Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Level Whirring Up!

Along with the beating sound that came from the boiling lava, ripples of dreadful sense began to spread across into the surroundings. The waves then trembled. The golden red lava began rippling as well.

After that, a shadow of a man engulfed in red flaming Combat Aura slowly stood up from the golden red lava pool.

" Phew."

With a heavy breath along with some hot air, Joshua let out a breath and blew on the hot distorted air all around him. There was lava all over his body, dripping slowly to the ground. However, that man did not seem to be bothered by it at all.

He lifted his head and looked into the sky. He set his sight far beyond the dark clouds as if he could see that gigantic shadow of the black dragon.

Well, that was really powerful.

Sighing deep in his heart, Joshua was standing right in the middle of the lava pool that was condensing slowly as he was feeling the scorching heat all around his body. His eyes did not reflect delight surviving that strike. Instead, he looked grim.

This time, it was not because he did it on purpose or he planned it. It was because he had not thought about it. The breath of the black dragon could actually become so powerful after the black dagon gathered and compressed the magic power of Chaos; from spitting flames to launching electron charged cannon attack, what the f*ck! Even in his previous life, he had never seen such a mindless enhancement in the game! If the developer of the game had the balls to do this kind of enhancement to the game, they would definitely be murdered by the players!

If Joshua's Combat Aura was not more towards fire and blaze, if he had not chosen to learn Steel Armor Kokyu-ho to enhance his endurance in battle, that strike from the Dragon Breath might be the end of him. Even if Joshua could withstand the devastating destruction of the Dragon Breath, he would still definitely die in the boiling lava. The lava would still burn him up alive.

Of course, the real reason that he could survive that blast was not the special attribute of his Combat Aura or his Kokyu-ho skill.

"It seems that my choice was right!"

There will always be a way if you do not falter!

Gripping his left hand into a fist, a loud sonic boom echoed into the surroundings. A shockwave went across the boiling air that looked distorted. The Combat Aura on the warrior began to circulate. Instantly, the lava around Joshua was blasted away by a tremendous force. The metallic armor on Joshua's body was dented and twisted; it was obvious that Joshua was being protected by an unmatchable invisible strength. There was not even a scratch or a burn mark on his entire body. Not even a strand of hair was singed. In other words, the only thing that was not protected was the entire set of armor he was wearing. The remaining of the armor was barely hanging on his body right now.

Currently, deep inside the warrior's body, was a horrific power surging insanely like a tsunami ready to be unleashed. Meanwhile, right on his vision, he could see that endless amount of experience points were pouring in charging up his experience bar. The number just kept rising without an end. After that, a notification popped up into his vision.

It was that moment when Joshua decided to kill the Ajax Aurumseeking Draconian Spider while he ignored the black dragon's attack at the same time. The Azurite that was hanging right before his chest instantly unleashed an indestructible protective barrier that was invisible all around him. That barrier had blocked half of the impact of the Dragon Breath that was as powerful as a blast of cannon that could have taken out hills. When that blast reached the warrior, it only managed to destroy most of the armor on the warrior.

[You have completed a Class QuestA Festive Purification]

[You have completed the Unlock Condition. You have completely inherited the Inherited Power of the Chaos Guardian!]

[Your Class Level +5]

[You have acquired new Class Gifts: Flare of Purification, Nemesis of Chaos]

[You have acquired new Class Attributes: Radiance of Evil Scorcher, Movable Sacred Ground]

Upon completing his Class Quest [A Festive Purification], Joshua experienced the true meaning and the true feeling wield the power of [Blood of Chaos, Origin of Blazing Flame]!

Fire, was the origin of the beginning, the origin of life itself. It could bring light and warmth, it could bring existence and hope. Fire shapes order and triggers wisdom. Civilizations exist because of fire. The world of humans prospered because of that.

Using the immense Chaos energy from the Gold-tier dracospider's body as a source of fuel to burn, the colorless and odorless Order flames blazed brightly in Joshua's body. It was reconstructing and enhancing his body. In the meantime, the experience points that the warrior earned from slaughtering daemons along the way here were unlocked. Because of that, his level was whirling up like crazy!

