Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Truth

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[March 12: 749 days since last contact with headquarters. We are utterly isolated in wild space where even the most powerful Void warships would find themselves lost. This might be the ‘unstoppable attack’ from the true foe the Sage had spoken of.]

[May 7: The seal on the Evil God of Wither is working optimally. It appears unbothered too, whereas I had never imagined that I would be keeping it company for so long… It’s fortunate that we had transferred some of the sealing materials to headquarters before the dimensions went crazy, or Project Rebirth could have been compromised. Still, if we continue on like this—unable to contact headquarters or enter the Void, we could hardly maintain the seal on Wither.]

[March 3: Anquila said that she’s feeling dazed, and was acting like a young girl though she was a Legend. Still, it proved to be neither groaning nor tantrum, for I found a rather severe mutation in her soul… the growing mutation had almost destroyed a part of her soul, no wonder she felt faint. Could it be an injury she received in the battle against the Evil God of Mutation? If that was the case, we should have healed it already… Could it be that the presence of Wither would cause past injuries to recur? Terrible. Even if we are prepared to die, we would not want to die ugly.]

[November 24: more than two thousand days after the last contact with headquarters… I think we’re definitely alone here. It’s reasonable but unexpected, and the words of the Sage still echo around our ears—we would likely face the unprecedented assault from that true foe, one which could utterly destroy the Glorious Era, which is why the Project Rebirth must carry on… but that geezer never mentioned that the assault would seal dimensions and sever all contact, and here I was thinking that it would some Evil God’s fist, as massive as a dozen worlds, punching us to death. Now, we could basically be sure that our old home is finished. Let’s hope that the Project Rebirth would carry on smoothly. The seal here would probably last a few thousand years, and should have enough sealing materials to keep running.]

[January 4: Damn it. By comparing my soul’s initial and present conditions, it appears that my spiritual state has deviated by 85%, no wonder I would suddenly find Anquila cute… Get a hold of yourself, Yana Milo—she’s a bunch of vines! Everything would change discreetly, and the Chaos would affect me if I stay in this damned place. Deco’s right, it’s time to consider sealing myself. We would be affected by the Chaos as long we stay awake, but it would not be an issue if we stayed inside the Order Boundary… We could simply be awakened when the fleet needs us, and that is about what we could do.]

Endless memories stirred in the mind.

Jumbled images surged in the soul along with bizarre whispers.

Yana Milo felt that she had a nightmare that lasted millennia—it was not even a feeling but a genuine nightmare, making her feel revolted, nauseated and her entire body turning mushy. That fragile mortal sensation that should have vanished entirely when she was Gold-tier had reappeared in her Legendary champion physique, hurting her—she yearned for release of awakening, but the agony was extending to every single part of her body.

And it would have been fine if it was pain—she could not even control her body now.

Yana Milo did not actually fear pain even in slumber. She did not even fear death, so why should she be afraid of what was simple physical sensation? Still, each pain would sever her control over body, an utterly horrid feeling as if she was grasping a slippery glass orb that seems to be just hanging at her fingertips: every time she puts in a little strength it would somehow slip away from her hand, while hammering your little toe in passing.

Even so, Yana Milo still held on so that she would awaken.

It’s no time for sleeping, she thought. I must awaken when necessary, such is my duty.

“Hey, the blue energy fluid is gathering form! Look, it’s assuming a human figure!”

“Human body, a pair of wings and that armor style… a female Avian? How curious.”

“Look, she’s waking up! Where’s that communication module we made? Lift it up!”

The Common Tongue that was at once familiar and unfamiliar revolved around her ears, while her soul sensed the other’s goodwill and excitement. She could also feel a Legendary champion amongst those who awakened her, one who was also a master in soul and spirit… could a Legendary champion have appeared amongst the descendants of the fleet? How stirring, to ascend in such a horrible place.

Perhaps, the wild dimensions had been pacified, and we reestablished contact with headquarters—or the new Glorious Era might have carted us away from that damned place?

As thousands of thoughts flashed through her mind, Yana Milo woke up from her millennia-long slumber. She struggled to open her eyes, prepared to observe the world… but even before that, her soul ripples unfurled over all directions, gathering basic information.

Soon, she realized that she was not in the Sealed Lands. She could not pick up the Evil God of Wither’s presence, nor could she detect the power of the other Legends. On the other hand, she could smell the scent of the Multiverse Sacrificial Grounds… she might have left Wither’s seal and was moved back home, perhaps inside the Multiverse Sacrificial Grounds.

Her spirit kept extending… perception of anguish and emptiness wafted to her, and after a few tries, Yana Milo could only admit that she was so profoundly hurt that she could not even use ten thousandth of her power.

Even communicating with her soul exacted a great toll.

