Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 88

Chapter 88: The Warrior and the Coward

Standing right beside the warrior, Brandon who was looking far at the Dark Forest was shocked as he turned his head around and frowned at Joshua. Then he turned his entire body to face towards Joshua and spoke in bewilderment, "You're going to enter the Dark Forest, now?"

"Didn't I say it earlier on?"

Joshua was not bothered at all. He adjusted his helmet on his head and spoke in a low and steady voice, "I am going into the Dark Forest to do some scouting. It would be the best if I can locate the daemon that is causing the blizzard. Now, I don't think I need to locate it anymore. That daemon must be taking advantage of the dimensional power to create such a strong blizzard... It must be over there."

Along with the eyes of the warrior, far from where they were currently standing, the clouds that were dispersed by the magic light column that activated the dimensional rift earlier on had not closed back just yet. The golden sunlight that shone down from the big hole in the middle of the sky looked like a sharp blade plunged into the ground.

That was the most obvious indication. All he needed to do was to go towards that direction. It would definitely be there.

"You're insane! The dimensional rift just got opened since a while ago. There must be countless Aragami and daemons over there! You're going to get yourself killed if you go there now!"

Brandon could not fathom Joshua's current thought about charging straight into the heart of the forest. He knew that Joshua was a man that would always crave for battle, and he also knew that Joshua was just as eager as him in wanting to annihilate Chaos and wipe its existence off this world. However, one must make sure there was a working plan before taking any action! Facing an army of 200,000 daemons and Aragami with the idea to take initiative to attack; that was no longer a person craving for battle, that was a man that has gone completely insane!

"Although I have no zero knowledge of what those things you two were talking about however, regardless of everything, we still need to hold down the fortress and wait for reinforcements from the Empire. I've already told the Empire about this after the last wave of the Dark Tide. It would only take a few days before the Empire's Mastery combatants will arrive."

With one hand resting on her forehead, Vale Dani was clear that the two men were hiding something from her. She must have only known very little of the things the two men already knew. However, she could not hold it in anymore, so she said, "Although this strange phenomenon seems unsettlingly scary, with the three of us working together, we should be able to hold out for another few days."

"No, you're all wrong."

Upon tidying up his armor and his other wearing, Joshua took out a figurine of a regular greatsword from his waist. Along with a magical radiance, the greatsword turned into its original size and it was gripped in Joshua's hand. The warrior shook his helmet a little. The sound of metal rubbing on another metal surface was heard. He spoke in a low voice, "We need to move now and strike at it. You don't understand how the dimensional rift works. There's not enough time left anymore."

With the experience he got in his previous life and the Azurite, the memories that he inherited from his ancestors had told Joshua how serious the current situation had become.

The newborn Aragami were really very weak. Just like when he was raiding the Dark Tide while supporting the fortress defense killing anything that came into his way while he was charging forward, he did not feel anything threatening at all. He slew multiple Aragami with ease. However, truth to be told, Aragami was a type of parasitic creature. They had been infesting the bodies of the civilized races in the outer world from the beginning. They hid in the Void Battleship and arrived into this world.

In his inherited memories, Joshua knew that Aragami could acquire the abilities of the daemons by infesting them. Solely saying that without getting the abilities of the daemons through their infestation ability, these Aragami would already prove to be troublesome to handle even if they were given enough time to grow stronger. So one should just kill all of these parasitic-type Aragami when they were still weak and small. If the dimensional rift was once opened for another few times and send thousands of these parasitic Aragami over to this world, the problem would be escalated to a whole new level.

Currently, there were 200,000 Daemons that were being completely corrupted. They were the most suitable hosts for the Aragami to infest. The daemon horde was boiling with devious intents while evil raged on. The dimensional rift was on the verge to be reactivated again. The power of Chaos was lurking about. If he does not go now, there would not be another chance anymore.

"Listen, Dani and Brandon. I've told you earlier that I'm here with my own purpose as well."

Joshua lifted his head. The snow that was pouring down from the sky were landing on the armor Joshua was wearing. With a cold look that could give people a chill up their spines if they ever locked eyes with Joshua's, he looked around at the soldiers who were busy preparing to defend the fortress. Then he looked over at the wall that was covered in a layer of snow and frost. After that, he spoke coldly, "I've come over to support you in fending off the Dark Tide because my main goal is to handle the Aragami problem. So whatever you say will not matter. I've come here with that purpose; I've brought along fifty Silver-tier knights. They should be able to provide enough support for your fortress defense. Meanwhile, I shall go and take out those monsters and that dragon. It will be a great thing if you two can come along to aid me in that task. However, if you're not willing to do that, it would be better for you to focus on defending the fortress. I do not hope to see my Knights dying on the battlefield like this."

