Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Giant Monsters

Right at the frontline of the Dark Tide, there were a bunch of gigantic demonic insects. Their bodies were approximately one meter long. These gigantic monsters looked like beetles. They all had rock-solid shells and gigantic horns on their foreheads. They were fluttering their wings as they got closer to the ground towards Joshua, stirring up enough dust and sand to block everyone's sight.

Facing the warrior in black armor who was charging at them with one a lance and a greatsword in each of his hands, it seemed that these monsters did not intend to evade. Set aside the fact that they had already lost their minds after they went berserk, even if they did not go berserk, these insect-type monsters did not have any wisdom or even brains begin with. Not to mention that there had not been any beings that were daring enough to charge at them head-on. So these monsters thought that the situation would remain that way even for this time.

Indeed, the situation did remain that way.

Because nothing ever survived after colliding with the warrior.


Charging faster than the speed of sound, Joshua shook his body for a split moment. Then the black armor that was forged from steel let out a buzzing sound as if it was being knocked violently by something. In the meantime, the muscles all over the body of the warrior exploded in power, tightening up and knotting up like the string of a bow being pulled back. These muscles were charged up with the destructive power. Countless veins emerged on the surface of his strong skin across his entire body. Also, his body size expanded by a lot to the point that his body was pushing against the armor tightly.

If Joshua was not wearing a heavy armor that was specially picked and enhanced but ordinary military grade armor, he would have undoubtedly broken the armor off his body with the power that was surging in every part of his muscle. Even if that was the case, the warrior could feel that he was being restrained. The endless power was infusing into his whole body along his Kokyu-ho, gathering into his body like water in a dam. That furious urge to destroy everything was really driving him crazy to crush everything right before him.

Facing these ignorant insects that were actually daring enough to charge at him, Joshua had no intention to dodge them. He adjusted his breathing pace and lifted his lance. That was a gigantic lance that was two meters long. It was forged by the dwarfs with crystal steel for over a hundred times. There were circles of iron liquid patterns surrounding it.

Demonic insects that went through Aragami Transformation?

They were merely experience points to Joshua!


Letting out a roar, having his chi circulating vigorously within his body, the warrior leaped off the ground with his tightened muscles all over his body. Then, along with a loud explosive bang that was loud enough to pierce through eardrums, Joshua was focused on using the explosive power of his body. He put the tip of his lance right in front of him and charged forward in the speed of a flying meteor. Instantly, he crossed over tens of meters that remained between him and the demonic insects.

The ground beneath his feet was like being trampled across by a Berserk Dragon. He left a gigantic drain as large as a tunnel. Countless crack patterns that looked like spider-webs were spreading into the surrounding of the ground, shaking many dark giant trees in the surroundings. Along with a series of loud bangs, countless trees were collapsing onto the ground.

Facing the demonic insects that were lining up right before him, Joshua's eyes were cold as steel. He stretched out his hand. Instantly, the tip of his lance suddenly shook out numerous shadow image of it. After that, the tip was returned to a point. Then again, the lance was pierced forward, stirring up an insanely violent wave. His Combat Aura was overflowing. The sharp tip of the lance pierced right through the atmosphere in the air, causing continuous loud bangs to echo into the surroundings.

Boom boom boom boom boom!!!

Before the insects could even react to the situation first hand, the tip of the metallic lance had already struck one of the demonic insects. When the lance pierced right through the shell, it sounded like a lance cracking the shell of an egg. The sharp tip of the lance had also pierced deep into the organs and the body of the insect monster, crushing all of its air ducts and internal organs. Right after that, the body of the insect and the air behind it were torn apart by the red radiance, his Combat Aura. The other demonic insects were pulled into the explosion as well. Their wings were splattered with dust and shredded meat of their friend. Instant, they slowed down a little.

Giving no quarter to his opponents, the flashes of his silver blade and the piercing strikes of his lance had not stopped at all. Following countless flashes of his attacks by wielding his sharp Divine Armament and his long lance, Joshua was slaughtering the remaining demonic insects that had crystallized horns one after another. The shells of these demonic insects were pierced through or even split open easily. Internal organs with foul strench were falling out of the holes and cut wounds like a waterfall.

Without any intention to pursue those remaining demonic insects that were blast far away from him, the warrior took out the enemies in front of him before he continued ton to push forward at his own pace, charging himself out of the daemons that were surrounding him up.

"Look at this, Ying."

At that time, he still had the time and mood to talk to his own weapon. At the same time, there were only a small number of daemons scattered in front of him and on the sides. The daemons were drooling with their sticky saliva. They charged towards Joshua, ignoring the fact that the black armor of the Warrior had been soaked in the blood of many daemons. They were ready to bite the man that disgusted them so much with his presence.

