Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 133

Chapter 133: A Giveaway (Part 4)

In fact, Li Yixiao had his own reasons. Before the magical era, the India side had little Class Bs and many Class Cs. Now that so many appeared, it was a difficult situation.

Although there was a huge gap in strength between a Class B and C, a large army of ants could kill even an elephant!

The heavenly network thought that it was an easy task for Li Yixiao as Class Cs could never hurt him. As long as he got the hang of it, the Class C Indians would, one by one, die at his hands.

The opponents were careful but Li Yixiao was afraid that these Indians would lay their hands on the rest of heavenly network. And so he slowly lured them out of the battle zone and slowly dealt with them.

Li Yixiaos kungfu was foreign and forceful while the kungfu of the Indians was more gentle. Both parties fought for quite a few days but as of now, Li Yixiao had killed a few of their Class C practitioners. There was still no significant change in the situation.

In fact, there were even experts from other countries joining in the fight. They unanimously agreed to get rid of Li Yixiao first!

He was very clear that the other heavenly kings were keeping watch at the borders of the country to prevent foreign class Bs from entering, and so he had to deal with this himself.

In reality, the best use of Class Bs in remains wasnt to look for the relic but to stop other experts.

It wasnt realistic for the heavenly network to prevent all the practitioners from coming in. After all, practitioners were like superhumans, their movements were swift and considered to be ghost-like.

After fighting for a few days, Li Yixiao was feeling temperamental and the number of Class Cs who died at his hands had already exceeded ten.


In a temporary base in the mountains.

During the battle these few days, an awkward situation arose with regards to the combat power of soldiers. Normal automatic rifles were of little effectiveness against the skeletons.

Firstly, a bullets killing power was due to its spiraling momentum that causes significant damage to internal organs after piercing through the human body. But now that the enemy was a group of skeletons, the bullets only power was its force but the skeletons had a small frame

But the biggest issue was that the armor the enemy wore was unusual, and normal modern weapons couldnt pierce through it.

And so the soldiers were helpless. Their basic physical capabilities were far inferior to that of practitioners and when escaping or chasing, they were at a huge disadvantage.

Be it the heavenly network or the soldiers, they all had a form of combat discipline. But as for the daoyuan students, everyone initially had high hopes for them but in the end, besides a few exceptions, they were too disappointing.

After the numerous battles with the skeletons, they learned something about them. The types of skeletons soldiers were mainly just the armored cavalry and the foot soldiers. The skeleton soldiers moved in groups and their main objective was to watch over the outer regions and to kill any living thing.

The cavalry were fast while the foot soldiers were troublesome. These skeletons seemed to have a lot of experience in battle. Although the foot soldiers werent agile, each and everyone had outstanding killing techniques.

They also had a chemistry between them which led to great teamwork.

But the heavenly network also found a weakness of these group-based soldiers. It was that their individual minds were not as developed and each group would have a center-brain kind of existence. The heavenly network called these existences the leader.

They found out through battle that as long as they could identify this leader first and take him out, the chemistry between the rest of the soldiers would be greatly reduced.

Without chemistry, based on just their individual combat power, they were about the strength of a Class E and not as terrifying anymore. It was through this method that they were able to defeat a group of scout cavalry and even killed 2 horsemen.

And now, snipers were very useful as they could take out the leader!

A Class D leader from the heavenly network lied prone on the ground and looked down the edge of a mountain. There was a group of scout cavalry passing by and this was a critical route leading to the core of the remains. If they couldnt beat these skeletons, everyone would have a hard time.

And even if they managed to sneak in, what if it was a trap and the skeletons were to attack them from outside. Wouldnt they be surrounded?

So their plan was to slowly get rid of these small groups.

"No idea when we would be able to go in and the rations are depleting fast." A black coat said.

"Perhaps theres food at the center of the remains, I heard from Old Zhang that in his trip to the Xi Bei, there were food, medication, fruits and many other things at the center of the remains."

"Are you for real?"

"Really But its hard to say this time. In this remains, it seems like the closer we got to the center, the lesser the signs of life."

"The leader of this skeleton group is quite obvious," someone exclaimed.

Hearing that, everyone crawled over to see what was going on. Normally, they had to observe carefully before they could identify the leader but this group was as the other guy said, it was obvious!

Only one of the horseman was different from the rest. Everyone else was carrying a spear while this one was carrying a sword...

Only this skeleton was unique, and who could it be beside the leader? This was such a giveaway!

At this point in time, all the members lying prone unanimously agreed- this is the leader! Kill it and the rest will be easy to deal with!

"Sniper move to a higher ground! And two heavenly network members cover him!" Someone ordered.

The sniper had to move to a higher ground so that their actual location would not accidentally be revealed.

After the sniper had taken out the skeleton leader, everyone would deal with the rest of the scouts.

The two heavenly network members protection was in case of the snipers slow retreat. After all, the sniper was just a normal human being.

The heavenly network practitioners were different. Once they had achieved Class E and completed the mysterious senses chapter, carrying a normal person back to the rendezvous point was an easy task.

The sniper and two bodyguards left while the rest hid to observe. No one dared to make a bold move.

Someone was suddenly curious, "I feel like this is too easy something is not right."

"What can go wrong?"

"Think about it, although we had only encountered foot soldiers previously, their leaders always had the same appearance as the rest. But this, it doesnt even have a spear!"

"Thats right"

"Could it be that it lost the spear?" a Class D practitioner thought.

"Haha, so funny. How could a skeleton lose its own weapon?"