Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Civilizations At Ones Palm

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When Joshua was ready to depart, faint divine power rippled, and a white, obscure mist suddenly appeared amidst the Void around the Silver Planet. Silently, specks of divine power gathered, a thin figure appearing within.

In the next second, the silhouette stepped out of the mist before Joshua. Wearing a veil and holding a skull, the most mysterious of the Seven Gods: The God of Life walked bare-footed, appearing before the warrior’s true form.

The God of Life’s white, long hair reached down to her ankles, flowing as if snow despite it being windless around them. With the deity’s stark-white skin and clothes, it appeared to have stepped out of a realm without color, made distinct only by a white base and black lines.

Joshua could not make out the God of Life’s appearance because of the veil, and certainly could not discern their gender as the divine being stayed motionless… but it was an utter frivolity for the gods.

“God of Life…”

Even so, the warrior was not surprised by the god’s appearance. After all, the world of Mycroft was on the brink of civil strife due to an Evil God—being the guardians of civilization, it would be natural for the Seven Gods to dispatch one of their own

Still, just as he was about to ask why the God of Life would appear before him, he realized that he never knew the God of Life’s ‘other name’.

Apart from their divine name, the Seven Gods had other names for convenient addressing: The God of Might and Justice’s was Sinzin, while the God of Love and Death was Yolanda. In fact, apart from formal rituals, devotees of the Seven Gods usually invoked their alternative names when praying—apart from the convenience, the special aspect of their divinity would not be affected.

The God of Life was rather different. While the God of Life was known as the ‘Grand Source’, it was the long form of their divine title the ‘Grand Source of Life’ and not their alternative name.

Moreover, the God of Life was also the single deity that held a single divine title instead of two conflicting ones.

“Joshua van Radcliffe.”

A hollow voice rang like wind chimes. The God of Life’s clone stood before the Silver Planet, lifting their eyes upon the elliptic plane of the silver star. “You intend to head to the Sartreans’ world, to seek the true cause of civil strife and hence pacify it?”

The God of Life’s voice was flat, soft and emotionless, uttering questions as if it were statements while the deity itself lifted its snow-white neck. “Do you plan to help them?”

“Certainly. Aiding otherworld beings in the state of civil strife but were yet to self-annihilate is a good opportunity for collecting information about the Evil God.”

Joshua did not deny his intent, answering the God of Life simple and straightforwardly as he stood before it. “I believe that an Evil God is growing in the Bottom of the Abyss, which is why before I face it, I must gather information about the essence of its power, or at least learn its name. It’s a fine chance, and I could perhaps witness the moment that the Evil God’s power moves.”

The God of Life nodded as if in agreement to Joshua’s answer, and yet the divine being’s words that followed was of utter doubt.

“If that’s so, do you mean that you would rather pacific the struggles of another civilization instead of returning peace to the world of Mycroft?”

There was neither accusation nor emphasis in the deity’s voice, but a mere flat utterance of reality. “You intend to help outsiders, and stand idly by as your own world falls into conflict?”


It was a question that reflected the heart. If it were any ordinary person, they would naturally be thinking about how they should be stepping down from the pedestal that the God of Life had unwittingly placed them upon and make clear their stance instead of being seen as neglecting Mycroft.

The question, however, was meaningless for Joshua.

“Well, that’s more or less it.”

Several spots on the surface of the Silver Planet flashed in ‘agreement’ as the warrior continued. “In fact, that’s reality: I would rather aid another civilization than simply interfere with Mycroft civilization, and affect the flow of civilization.”

Then, a rather curious tone surfaced in Joshua’s words as he spoke to the God of Life. “In the end, it is the world and civilization I belong to. I hope that they could handle it by themselves and weather through this calamity… and not break like these weaklings.”

At those words, Joshua turned toward Zelma, who had at once fainted when a real god appeared. He then turned again toward the nearby fortress to stare at the Sartreans within, speaking quietly, “Look at them. Look at those weaklings.”

