Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 91

Chapter 91: The Reopening of the Dimensional Rift

The moment when Joshua had entered the Dark Forest, he had noticed that because the Chaos energy and the dark purplish mist were too thick to begin with, he instantly lost his sense of direction. He also could not sense the presence and the coordinate of the sunlight that was obvious. All he could see were countless ferocious daemons right before him.

However, things like losing the coordination and target were still within the warrior's expectation.

There was a small black mist circulating about in a small jar that was hanging by Joshua's waist. That was his special purpose that he took the full blast of the black dragon's magic breath attack head-on. He wanted to obtain a little amount of the dragon's chi; with the guidance of this chi in the jar, Joshua could still avoid walking into the wrong path without the sun's indication guide. He only needed to follow the correct path all the way straight. He only needed to go straight to the location where the Corrupted Black Dragon was. That spot was also known to be the most dangerous spot of the Dark Tide.


Joshua whirled his greatsword and greataxe around slashing up any daemon that came in between him and his targeted location. After a few encounters with a few daemons in front of him, Joshua suddenly heard a low-pitched howl of a wolf coming from behind him!

Joshua could sense a great danger approaching as an intense chill right up his spine. The instinct of his body had led him to turn around. There he saw a huge gray giant wolf lurking in the shadows by the trees. It then charged forward ferociously!

This four-legged daemon that was four meters tall had these visible dark Chaos energy surging all around its body. Because Joshua evaded in time, it did not manage to lunge at Joshua. Instead, it lunged at another mindless daemon that was charging towards Joshua at that time, Instantly, that poor daemon was corrupted and devoured completely by the thick shadow magic, leaving nothing behind.

The Shadow Wolf, also known to be a Upper Silver-Tier daemon. It was similar to the other shadow type daemons. It had the ability to conceal itself in the shadows and ambush its targets! It had the ability to use the power of shadow in devouring most substances!

After missing its target, the giant wolf did not stay for a battle. It immediately hid in another shadow among the trees. Charging up its magic power, it went back into the shadows ready for another chance to ambush Joshua.


Upon a roar followed by a horizontal swing of his greatsword, the sound of wind and thunder echoed into his surroundings.

Joshua would never let an enemy ambush him and get away with it! He whirled his giant greatsword and charged his Combat Aura up to the tip of his blade. A red radiating air blade that looked deadly sharp was released from his greatsword, traveling across tens of meters like a deadly laser strike straight towards the spot where the giant wolf was hiding about.

Meanwhile, the giant wolf was only beginning to hide. Only having its two front feet fusing into the shadows, the giant wolf that was purely relying on its instinct to hunt had not thought possible that it would still get attacked even after it had hidden.

Attacking on with one strike after another, Joshua did not stay to see what was left of the monsters he slashed. He was focused on maintaining his speed as he was making his way through the woods. It only took a brief moment before he vanished into the depths of the forest. One moment after Joshua left the vicinity, the body of the giant wolf was slowly splitting in half. The distorted shadows lurking in the forest then devoured its remaining body parts. In the meantime, the huge tree right before the dead wolf was slowly collapsing, as if it was just being cut by a shapeless invisible force.

Boom! Boom!!

The stomping of footsteps that was trembling the entire forest was echoing throughout the place. The Dark Tide was getting through the forest with ferocious intentions. There seemed to be no end to the horde. The scale of the horde could no longer be described with numbers. The horde was like a gushing black fountain coming out of the misty forest. Meanwhile, the red radiance was blocking firmly right in the middle of that gushing tide of Dark Tide. That red radiance was immovable. Instead, it was pushing forward.

Joshua could feel that the Chaos power in the front was increasing rapidly. Meanwhile, the number of daemons was increasing as he progressed forward towards that source of power he felt. The bodies of these monsters had some very obvious crystalized mutation. Their powers were much stronger than those he encountered before.

"Master, these daemons show the signs of undergoing Aragami transformation!"

Ying passed her message through her Spirit Sense from the silver greatsword in Joshua's left hand. She reminded Joshua, "I believe that normal weapons will not work effectively on them anymore."

"No, there will still be a little effective."

Pulling out the greataxe from the skull of a mammoth that was already been crushed, Joshua was standing right on the top of the corpse of that large daemon. Resting his feet on top of the monster for almost half a second, he determined the direction he wanted to go from where he stood. At the same time, he was also talking to his own Divine Armament through his own Spirit Sense, "So, about this Aragami Transformation, do they all have this sort of crystallized substances all over their bodies?"

While he was talking, the warrior tossed out the giant axe which had a small crack on its edge. The greataxe was flying towards the direction Joshua threw it and it went so fast that it broke through the sound barrier, causing a powerful upsurge of airwaves all around it. Initially, the greataxe was designed to be a heavy weapon that was meant to be used as a flying axe. So the greataxe went forward so fast that it could be only seen as a blurry black flash. The weapon then hit a bunch of giant wild boars that were randomly charging at him. From the looks of it, their fangs had begun to crystallize, and the Chaos energy in the surroundings had begun to form into small black whirlwinds.

