Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 809

Chapter 809 Reluctance To Change

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The elven lady alighted. She was not stingy in her tipping, but she was already gone, strolling the streets when the coachman finally finished counting and turned, intending to thank her generosity.

Her appearance was indescribable, it was unquestionable prim, beautiful and with great poise. However, anyone who passed her by including armored patrols or normal pedestrians appeared not to see her, and were unable to sense anything wrong when she was right beside them.

Bystanders would always be bystanders.

If she did not deliberately display her power and her existence did not reveal herself from the Void of the Infinite Horizon, typical mortals would never be able to sense her if she did not speak to them.

Humans, elves and dwarves were ultimately mundane creatures. They live in three-dimensional spaces and utilize their sensory organs that could detect few rays to observe a near two-dimensional, living one-dimensionally by working, working, and working. The world felt by the five senses of those without supernatural powers is a mere fraction of the physical realm, and would certainly not detect superior beings—they are unable to see her, just like how normal people simply could not see Steel Pythons.

The elven lady walked past the Southern industrial zone, the Western commercial district, studying the spiritual terminals on display in alchemical shops and touched each hanging LCD. The lady appeared to be filled with curiosity, sighing, appearing reminiscent and occasionally surprised as she slowly walked through the crowded commercial district, watching the streams of mixed races with a complicated gaze.

Magical factories, centralized commercial district, Mana Net tools, cheap, real-time news broadcasting alchemical tools… those were things that once existed in the Glorious Era, but the elven lady was not surprised. Starfall Era would be an embarrassment for their predecessors if they could not grasp these technologies once again, but even so, there were many things worth mentioning.

The weird object known as the Enchanted Armors was a novel thing that the Glorious Era never thought of. Its main purpose was not to fight, but to provide even normal people with the power to stand equal with Extraordinary individuals—they certainly have the technological capacity back then, but they were more willing to build a puppet and replace ordinary farmers, just as they did not think of using tools to make a normal human into a champion.

It was an empty zone of thought for an Extraordinary civilization that focuses upon cultivation and the individual.

Furthermore, detailed categorized would actually show that things that were remarkably similar to Glorious Era inventions were actually unique things to Starfall. That includes the forums in Mana Net, news broadcast in the LCDs, Restoration Beams positioned in city squares, improved versions of Void warships, not to mention… ever-present particles spread over the entire city.

Steel Strength particles.

The elven lady’s eyes narrowed when she realized that.

Perhaps due to remiss or genuinely fine concealment, she actually never discovered the Steel Particles filling the city…

No, not just the city.

As the elven lady unleashed her senses, she realized in surprise that the Steel Particles covered the entire North!

All of the Northern Realms were covered in a layer of invisible Steel Particles. She could see that the flow of energy was being calibrated intricately, elemental forces gathering discreetly in service of all Northern inhabitants. The speed of wind, the amount of rain, snow and even warmth was grasped within the hand of the owner of those Steel Particles, with an almost perfect environment suitable for all life gradually forming.

Those who live in the North simply did not know that they lived within the ‘palm’ of a champion. The citizens might not even feel fatigue in living within such an environment, just as there was a greater chance for normal individuals to become Extraordinary.

“Too gentle,” she could not help murmuring before smiling gently at the skies. “Don’t you think so, Count Radcliffe, and dear pontiff of mine?”

Even as she spoke, a portion of the Steel Strength particles promptly detached and gathered like fireflies, just as faint, ever-present light suddenly lit up, swirling, tangling and dancing. In no time at all, a black-haired man and a white elder appeared out of thin air before her.

“Your Majesty Yolanda. Apologies for being unable to plan and prepare for your surprising visit—your very arrival illuminates my humble dwelling, although it remains too sudden.”


Joshua would never have noticed her arrival if the deity had kept her power hidden and merely looked on in silence. However, when the elven lady saw the Steel Particles filling the air, she utilized her own divine power to discern its essence. It was equivalent to leveling her gaze at Joshua’s, and the warrior instantly noticed her presence.

“Your Majesty, I imagined that you were still moving around the Eastern Plains.”

Igor’s expression was helpless. After the Seven Gods had descended upon the world, they would mostly stay within their only holy thrones, just as they would occasionally leave to take in the sights around the world. Nevertheless, they never deliberately misdirect others, concealing their whereabouts.

Now, however, despite the Seven Gods Church’s information indicating that the elven lady—in other words Yolanda, the God of Love and Death was spectating the quintennial ‘Pinota-Snooker Competition’. It was a challenge that examines one’s fundamental deft in mathematics and magic, a comprehensive competition in enchantment.

Either way, she should be in the North.

“There’s something I wish to speak to you two about.”