“Their individuals, military, even champions are helpless in the face of civil unrest and collapse of society. That is why those weak ones could only beg myself and others to become a Deus Ex Machina for their civilization and make the issue disappear.”

The God of Life did not make any reply or raise any opinion against that answer. It merely continued nodding and said nothing, while it was Joshua who turned his eyes to the entirety of Fort Pioneer, and spoke with a voice that was calm, confident and also rather prideful.

“Moreover, my civilization is Mycroft.”

‘Therefore, they have to stand above others.

‘They should be able to end the possibility of inner conflict naturally and without force, but with political moves or social reforms.’

Compare to depending on help from champions and escape dire straits—something akin to giving up, the Mycroft civilization embodied depth and power to earn a brighter future. They did not need help for they would grow, to become able to resolve any trouble, achieving refinement without outside assistance.

That was precisely why Joshua was reluctant to act as he wished and influence civilization’s own growth… as for the Sartreans, Joshua was unconcerned since they were not Mycroft’s people.

Furthermore, their problem was not one of destructive growth since their pastures had already been scorched into emptiness. With things having played out to this stage, they should not be troubled about some utterly meaningless matter—if no action is taken, the Sartreans might become extinct like those Abyssal Demons.

“A fine explanation.”

The God of Life nodded once again after some thought about Joshua’s words, before countering softly, “If that is the case, would some not lose their lives? There would be no damage if you stayed at Mycroft, the chance for it to happen would not even exist.”

“Your departure would stop any mass deaths that could have been avoided otherwise.” The deity said, ever serene and unaffected.

Joshua snorted, shook his head and replied, “Me?”

“I’ve done much since Starfall Year 831. What’s more, I have a clone in Moldavia which would act when there is genuine danger, which is why I’m not doing nothing. In fact, without me, Mycroft’s future could be worse.”

Never one to care for things yet to happen, Joshua was nonchalant. “Additionally,” he smiled quietly, “If I did use my own power to aid the refugees in building houses, clearing pollution and force peace into the conflict between the Northern Empire nobles… if I interfered directly, handling every problem alone and arrogantly…”

“If I did all that, was it not the same as placing civilization in my own palm as if caring for an infant and its every whim?”

Something that could be saved could be destroyed. When a civilization’s very existence could be saved as an Extraordinary individual wished, would the civilization and the champion be equals when doom comes?

That definitely would not fly.

When that happens, a civilization would be a ‘bonsai in the palm’ of champions regardless of how profound it was—a thing to be played and trimmed at their wish like plants in a garden.

It was the answer Joshua had found in his very heart when he was clearing the Dark Forest Fortresses. When he could theoretically create a world to be placed into the ‘Peaceful Paradise’ he controlled, it would be the moment he truly learned how terrible a threat an Extraordinary individual could pose toward civilization itself.

It would take a mere thought to easily extinguish the threat of infinite possibility… Be it Legendary champion or God, they could only obtain the same outcome when they influence the process of changing the world.

The Seven Gods’ non-interference observation of the world over a thousand years was the wisest measure that works for the long-term. However, there was no telling why the God of Life would come forward alone and ask such a question.

“God of Life. You gods who stay in seclusion and observe the world without desire are incomprehensible.”

Joshua mostly knew that the God of Life’s intent on meeting him here, and therefore flashed his facula, ‘shaking his head’. “The arrogance to solve everything in place of civilization would certainly not corrupt us now, but what about the future?”

“If civilizations became accustomed the protection of champions and hence become unconcerned with such issues—even finding it natural, could such civilizations still produce champions? For that matter, what if one champion who led civilization forward and grasped its seed in his palm suddenly became unwise, intent on assuming a path he clearly knew was wrong alone, would the mortals of that civilization and the civilization itself free themselves from that champion when the time comes?

Translator’s Note:

The name of the God of Might and Justice, previously (Zinsen) is now written as (Sinzin).