However, the surge of Combat Aura on the greataxe had brought a tremendous amount of damage upon the monsters. A thunderous explosion was heard, followed by a translucent shockwave that was so powerful that it swept back and forth in the space around the impact. That bunch of monsters was killed on the spot. Their flesh and bones were shredded into pieces in an instant.

"That's right but Master, it would be better if you use me to handle them. My special attributes will make it easier for you to cut open the shells of the monsters and kill them"

"Relax, Ying. You don't have to worry. You'll have the battle after this."

The clock right behind Joshua which was splashed with dark red blood was fluttering loud as Joshua was charging forward at a very fast speed. Along the way, Joshua reached his hand to his waist and swiftly summoned a knight's lance that was approximately two meters long, forged from steel. He wanted to maintain wielding two weapons throughout the entire war. Engaging in an extremely intense battle, he was surprised to notice that he had disposed of many weapons after the weapons were broken. At the same time, he still had one greatsword, one lance, and three axes hanging on his waist as a reserved weapon. He also had a shield right on his back that yet to be used.

Using a Divine Armament can only cover so much ground and attack so many times within a period of time. If humans had more than just two arms, Joshua would have used all of the weapons he had with him to speed up. He could have slaughtered his enemies like those bunch of six-armed Demonic Snake beings from the abyss.


Suddenly, a heavy bang echoed from the middle of the Dark Forest like a continuous roll of thunder descending onto the earth. It seemed as if there were endless boiling magma rushing out of the ground at the same time. Joshua suddenly frowned; his face that had never changed much since the beginning of the battle. After noticing the sudden change that took place not far in front of him.

"The dimensional rift... it's being activated once again!"

How could it be so fast?!He was really running out of time.

Right after he spoke, along with the intense dimensional wave, a column of black light was shot out from the middle of the Dark Forest like a fountain of black light. The black light came right out from the middle of the darkness, shining out straight along the path of the sunlight, piercing through the clouds, reaching the sky and stained the sky into pale black color.


While the Chaos energy was gushing out like a tidal wave, instantly, all of the daemons in the surroundings went insane once again. Initially, they only knew how to charge forward. Even if they saw Joshua, as long as Joshua was not standing in front of them, they would not attack him. However, these daemons currently set their purplish blue radiating eyes onto the Warrior that was surging with the flames of order. They seemed to have completely abandoned their initial target. Now, they just wanted to take out the loathing chi of their enemy right beside them.

"So are they completely corrupted by Chaos now? That should be a good thing as well."

Without turning his head back or looking around, Joshua could still clearly sense and see everything and every single movement of the daemons that were charging at him through his heart and mind.

That was not it.

Right in his heart and mind, right in the middle of the circle where he was heavily surrounded by the daemons, there were quite a number of daemons that were at least three meters tall had been covered in faint silver shiny armor shell. They were lurking around as they were approaching Joshua with their bodies that had metallic complexions.

These monsters had the body of an insect. They looked thin and long. Right behind their back, there was a layer of crystalized substance, a crystalized armor shell. Colorful hues could be seen from underneath the armored shell. There was also an enormous amount of Chaos energy circulating within the shell, providing each of them enormous power to make them strong.

"Master, there are many mature Aragami around us!"

Ying's Spirit Sense suddenly came in intensely, "They are not like the normal daemons, you must be careful, Master!"

Joshua was not bothered with the reminder from his Divine Armament. Facing a horde of daemons that seemed to want to use their numbers to kill him, Joshua stood on top of a rock and took a deep breath. He even closed his eyes once again.

His chi began to circulate vigorously within his body that was protected by his black armor. Instantly, along came a loud crack between bones, followed by his blood circulating vigorously deep down his veins. His Combat Aura was pulsating along with his heartbeat as if he was devouring the power itself.

In that moment, the power and chi all over the warrior was completely kept back into his body. He seemed just like a normal guy. Meanwhile, the daemons that saw that were roaring with excitement. They began to charge at Joshua at a speed faster than before.

However, on the next moment, Joshua opened both of his eyes, followed by a burst of red radiance into his surroundings.


Joshua had completed charging his power up in an instant. With a breaking roar and exerting strength into his legs, Joshua stomped the ground and left quite a large hole in the ground. There were innumerable web-like cracks that spread out on the ground from the point he stomped. Numerous stones and wood in the surroundings were crushed. Along with the wind and dust that were swept up into all directions in the surroundings, his entire body suddenly turned into a red comet that was facing forwardthat was also the strongest point of his enemies. Then he charged forward at full speed!

Multiple large ring-shaped white mist appeared right behind his body as he was moving forward. Instantly, Joshua arrived and made contact with the first line of enemies.