“…Who are you people?” She asked, barely opening her eyes.


At the time, this was what Lothram and William the Mind Lord saw at the time: when the former did her best to generally restore the unknown Legendary champion’s soul, a pale soul radiance appeared out of thin air. It began to gather and put together its soul and memory fragments together into a silver cluster of energy. It whirled rapidly like a vortex, twisting before finally stopping and assuming a near-human form.

The pale-blue humanoid form was a three-dimensional human figure. The duo could not see at once what gender it was, but soon, as energy fathered, the human figure was filled with more gathering light, solidifying the specks that directly manifested as an armored female Avian. Then, as the pale blue soul radiance dispersed, the body of a female Avian with pure white wings appeared over the recovery platform.

Her form would count as dainty for humans, but her 1.5m height and 2.7m wingspan was considered large amongst her race. She had long hair that reaches her ankles or even further and flickered in pale-blue soul radiance, just like the starlight of the Void.

Unusually powerful and threatening soul ripples emanated from the Avian Legend. Though her appearance was delicate and extraordinarily beautiful and she possessed a dainty, her very presence emanated danger.

Still, regardless of how she could appear threatening, there was no reason for her to rampage in a fully-armed underground laboratory and with multiple Legends around her. After gesturing for Lothram to step back into a defensive circle, William stepped forward and tried to communicate with her.

Naturally, the awakened Avian Legend spoke the Mycroft Common Tongue as well. It appears that pronunciation did not change much since then, although words seem to hold more meaning now… one way or another, their exchange was smooth.

After learning about the present time, the Glorious Era’s fate and how was their new civilization established, William realized that the Glorious Era Legend was at a loss.

“The Glorious Era has fallen… but to the gods’ infighting and not a foreign foe?”

She mumbled to herself, “So Time Dilation had caused a bloated time gap that kept us from contacting headquarters…”

“O Sage. Why did Project Rebirth never come to be? You… you people are simple survivors who left the shelters, and yet you built a new civilization over the ruins of our old home, even reigniting its Flame…”

While the conversation definitely left the Avian lady in the great shock, she appeared able to compose herself. However, when William learned about her identity before truthfully revealing how she was moved from the Sealed World to the Multiverse Sacrificial Grounds, she appeared panicked.

“Lady Yana Milo, Leader of the Soul Stealer Legion and Supreme Commander of the Soul Scythe Fleet, we have found you and your companions from the world where the Evil God of Wither was sealed. It had escaped when we found you, intending to recovering its power by devouring worlds.”

William told her at the time, “But don’t worry. Joshua van Radcliffe, another Legend on our side already destroyed that Evil God. It can be confirmed that Wither has perished and no longer alive.”

Then, William watched as the Glorious Era Legend who was roused after much difficulty simply fainted over… Even so, Yana Milo certainly did not faint from shock. She had reached her limit, and would fall unconscious again even if she heard other news.

Still, it was not to say that William’s news did not jolt her.

The Evil God of Wither… has perished? Yana Milo thought uncomfortably in the seas of her erratic spirit. Does that mean Project Rebirth is a definite failure? The seal materials would fail, the Chaos-infected remains would escape control, and if they gathered and awakened… our foes wouldn’t have to attack us for us to be wiped out!”

Yana Milo learned from William that the present Starfall Era was much weaker than the Glorious Era. It was perfectly reasonable too: without the Sage’s guidance and after more than a thousand years had passed since the Final Battle, the frequent infighting, repelling of demonic invasions and struggling to survive on a Flameless world made it terribly difficult given what little time they had.

Be that as it may, they had reignited the Flame, recovered the Multiverse Sacrificial Grounds and the Unified Archives, extending their influence to the edge of the galaxy—they had done well.

They might not even do better too: Yana Milo felt pleased as a forerunner from the previous era, even moved. Just as they had decided to give up and launch Project Rebirth, the mortals whom they thought as helpless and could only fall with the Glorious Era had stepped out of its ashes and assumed their own path.

However, they were even powerful enough to destroy the Evil God of Wither—something that should not have been done!

As the core of Project Rebirth and the source of the seal materials, the Evil God of Wither was not too protected in the first place… which was logical: it was an Evil God after all and sealing it was already very difficult, not to mention destroy it? Yana Milo was sure that none could have utterly vanquished it save for the nine Legends who guarded it combined, even inside its seal.

If the Evil God of Wither was that strong, it would have been natural to have no countermeasures… only the vulnerable snowman needed the protection of air conditions so that they would not melt, but who would care for the frozen glaciers in the poles, even if they were baked by the scorching sun?

What should I do? They had made a mistake, but it should not be unsalvageable… how is that thing now? Has Project Rebirth completely failed, or there is still some chance of restart?

