Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 683

Chapter 683 Threshold Of The Holy One

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“I’ve mentioned to you before, it’s a dwarf-sized world.”

The Will of the Steel Python led Joshua forward—both of them followed dimensional turbulence and Mana Tide into the distance, while Karlis described the world seeking aid in their journey. “There are tremendous differences between worlds. The largest of worlds are boundless, being in them is virtually being in the Multiverse itself, and they are able to nurture innumerable civilizations and races.

“Even worlds that were one notch lesser would be able to nurture thousands of planet-continents.”

The Steel Python’s tone was level and unfettered, its tone when mentioning those other worlds showed no hint that it was talking about its ‘own kind’. Perhaps it was as it had said—difference between worlds outnumber differences between human and rats.

Meanwhile, Karlis continued, “Of course, such super grand-scale worlds are extremely rare, with most of them being a combination of several grand-scale worlds. As for single planet-continent worlds like myself and Mycroft, we are the most numerous.”

Joshua listened to Karlis’s description. He understood those dissimilarities: those so-called largest worlds were perhaps known as ‘single-body universe’ in the pre-existence. The grand worlds that were next to them in size could also be one or two singular galaxies that may be natural or fused—still, there was no question that their massive scale far exceeded the imagination of beings who lived on single continents.

“What about smaller worlds?” Joshua asked. He was sensing the dimensional turbulences shifting within the Void, while flying at full speed towards the direction Karlis pointed out. “What’s the difference between lesser worlds and typical worlds? The size of their continents alone?”

“No, that’s not all.”

The Steel Python refuted solemnly in spirit.  “Small is but a metaphor—on a stricter definition, that means the world exerts huge restraint upon Extraordinary individuals.

“No matter how small a world was, if a character akin to the Sage was to ascend in that place, it would rank equally with many worlds in the Multiverse. If there happened to be more than a few… no one would disagree even if that world was called the center of the Multiverse.

“Look. Those massive worlds hold millions of masses that I could never size up against, but the energy within is hollow, the Steel Strength sparse, the World Will unable to even awaken. They simply exist only, without any miracle or glory… There may perhaps be one day that the civilizations living within would find a unique path despite such hostile environments that no other world had—but how long would that take?”

Karlis could not help becoming emotional at the topic: The World Will who once went through destruction and rebirth appeared to have shrugged away the thousand-year gloom wrought by the Evil God of Famine and become rather lively.

“But such worlds would never fear the invasion of Evil Gods,” it said softly, looking towards the Void beside Joshua. “Even dozens of Evil Gods would have a hard time breaking through their World Barrier. Unless there are problems that arise in the world interior, none could threaten them.”

Joshua listened to it silently, remembering his own old home, although that thought went by in a flash.

“You seem to hold the Sage in high-esteem.” He said after a while; there was curiosity in his tone. “I know—you must be acquainted with him.”

“I certainly know him… Karlis and Mycroft had once exchanged a batch of race through an ancient natural dimensional passageway. The Avian people in Mycroft had precisely originated from my world, while Mycroft was the first trade partners the Karlis Avian people made after building Void airships.”

Karlis was silent for a moment in the spiritual realm before it continued, “The Sage only appeared in my vision in the last two thousand years, but his power and authority far surpass that of every great person from previous eras. I knew the very first time I met him that a majestic civilization had stepped out of the world of Mycroft, and would extend into the Multiverse… but we never expected the invasion of Evil Gods.”

“Is the Sage really that powerful?”

Joshua narrowed his eyes mid-flight amidst the Void. He naturally was aware of the Sage’s might, for it was a grand power that he could never catch tail ends of. Even so, it made a world hold him in such reverence and praise that Joshua found it rather hard to understand.

And for all intents and purposes, it was a world . From the edge of the vast oceans to the highest mountaintop, everything from continent, seas, and skies was within its embrace—the very amalgamation of every energy cycle in all things… And that Will of a World actually reveres that person?


As if hearing the doubt and incomprehension within Joshua’s words, Karlis sighed softly in spirit. After calling his name once, it became rather careful with its words. “You—no, all of you, the people of Mycroft, still do not understand the Sage.”

There appeared to be a hint of envy and an emotion Joshua could not understand. “It is of little wonder, however.” The Steel Python shook its head.“The people of Mycroft had always been basking beneath the glory of the Sage: it may have been difficult to realize the truth.”

“What truth?”

Joshua lifted his brow. He thought that Karlis appear to have a point, although the warrior could not get its gist.

“Think carefully, Joshua,” Karlis explained patiently in return. “You have been to many worlds as well, heading to the far end of the Multiverse. Remember history for a while, and think about the past… did the Holy Light appear in the Multiverse before the Sage?”

Joshua quivered as he flew. Noticing that, the Steel Python laughed softly before continuing.

“Now consider this. Could the Holy Light be used universally across the Multiverse?”

Joshua held his breath.

“What is the Holy Light? Where did it come from, how does it exist, and how does it cover the Multiverse? Joshua, consider that question.”

Joshua stopped flying. He stood amongst the dimensional turbulence of the Void and looked at the unfamiliar stars and strange worlds around him. Being now very far away from Mycroft, he solemnly took out a little protective charm from his chest which flickered with the sacred radiance.

It was a small Holy Light charm given to him by Artanis, Archbishop of Moldavia, capable of purifying any negative energy around the owner. Even if it was not useful for Joshua, it was valuable both as a gift and blessing, which was why Joshua always kept it with him.

And now, in the midst of unfamiliar worlds and unfamiliar stars, faint sacred radiance flickered, and it hence purified the negligible negative energy flow in the dimensional turbulence.

The illumination of the Holy Light was weak, but Joshua took a deep breath.

It was then that Karlis’s voice wafted to him serenely, “Do you understand now, Joshua?”

“If you understand what this means, you would be filled with reverence of the Sage just like me.

“He has built a path and his own power in the Multiverse, a man who secured a place in the future for the sake of all things…

“A Holy One.

In return, Joshua stayed silent for a long time, staring at the protective charm for a long time until the power of the Void affected it, almost tearing it apart.

“Definitely, filled with reverence,” he said after what seemed like a half day had gone by.

The warrior laughed lightly, having placed the protection charm where a seam had broken over into his chest.

“But that is also precisely why,” Joshua said calmly, his tone unable to hide the noble aspirations, “I shall advance expectantly.”

“Until I reach that stage, when I become a ‘Holy One’ as well.”

“Let’s go, Karlis. Before we welcome the future, we must fulfill our present duty—lead the way, and let us keep moving forward.”