Upon finishing what he wanted to say, Joshua held a greatsword that was forged from steel in one of his hands while he held Ying on his other hand. Then he charged himself up with his red radiating Combat Aura, followed by a loud explosive bang. The blizzard that was falling around him was blown apart while the howling winds were stirred up so violent as if they could attack people now. The frost and the accumulated snow on the wall were instantly swept away by the outburst of his Combat Aura in an instant, revealing the gray and white rocks that were sued to construct the wall.

The warrior who was wearing his black armor leaped into mid-air. At the same time, the red rune box that was bestowed by the Emperor of the Empire was right in the pocket compartment that was located right before his chest beneath the armor.

Even in his previous life, he had not actually use a dragon-slaying stone, such an expensive stuff, to slay a dragon.

Right beneath that helmet, Joshua was grinning. His eyes were filled with the will to battle that was blazing on like fire.

They were just experience points. There was nothing to worry about.

Without giving the chance to Brandon and Vale Dani to persuade him, the warrior went straight towards the Dark Forest far from the wall. He was heading over to the spot where the sunlight landed on as fast as he could.

In silence.

On the wall, although Joshua's leaving had stirred up some disturbance among the people, however, it did not take long before all of them returned to preparing themselves for what to come. Because the dragon caravans had delivered the latest batch of supplies to the fortress wall, these soldiers were bringing the alchemy items up to the cannons one box after another. They were almost ready to launch their attacks.

"The activation of the dimensional rift will cause the daemons to be enhanced by Chaos magic power. They will definitely be much more ferocious than before."

Suddenly, the golden-haired swordsman that remained in silence had spoken, "Dani, you're a war mage. Although you also know the skills and spells that normal mages know, however, regardless of all that, your individual magic power and your Glorious Strength are more suitable for causing damage to a larger-scale area and for defending the fortress. You're not suitable to charge forward into the frontline of the battle"

Upon sensing something was not right, the countess turned her head over and looked at her husband with a doubtful face. "Brandon, you"

"Joshua was right. If we don't take out the dimensional rift right now, it won't take long before it will officially be activated. There will be an endless horde of monsters gushing into our world. It might still be alright for you and me, but we will lose the fortress when that happens Actually, if Joshua did not come that time, the fortress might have been lost."

Upon interrupting Vale Dani's words, Brandon looked calm and determined. "We've hidden many things from you, but trust me, this is for your own good. Your ancestors had chosen to leave this incident alone for a reason. I will not allow you to step back into that dangerous part of the world."

"What are you really trying to do, Brandon?!"

Without getting bothered by the rage that the mage was throwing at him, the golden-haired swordsman held onto the dual swords he hung on his waist. Being the sharpest among all swords, the dual blades of Order were Holy-tier weapons that could generate an endless stream of strength of Order. As the Chaos Guardian's blood was coursing through every single vein in his body, there were light green vortexes rotating slowly in Brandon'seyes that were blood red.

He turned around and looked at Vale Dani who looked worried and panicked with a serious face; ever since he departed from the Empire, his main goal was to protect the woman that was standing right before him It was just like Joshua who came here with the purpose to annihilate Chaos. Protecting Vale Dani was Brandon's sole purpose.

Perhaps, securing her safety would be the most important thing for him to do. If something were to happen to the mage, the golden-haired swordsman would not know how he would react and what it would become of him. He could not even imagine a day without her

However, would it be a good idea to stay by the side of Vale Dani just like that?

Looking into the distance that was still within his vision, the chi of Chaos had lifted up a pillar of smoke that rose straight through the clouds into the sky. After that, along with the blizzard spilling all over every inch of the land, that distasteful atmosphere had made the dual swords of Order to resonate and vibrate at a violent frequency. Their reactions were still vigorous and violent even when they were still being kept in their sheaths.

That was his calling. That was his responsibility.

That's right I, Brandon, am also a warrior!

The knot that was once tied in his heart had been undone. The golden-haired swordsman smiled softly and said, "Everyone has their own responsibility. Just like you, Dani. You could not abandon your own calling as the baron of this place. You rather die than give up the territory. Now, I'm fulfilling my own calling. It's time for me to uphold my responsibility."

Warriors that were willing to uphold their responsibilities would deserve respect. Even if they died, they would still earn an honorable funeral to bury them nicely and peacefully. On the contrary, a warrior who would abandon his own calling would surely be deemed as a coward that deserved being spit on.

Opening up his arms, Brandon took Vale Dani in his arms. He looked into the eyes of the countess that seemed unsettled and scared. After that, he kissed her with all his heart. After that sweet moment, he let go of his arms. Meanwhile, the mage had nothing on her mind that she could say to persuade Brandon not to go.

The golden-haired swordsman then told his lover softly, "Don't worry, I'm going to become the strongest swordsman in the entire world in the future. I will not die here."

"Your husband is no coward So, I'm going to help Joshua."