Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 1277

1277 Killer
"You think she is the real Lural just because she called herself Lural?" Cloud Yi shook her head. "Are there any other things that can prove her identity, after rebirth? She looked completely different and had a completely different set of skills. Everything has changed. How are you certain that it is not a coincidence or someone is deliberately misleading us?"

Tiger Zhi said, "I think you will understand once you realize that what we witness may not be true and of the things that we have not witnessed before, they may not be false either."

"Alright but how are you going to explain the spirits," asked Cloud Yi calmly, "You need to know that I am the only one who recognizes the King of Gods, including his skills and everything about him. Nobody else will have the skills to control spirits. If Coral is Lural, how are you going to explain the matter about the spirits?"

"I can't," said Tiger Zhi, "But I still do not think that Lural is the person who will repay the favors of the Lord. Moreover, Coral had the branch of the World Tree, how are you going to explain this coincidence?"

"Is there only one World Tree in the world?" rebutted Cloud Yi, "How do you know that Coral's tree branch belonged to the old King of Gods? There may be many more worlds apart from the land of forefathers and the Luniverse. However, we may not know about that."

Tiger Zhi suddenly said after thinking, "Cloud Yi, calm down, recently you have been really anxious."

Cloud Yi froze. She was not an unreasonable person. Or rather, Cloud Yi had always been the old King of Gods' best assistant because she was loyal and witty.

Now, the sentence said by Tiger Zhi struck her and made her regain her bearings. After realizing that Big Brother was possibly still alive, Cloud Yi lost it after realizing that the things that happened in the past had complicated her understanding of them.

However, Cloud Yi calmed down instantly and said, "There are two possibilities. One, Coral is not Lural. In this situation, we killed Lural back then and that is identical to what we suspected earlier on. Therefore, the new King in the palace of the King of Gods really exists."

Tiger Zhi nodded. He was very happy that Cloud Yi could calm down. That was because from a logical point of view, Tiger Zhi was way inferior to Cloud Yi. Moreover, the fact that she calmed down meant that he would probably need to eat less hotpot?

At this moment, Cloud Yi said, "The other possibility is that Coral is Lural. Therefore the person who wanted to kill us obtained the skills of the dark map and therefore had the ability to capture the spirits and mislead us. Although I am not sure how he obtained the skills, this is a possibility."

Tiger Zhi added, "If Coral really is Lural, then she really did die 23 years ago and her death must be related to the weapon."

Cloud Yi sighed and added as she looked at Tiger Zhi. "You are right. Lural will not take revenge. Moreover, if she's still in the Luniverse, one could tell from the punishment by Zhang Weiyu and the rest that attacking the palace of the King of Gods was not an order given by the Lord."

"So what do we do now?" asked Tiger Zhi.

"We will see how it goes, we have to find Big Brother first," said Cloud Yi, "We can't say for sure who our enemy is until we reach the end. But we can always just stand on the Lord's side. I wonder how the situation is in the West Region?"

Tiger Zhi said without feeling worried, "Duanmu Huangqi will definitely die this time around. The West Region cannot stop him at all."

"Let's find Big Brother quickly. We can meet the Lord after that," said Cloud Yi.

Both of them continued to walk up the steps. As they walked in the mountain full of red leaves, it felt as though they were walking across red clouds.

By living here, the person who reared the butterflies could be counted as living in a utopia. Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi thought that they would feel very lonely if they lived there. Cloud Yi preferred to live in the real world where she could watch movies, eat hotpot and buy beautiful clothes. People who were impatient would not be able to live there.

However, a person who was able to wait 100 years for a butterfly to break through the cocoon was definitely not impatient!

When they reached the peak of the mountain, they saw a small hut and courtyard. However, Cloud Yi suddenly frowned, "Someone else is here."

The tall fences blocked the scene in the courtyard. However, the energy waves in this space was messy and did not match the calm atmosphere at all. When Cloud Yi saw that, she immediately confirmed that someone else had arrived before them.

However, Cloud Yi did not care about who came over. She only cared about whether the rebirth butterfly was alright!

The people who came over at this time must have guessed that someone was trying to do something with the rebirth butterfly. Otherwise, why would someone come over to such a deserted place? Although the rebirth butterfly was precious, this creature only existed for the purpose of looking for people. It was useless for ordinary people. The so-called rebirth butterfly would look for people who were alive and spirits of people who had died.They would definitely be able to find the person if the person left behind objects when he was alive. It was definitely possible to find someone if one followed the route taken by the rebirth butterfly.

The person who used the rebirth butterfly only had to provide it with two drops of blood. One drop was to be dripped on the body of the rebirth butterfly while the other was to be dripped on the object. The rebirth butterfly would take in all the blood, wait for it to lay eggs and look for the person.

However, the blood must be from a master. That was because only the blood of a master had enough energy to fertilize the rebirth butterfly.

Therefore, even if one wanted to look for someone, one usually would not think about the rebirth butterfly as the price to be paid was too high.

However, for Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi who were masters, this price was nothing.

"Be careful, people might be attacking the place. Let's check out the situation first." As she said that, Cloud Yi walked in quickly and she unhesitatingly opened the small wooden door which squeaked. There was an elder sitting in the courtyard and working with wood. He suddenly looked up at Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi. "Who are you?"

Cloud Yi and Tiger Zhi looked at each other and both of them decided not to reveal their real identities. Cloud Yi threatened him, "We are killers."

The elder froze and his face turned pale. "Killers?"

Tiger Zhi added, "Yes, in short, killers."

The elder was confused. "In short? Then what's the full term?"

Tiger Zhi said after thinking, "The full term is, two emotionless hotpot killers."

Cloud Yi looked emotionlessly at Tiger Zhi and was speechless.

The elder was stunned for a while. After hesitating, he said, "Why are you here?"

"Rebirth butterfly," smiled Cloud Yi. "We came all the way for this, of course."

"What are you using to exchange for it?" said the elder, "I don't need money."

"What about your son?" Cloud Yi said while smirking, "I heard that he is preparing for the Sword Hut examination. Does he need money and opportunities?"

At this moment, the elder's expression changed completely. "Who exactly are the both of you?"

"Puppet Masters."