35, 36, 37, 38 44!

Along with the number jumping up, the colorless radiance of Order had once again emanated through the entire body of the warrior, healing up all the internal wounds and wiping away any other side effects that Joshua got from using the Chaos Power, Along with his breathing, the energy particles in the surroundings were gathering to his body as the center core. In one brief instant, including the five levels that were automatically acquired after obtaining the Chaos Guardian Class, Joshua had leveled up ten times in over tens of seconds!

The levels whirred up quick. His heart was beating intensely. His blood was flowing between his veins and bones like the running water vast rivers. This was no longer a good condition, or getting his condition fully restored. The strength of the warrior was now completely different from before. It as like he had just transformed into his second form, a whole new level of power!

Although leveling up would not always boost the power level of a person, however, the enhancement in the quality of the body would definitely increase the abilities of the person in many aspects. Just now, the increase in the power of Order in Joshua's body had tremendously enhanced his physique. Compared that to his previous body tens of minutes ago, this newly enhanced body had undoubtedly become much stronger than he had ever anticipated!

Breathing out heavily, Joshua's breath was visibly gray. The breath was so powerful that it hit the condensed lava like a column of air. There was a small hole on the surface of the condensed lava. While a whistling sound was heard, black dust was stirred up from the surface of the ground. The Combat Aura was surging on. The lava that was about to fully condense into the solid ground was once again melted by the immense power that was surging through Joshua's entire body. With every step he took, the lava was pushed away by his steps, revealing a small path before him.

Upon walking out of the lava pool, he halted, standing right on top of the black ground at the side of the lava pool that had already cooled down a while ago. Joshua then lifted the silver greatsword in his right hand. His face looked deadly serious as he was communicating with his Divine Armament.

"Ying, are you alright?"

The Divine Armament replied Joshua chirpily, "I'm alright! Well this is a little hot, but Divine Armaments can withstand a temperature much higher than this! So no problem!"

She was not worried about the fact that her master almost died just now; Ying trusted Joshua wholeheartedly. She believed that her master could definitely get out of grave danger and survive a situation like that just now!

"How long more can you stay in your Divine Armament form?"

Indeed, Joshua did not mind the borderline idolated trust given to him by his Divine Armament.

too much about the trust that seemed almost like worship that his Divine Armament had of him. He still had some cards hidden up his sleeve. Also, the situation he was in just now was not considered a desperate situation yet. Furthermore, now that he had acquired the true inherited power of the Chaos Guardian, he could now use more of the much stronger Mastery Skills. Not to mention that his power had increased by ten levels more in one brief instant. So he could definitely bear such confidence now.

Meanwhile, upon the enhancement, his physical fitness was enough to use the Divine Armament for a longer period of time. So now, Joshua would only need to see how long can Ying stay in her Divine Armament form.

"Just now, there was powerful Order energy surging back to me from Master along with the Pact Hmm I think I can hold on for more than an hour!"

After remaining silent for a brief moment making some calculations, the Spirit Sense of the girl came from the silver greatsword again. Her voice sounded as if she was a little unsure of what she just said. However, she reassured Joshua again right after that. "To be precise, it's one hour twenty-seven minutes!"

"Very good. That's more than enough already."

Upon nodding his head, Joshua grinned.

That black dragon How dare it ambush me in battle from the back?!

Behind the back came the burning temperature of the boiling lava pool, followed by cold chilling winds along with snow brushing by the dirt and sand to the front of the warrior. Recalling on a memory of his previous life that seemed to be very long ago, he remembered the mercury blade that pierced him from behind. He grabbed the hilt of his sword tightly and grinned coldly.

Once again, he looked into the sky. The clouds were dark as dark mist was spreading. The evil aura had shrouded the entire sky. Meanwhile, the gift that the Chaos Guardian had allowed him to quickly identify the shadow that had been staying hidden among the clouds all the while.

There was no need to wait for long. Black dragon, you're going down now!