Endless thoughts clouded Yana Milo’s mind, and she could feel Chaotic force stopping her from recovering… it kept the wounds that compelled her to seal herself open, not healed even after a thousand years had passed.

Soon, however, the Avian maiden did not even have the time to fight the Chaos—the warrior who could heal her had pushed open the doors and was striding towards her.

In that single moment, Yana could feel the air boil instantly and that light was faintly growing more powerful, even to the point that it scorches the soul. Dense, even suffocating Steel Strength combined with the stunning presence of destruction filled the entire laboratory, and she could even hear the surrounding elements and ether trembling and cheering zealously… and all sheerly because a being had opened the doors to the room.

And as that being approached, elements boiled and ether danced. Yana could even feel the surrounding metals, or indeed all inorganic matter suddenly show a tendency toward life, as turbulent Steel Strength that surpassed the true form of the Mother Goddess drowned everything around them like a tidal wave, preparing for the healing about to follow. The excessively heavy ‘kindness’ and ‘friendliness’ detonated like a star in the Avian lady’s mind, preventing her from thinking straight.

What’s going on? Yana thought, bewildered. What True God of the World… no, could it be that the Great Provider (another name for Steel Pythons) come?


Meanwhile, Joshua was naturally unaware of what Yana Milo thought, nor did he know her name. Having dispensed with his terror domain, the warrior felt exceedingly comfortable, confident that he could very much rely on his most earnest kindness to dispel the other’s doubt and alert, so that he could obtain the truth he wanted once he healed her.

Joshua took a careful look at the Avian maiden who was still ‘fainted’, and when he found the lurking Chaotic force in her soul, he at once spread his palm. Containing boundless Steel Strength, he quickly pressed it over her forehead.

In that instant, the lightless seas of Yana Milo’s soul were illuminated by the radiance of a supernova.

It all happened in a single breath—a breath where neither Nostradamus nor the Nature’s Magister had the time to dissuade Joshua. He thus dispelled the endless dark mist from Yana’s body, dispersing it all in a puff of smoke. Warm light, perhaps excessive enough to melt metals stabbed precisely into the depths of her soul, and while her own spirit registered astonishment, delicately bypassed all chance of hurting her while disintegrating all Chaos.

He’s healing me! The maiden quickly understood the warrior’s intention. But it would otherwise feels like murder!

A power that could promptly crush Yana Milo’s presently fragile soul surged forcefully over the gaps, sharply blowing away every piece of Chaotic force. It was very much a space opera scene where a planet killing cannon was fired upon the planet’s surface, and if not for her own spiritual endurance, she thought that she would be scared to death before she recovered.

Naturally, she did not—the Legendary champion underestimated her own spiritual endurance.

Yana Milo was at once healed and restored to good health.

Therefore, with a face full of shock and wonder, the Avian lady awakened from her dream with lingering fears, sitting up on the recovery platform before looking up at the face of the man before her.

“Greetings, Legendary champion from the Glorious Era. My name is Joshua van Radcliffe.”

She heard the man speak with a serene voice. “You should be able to feel my sincerity and earnestness, but time is short—I hope you could tell me immediately about the truth regarding Project Rebirth, and what terrible presence is hiding in the Abyssal Paradise.”

“It seems that it has begun to stir.”

A Legendary champion, Yana Milo’s thoughts were definitely quicker than anyone else’s: in a single instant, through her exchange with William and what she knew about the seal, the Avian quickly understood the present situation.

And that the ridiculously fellow before her was the Starfall Champion who had killed the Evil God of Wither!

Therefore, she at once answered, “Project Rebirth is a backup plan the Sage put in place all those years ago to prevent the collapse of the Glorious Era, inspired by the idea of using the remains of the Evil God of Fertility to remold the world of Mycroft. Though the restoration of our homeland saw difficulties, the plan gradually matured… The Evil God of Wither’s seal was part of Project Rebirth, one where we would convert an Evil God into a perfect paradise as the seal grinded away for millennia—the condition was that the Evil God must already be heavily injured, and multiple Legends must be present to jointly suppress it, not to mention that there was certain chance of failure.

“The answer to what is within the Abyssal Paradise is simple: the corpses of innumerable Evil Gods, worlds they destroyed and world fragments gathered over billions of years. Before the Final Battle, it was the place where all things began and ended, the center point of Order’s cycle—but after the Final Battle, it was the greatest breeding place for Chaos, the place where all despair and vengeful wills gathered.

“There is an Evil God Embryo, one that was like no other forming there. At the time, for us and Project Rebirth, it was the molding base for the flawless heaven we had in mind. Glorious Era, facing ruin, would be reborn in Paradise, the newborn civilization gaining a stronger base and a more complete form.”

“Such is the truth of Project Rebirth.”