However, they were too weak for that. Joshua had pierced through their hearts and skulls by merely wielding his lance around. He struck all of the daemons down, sending their heads flying all over the place. If that didn't work, he used his greatsword to finish the job, cleaving the bodies of the daemons in halves.

Right on his face that was covered behind the thick helmet he was wearing, he smirked. "Isn't that right? Dual weaponsit's much more convenient."

That's not because equipping 'dual' weapons is convenient! It's because Master's the one who's equipped with 'dual' weapons! How's it possible that normal people could use two different weapons at the same time up to this standard?!

Ying opened up her mouth a little, as her heart was perturbed. However, the Divine Armament chose to remain in silence, not knowing what to say to her Master. Meanwhile, Joshua treated her silence as a sign that she agreed with what he just said. Then he laughed out loud before charging deeper into the middle of the Dark Forest.

In the meantime, the black light column that initially pierced through the clouds and tore the sky remained the same. It turned into a light source that spread Chaos energy for the second time. The Chaos energy went along with the sunlight that reappeared and was distributed among the Berserk Daemons across the entire forest like snowflakes pouring down from the sky.

"The time interval that it opens is getting much shorter already. We need to destroy it fast."

Upon calculating the time it took to activate the dimensional rift once again, Joshua did not stop running at all. He was approaching the center of the Dark Forest.

He could feel it. Right before his chest, the Azurite was unleashing unlimited power attempting to recover his stamina.

After the daemons had completely fallen to the corruption, Joshua would still be able to recover his stamina after he killed them all. Although the amount of energy he could acquire would be much lesser than the amount of energy he could get from killing Aragami, that amount of energy should be enough for Joshua to exhaust in killing his enemies.

In order to reserve enough strength to battle against the Gold-tier daemons, the warrior had not use any skill that would involve the use of his Combat Aura. He was relying completely on his skills to kill and his martial art experience to operate his internal organs and bones. The enormous strength that was hidden deep in his body burst out constantly. The Gold-tier warrior was worthy to be deemed that he had crossed into the Extraordinary Tier. His body was no longer the same as the body of a mortal. The toughness of his body was terrifyingly though. Regardless of how much he tried to push it, his body would not hit a limit.

Currently, the Dark Forest was shrouded by a layer of thick Chaos energy. The dark purplish mist was exhausting the power of Order in Joshua's body. Meanwhile, the cold winter and the strong winds were also exhausting his stamina fast. Along his way, the warrior had slain at least 500 to 600 Intermediate Silver-tier daemons. He also slew countless monsters that were of lower grade. Without the recovery power that the Azurite, Joshua might not make it so far into the forest and kill so many daemons along the way.

"Master, wait. There's something superior right in front of us"

Passing through the trees, the warrior blazing with his red Combat Aura was advancing forward at full speed. However, Ying suddenly warned Joshua that there was something to be aware of in front of them. The warning that Ying gave to Joshua continued to ring in Joshua's mind.

However, before she could finish her words, a loud rumbling sound was head!


The ground in front not far from Joshua suddenly collapsed, causing waves of explosive rumbling sound one after another. There was a flickering shadow over there. A gigantic shadow of a monster emerged from beneath the ground. A massive body that was approximately tens of meters tall along with a blood stench came at Joshua like a hurricane in a strange and bizarre state. It was moving in a swift speed as fast as the lightning bolt.

Meanwhile, at the same time, a strange force flitted over and shone on him like a light. Instantly, Joshua felt that his body became incredibly slow. His body seemed to be confined and imprisoned by some sort of invisible force. Every single movement he made was difficult. It was as if he was completely soaked in glue.

The strong enemy was charging at him while he was bound by this strange power. However, Joshua managed to get himself out of trouble in time. Joshua did not dodge, nor did he tried to flee from battle. He just simply lifted his long lance and struck the tip of his lance straight into the abdomen of the monster that was charging at him. The explosive sound in the air was head. The wind pressure itself had already stirred up the dust and sand all around the ground in his surroundings. He was behaving as if he had totally lost his mind launching suicidal attacks at his enemy like he no longer cherished his life.

Boom! Woooh!

The two sounds came out at the same time. Upon withstanding the impact of the strike from the gigantic monster, Joshua was pushed backward and flew out entirely. He flew backward tens of meters, crashing into a tree. Instantly, countless leaves were falling from the trees and the snows that were accumulated on the trees fell and buried the warrior underneath. Meanwhile, the gigantic insect-type monster had also withstood a full-power strike by the warrior right in its abdomen. The lance that was two-meter long including its handle had plunged straight into the body of that monster. Milky white with a tinge of greenish-blue 'blood' dripped nonstop from the wound.