua had already left. He rapidly descended, drawing searing gales that burned and boiled the air around him. Ground was turned into magma while all things were charred in a sea of fire, and the powerful magnetic fields around the warrior’s body were combined with unparalleled broiling that incinerated all dark mist along the way.

Thus, he dashed into the temporary motionless dark mist.

Joshua never once thought about whether he should be fighting against any enemy, but how he should be fighting them.

He would never spare time for nonsense before utterly defeating the enemy, just as the creed he always followed faithfully:

Get rid of the enemy first, then think.