Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 82

Chapter 82: The View from Behind

What sort of confidence does this warrior have in the first place, to be able to pull off such a statement?

After listening to Joshua's plan, Brandon was stunned by his ambitious action. A Gold-tier warrior against a Chaos Corrupted Black Dragon? That sounds more like a suicide mission. Ordinary Gold-tier teams would not take up that task. Joshua is just a single warrior of his own, where does that confidence come from?

The surprising part comes later as when Brandon thought about it, Joshua's plan was not wrong in the first place.

No matter how they plan, or how many plots were hidden behind the agenda, to stop this beast tide, they had to kill this black dragon. Screw the dragon! Infected or not, they had to confront each other at the end of the day.

If that's the whole case, was there even any necessity to further think about what plots were behind the scene in the first place? Grab your sword and slay the beast!

Brandon shook his head while feeling absolutely flabbergasted by the whole train of thought. He also felt that Vale Dani's thinking and logic were quite different, and was unable to adapt to it. Still, he does not feel too bad about it.

Such upfront plan, a plan which only needs to end the life of the monster. It was a great attitude requirement for a successor of the family which was tasked to fend off Chaos. As a protector, they had to be brave enough to face the battle against the daemons and Chaos.

The brave would only be rewarded with victory, and the weak ones could only wait for their demise.

As a matter of fact, Joshua was able to give such a statement all due to his confidence in his own strength.

When compared to his ancestor, Joshua's capability far exceeds expectation. It could only be said that he was way more outstanding as compared to the past. The Joshua of the past was like a small little kitten, which had transformed into a fierce tiger out of a sudden. There was no trace of the innocence that he had back then.

Being the descendant of the legendary mage, Brandon had a high affinity with magic. He could easily identify the elements and magic energy movement around him. This ability helped him to identify the elements around the warrior in front of him.

Precisely due to his current ability, he could easily identify the movement of the elements around Joshua. As soon as they get close to Joshua, this particles will stagnate and stop moving. This scene was so weird as if the combat aura from Joshua had actually rejected and suppressed all the movement of the elements around him.

Ordinary magic attacks could not hit directly on his body. As the attack gets close to him, it'll get blocked by an invisible barrier. Even if the attack were to hit, it would not cause a lot of problem for Joshua. Recalling the event of the dragon's breath, such high-level elemental attack was inconceivable in a battlefield, however, Joshua was still easily dealt with it. That breath was just giving a hot bath for Joshua only. Even under the condition where his armor was melted away, it will still not done any harm towards his physical body.

Having such a strength, this black haired warrior could easily slay any daemons which were the same rank as he was. That was even under the circumstances which he did not perform any high-rank skills.

Not only that, being the guardian against Chaos, the protector against foreign invasion, Brandon himself was considered the most talented among his family members within a hundred years. However, he was unable to completely control over the power of Order within his body. The Dual Blades of Order which had been bestowed upon him was still unable to unleash its full potential. He would have to damage the Chaos Daemons to actually increase his weapon's killing potential. This pair blades had no real threat in an ordinary battle.

However, this golden-haired warrior saw the new inheritor for the Chaos Guardian which was no longer than half a month had an invisible form of power surrounding his body. It was as if the power of Order had turned into an aura which buffed up Joshua's body.

Although this condition will only bring in a bit of benefit for the user to go against Chaos beings, Brandon still felt shocked as his talent was easily surpassed by others.

"Okay, I think I get most of the idea about the situation now."

Joshua slapped the table lightly and stood up. With ease, he spoke to the lad who was still sitting, "I'll go and observe the situation around the walls. If I had more time, I would also patrol the Dark Forest. If there is any out of the norm stuff, I'll inform you all immediately."

As he finished his last sentence, Joshua smile and finished his line, "After this Dark Tide, we will have a match if there's a chance."

"My pleasure."

Brandon agreed without any hesitation.

Even if his opponent was strong and astonishing, Brandon still had the urge to fight. The blood within him boiled in crave of battle. The golden-haired swordsman said, "Looking forward for that day to come."

Joshua nodded his head and turned around. Then, he headed towards the entrance and left.

The golden-haired swordsman stared at the back of this young man.

Brandon was claimed to be the top talent of the Kaos family within the hundred years. He had very high chance of achieving Legendary tier. The reason that he could choose to become a swordsman rather than a magician within his family without any objectives was not without reason.

This main reason was that his eyes had the capability to look at the 'beginning' and the 'end' of living beings. He had activated this paired of magical eyes as he had pulled himself back to life from a sudden death.

Due to his battle instinct, Brandon decided to unleash his magical eyes when he saw the defenseless back of Joshua.

A green glow emerged within his eyes, slowly swirling around. The original red iris merged with the green glow, forming a violet color. (Note: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception)

At that instance, the view in front of him turns into a scene of a shattered mirror. Numerous amount of cracks covered everything items around. Brandon felt that, if he were to unleash his dual blades and cut according to the cracks shown, he could easily destroy or kill that particular existence. Even the hardest crystal would be destroyed by his blade.

Precisely because he had such capability, he was brave enough to travel alone to Moldavia. Facing of the onslaught of 200000 mad beast tide, he still had the confidence to bring Vale Dani away to safety. His only fear previously was the safety of this countess. He was not concerned about his own safety at all.

However, right now

There's nothing.

Looking at the back of Joshua, Brandon noticed that he could not see any cracks or lines. This outcome had caused an a Brandon to feel tense, which he had not felt that for many years.

"There was not even a single crack"

Brandon's violet eyes looked all over Joshua's body and had yet to find a crack. He could only see this small vague gaps quickly moved around Joshua body. These vulnerabilities would suddenly disappear and reappear on other parts of the body.

There was no significant weakness shown at any point in time on Joshua's body. There was actually a person who was capable to achieve such terrifying capability. It was unbelievable.

Joshua had long noticed that he was being observed by some weird technique. However, Joshua didn't really care too much about it and allow Brandon to look at whatever he was trying to find out.

Joshua had complete confidence in his own strength and physics. Even if he were to expose himself right in front of his enemy, the other one could hardly see through the weakness of his defense. This is the confidence that Joshua had as a legendary warrior.

"He really has reached the pinnacle of a warrior."

Brandon praised Joshua's after a few seconds later.

Without any words, Joshua waved his hand to the back and left the room.