Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Praise the Sun!

Far to the left, the cold winter had finally arrived. The snowstorm that covered the entire sky was pouring down upon the land. The frosty winds were surrounding around a pair of translucent, giant wings with flashing ice-blue line pattern on the surface of the wings. Under the flapping of the giant wings, nearly endless ice-type and negative magic power were gushing towards Joshua like an avalanche. The attack was also aimed at the dracospider, treating it and Joshua with no distinction!

In the meantime, there was a long and deep roar of a dragon coming from the back of the warrior. The dark purplish mist had dispersed. The intense waves of the Chaos suddenly began to ripple from the middle of the forest like a tidal tsunami. Meanwhile, a beam of dragon breath was shot towards the back of the warrior in a godly speed that was as fast as the speed of light, breaking through the strong current of wind, trembling the atmosphere around the surroundings.

The Corrupted Black Dragon and the Frost Butterfly! The other two Gold-Tier daemons other than the dracopider had appeared at the same time!

After all, Gold-Tier daemons were not dumb. They at least knew that ganging up on their opponent would be far more efficient than battling their opponent alone. Even though Joshua was much more powerful than any one of them individually. None of the three Gold-Tier monsters could actually beat him now and so the three of them decided to engage Joshua together.

It seemed that things had become more interesting now.


A sound that penetrated the sky arrived at the battlefield first. It was nearly endless, like ice spears and frost blades flying like snowdrops. Furthermore, not only that this type of magic consumption was low, it was also formed faster; countless frost particles that were as tough as steel was flying straight at Joshua at the speed of sound. The impact of those particles could penetrate any form of flesh and blood. At the same time, the particles were fused with countless negative spells such as Fatigue, Paralyze, and Slow.

In the face of horrific bombardment of spells infused with hidden negative magic that could almost covered the entire vision of the person standing in the position where Joshua was standing, anyone would surely feel fear. They would try their best to avoid or flee from the attacks. However, truth to be told, both Joshua and the dracospider were ignoring the frost magic. They were still focused on battling each other with fierce attacks!

"However, three is a little too much for me."

Wielding his long lance, raising a silver iron wall, Joshua blocked the dracospider and suddenly, he ignored his defense. He looked as if he no longer treasured his life. He only wanted to keep the spider on the spot and attack as ferociously as he could. Upon confirming his target, the warrior revealed a wretched smile on his face. He glared at the monster right before his eyes. Combat Aura began to set ablaze on his entire body. It was much more vigorous, much more blazingly hot than before. There were even scorching sparks coming out of the blazing Combat Aura, leaving a few noticeable traces behind the cold frosty world.

So let's take one out first!

Red patterns emerged on both the warrior's arms, at the same time, a blackish-red flame that only exists in hell ignited along the silver greatsword. The Combat Aura all over his body began to surge. Joshua who looked like he was set on fire let out a roar and took a step forward. His stomp crushed the ground, stirring up countless dust and sand. He was just like the gigantic Gold-tier dracospider, ignoring all attacks that landed on him while he swung out his best strike at the dracospider!

[Mastery, Infernal Blade]

Beep crunch crunch crunch!

The line patterns on the dragon-slaying stone were flashing violently. Meanwhile, the flame that looked like the fire of doomsday from hell was spreading along the Divine Armament. Facing the crystallized leg of the dracospider that was lifted high up, the greatsword was swung down upon it straight. The sharp blade slashed opened the thick and solid shell of the dracospider that was supposed to be harder than the shell of a Cancer. The blade cut through the shell like cutting through biscuits.Instantly, another leg was chopped off. Meanwhile, the head of the daemon was also slashed opened with a large wound. The five eyeballs on the left side of the dracospider's head were completely destroyed. Greenish-blue liquid splattered right across the surroundings.

Meanwhile, that was not it. The flame of doomsday that could only exist in hell that was initially spreading along the blade of the silver greatsword continued to spread across the wound of the daemon like a wildfire. It looked like the blazing flame had its own will, scorching on every sign of life around it!


The head of the daemon was scorched. The pitch of the daemon's miserable roaring went up to the point that it became soundless! The attack that the daemon was ready to throw at Joshua was instantly interrupted by that excruciating pain. The flame that was scorching its eyes had really brought hell upon the Gold-tier daemon. Even though it had been corrupted by the Chaos having stripped off most of its pain receptors, the dracospider could not endure that dreadful pain that stung deep into the soul.

Boom boom boom boom!