The elven lady smiled. Her expression remains vague, but her mirth could still be felt. “The most talented champion of Mycroft and my dear pontiff are both here,” she said softly without hiding her intentions, “It would be reasonable for me to be here.”

‘What could it be?’

Both Joshua and Igor subconsciously considered the question, but soon, the elven lady who never had the habit of being elaborate explained her purpose.

“I’m here to tell you both what kind of a place the ‘Bottom of the Abyss’ actually is.”

Yolanda looked up for a glance in the skies, and then at the citizens around them who had noticed the presence of their local Liege and the pope on the streets. “But before that,” she said quietly, lifting her hand gently, “We need a quiet place.”

Hence, light shone in the very next instant.

A violet radiance that was powerful yet dim instantly shrouded all of Moldavia.

A surging yet deathly energy wave that was unimaginably powerful appeared in Joshua’s Steel Strength vision, and thus revealed its true form. Its pattern rapidly condensed in the energy sight, presenting an infinitely complex body: it was a heart that throbbed without stopping and never losing passion, but it was just an appearance. As Joshua narrowed his eyes, he could see that the heart had already withered, beating despite being dead.

In that split second, all of Moldavia’s normal individuals were wrapped within a mild power and ceased all movement as if time had stopped—or the people themselves were simply frozen in a violet lake.

Over the entire city, only Joshua and Igor could resist that power, with layers of silver and myriad colored radiances cascading around them respectively. Both men appeared unsurprised by Yolanda’s actions even as sacred and otherworldly runes appeared over their bodies, but they were simply wondering why she would use so much power.

The God of Love and Death revealed her true form: a supremely beautiful lady that also seemed to be just white bones gazed upon Joshua and spoke with a distant voice. “However, Radcliffe, I myself wish to understand your ‘Order’ before you go to that place.”

Joshua laughed in response and looked directly into the eyes of the divine being.

A serene gaze of the God of Love and the warrior’s determined look were projected upon each other. In that brief instant, information was exchanged, a trading of ideals far more efficient than vocal conversation thus occurring.

In the very instant, both withdrew their gazes.

“Very good… You have found your Order.”

The elven lady smiled thinly either out of delight or rejoicing. “We are very happy to see that you are completely ‘pure’, Radcliffe.”


Joshua asked quietly, rubbing his own temples in curiosity. “I’m not surprised that you described me with that word, Your Majesty, but isn’t it an impediment to use ‘pure’ alongside ‘complete’?”

A god having a speech impediment? It was likely, but it remains that there might be some logical, deeper meaning behind that.

Joshua waited for her to explain.

Meanwhile, Yolanda looked around at the people around them who were frozen by her divine power and smiled. “Radcliffe, the corruption of Chaos comes everywhere. Physical corruption could be withstood with ability just like a dam stopping floodwater, but corruption in spirit could only be assured through resistant ideals, a lighthouse guiding the will even in the corruption of Chaos.

“Pure ideals, with logic as its counterpart in the Wheel of Order that cycles without stopping… maintaining flawless idealist nature and arming oneself with stalwart logic, forming a natural circulation of Order that keeps refreshing—with those three ‘preparations’ in mind and spirit, Evil God corruption would be a mere breeze in the face.”

“You hold Order,” the God of Love and Death said, watching Igor as her lips curled up before turning to Joshua, “and you, are pure.”

Compared to the elderly pontiff who simply stroked his beard, seemingly used to such words, Joshua could not help frowning at Yolanda before her, and ask with a deep voice, “Your Majesty… could you be seeking a successor as well?”

Just like Zinsen, another God who was aware of his coming end.


A few years ago, when Joshua spoke to the God of Might and Justice, he learned that the gods were not eternal. The day would come when they fall, and just like mortals, they have to seek their own successors.

At the time, Zinsen, who appeared to hold expectations about him had asked the same thing like Yolanda did now. Both deities who looked on as the world cycles were equally distant, expectant that he possessed the same Order they did.

Therefore, he could not help remembering the scene back then when he met the God of Love and Death once more, which was why he asked about it.

Meanwhile, Yolanda laughed softly when she realized what Joshua actually meant to say.

Unlike the serious and very stubborn God of Might and having met with him before in the Void, the expressionless and cool God of Love was different—she loved to smile and did not mind expressing her delight, but even so, she shook her head before answering Joshua softly. “Of course not. Zinsen’s ambition is accomplished, which is why that fellow is putting on a show now that he’s tired. I, however, had yet to fulfill my own wish, and therefore wouldn’t seek an heir so freely.”

“Furthermore, I wouldn’t seek you or Igor.”

At those words, Yolanda glanced between both men and shook her head. “You’re too powerful, just like Igor.”

“Unlike Israel who felt that he had reached his own limits, the both of you are so powerful that we are reluctant for you to become gods.”