Meanwhile, the frost spikes that were flying towards Joshua and the dracospider had arrived and plunged into the ground. A series of white and black snow dust and dirt exploded on the surface of the ground where the frost attacks landed, followed by numerous conspicuous pits appeared on the surface of the ground. Meanwhile, the two of them who were standing right in the middle of the attacks had also sustained some damage for the attacks. The translucent frost spikes had hit the shell of the dracospider which was rolling in pain. The powerful resistance on the shell had instantly dispersed the magic power that formed the frost spikes in the first place. Instantly, the frost spikes were shattered into countless tiny pieces of ice. Meanwhile, the warrior could care less about it. His body was tough enough to tank through the attacks.

Pak pak pak pak!

The ice spikes that looked like spears landed solidly on the black armor of the warrior. Instantly, countless dents appeared on the surface of the armor one after another. Some of the ice spikes that hit on the thinner part of the armor had penetrated the armor like a piece of cake. However, there was no blood flowing out from the holes. Even though the magical attack had clashed into the blood and flesh of Joshua, the impacts sounded like a sword clashing with a shield. It was the clanging and buzzing sound that could only be heard from the clashing between two metallic materials! After that, these ice spikes were melted by the Combat Aura on Joshua that seemed like blazing flames. They were instantly evaporated and turned into steams that rose into the air and vanished.

As for those negative spells, they were all dispersed by the blazing Combat Aura. They were ineffective at all.

However, it was not the time to stand there and blank out with such thoughts. After the icicle attacks, there was the other Presence that was dense and intimidating. It was wrapped with rumbling thunder when it flew right over to the back of Joshua. Its appearance like a fog, it was actually the power of Chaos that was so dense that it almost became touchable substance. That was the scorching feeling that emitted from the Chaos power that the black dragon accumulated from the range of hundreds of meters in the surroundings!

Dragon Breath was something that the domineering species, the dragons, were naturally born with. However, Dragon Breath was a much more terrifying attack than the ultimate magic spells that powerful mages could perform.

The Breath Attack of the dragon species could not be compared to those weak and powerless Frost-type magic attack. Not to mention that this extremely powerful strike of Dragon Breath was infused with the power of Chaos. Instantly, along with the screeching sound of having a sharp metallic tip scratching on the surface of glass that could potentially break the eardrums of people, the Dragon Breath attack of the black dragon beamed pass the forest and the ground, battering the hard black giant woods and endless sandy soil rocks into the sky, turning them into grayish magma. The attack was aimed straight towards Joshua and the dracospider which had just sustained heavy damage!

The ring-shaped shockwave spread in the air. However, the warrior gave zero attention to that attack that could potentially cause tremendous damage to him. Instead, he let out an intimidating roar and continued to lift his lance up. After that, he aimed the tip of his lance at the dracospider that was currently helpless against anything and pierced the tip of the lance straight at the dracospider. The atmosphere exploded with a loud bang. The speed of sound was easily broke through. Joshua was ready to penetrate the huge head of that daemon with the lance in his hand now!

Now was not the time to reserve his strength. Regardless of the spider web magic or the dreadful impacts, Joshua would still be vulnerable to great threats when he was being attacked by three Gold-Tier daemons at the same time.

Now that he managed to heavily wounded the dracospider, how would it be possible for the warrior to retreat just because of that Dragon Breath strike even if he was forced to take the strike head-on, he would not allow the dracospider to regain its ground. He could not afford to be surrounded by the daemons again!


With one hand holding a sword while the other hand holding a lance, the Combat Aura of the warrior began to turn into dark red color like the color of the boiling lava. Joshua was unleashing his insanely murderous intend!

Praise Order, praise Wisdom, praise Humanity, praise Courage.

Of course, those were not the most important things.

Currently, because of the arrival of the Black Dragon, the dark purplish mist was beginning to gather all around it. At that same time, the golden sunlight from afar was shining down upon the land like a sacred spear plunging onto the surface of the ground, shining on Joshua's target, the location of the dimensional rift.

Order shall not perish, Wisdom shall forever exist.

Facing his back at the black dreadful light cannon that came surging intensely, the red flame on the warrior's hand was beginning to turn into golden radiance and lightning. The blinding radiance that seemed like god's miracle was gathering. The lightning flashed as it gathered into the lance he was holding. Joshua was now holding a long gold lance that looked as blindingly as the blazing sun. A smile was revealed on his face.

"Praise the sun!"