Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Cao Qingci (8)

If Lu Shus actual aptitude was one of his closely-guarded secrets, then his system and celestial map were secrets which he had to conceal no matter what.

Till this day, he still did not understand the use of that flame in his heart. The little sapling on his palm grew along with his strength, and now there were leaves on it as well.

Lu Shu wasnt sure what the flame would turn into. He didnt know what the sapling on his palm would become when he completed lighting up all the stars.

The only thing he could do now was to wait patiently and keep all his secrets close to his heart.

That scene made Lu Shu raise his guard once more. Lu Shu realized that the secrets within his body were far greater and deeper than what he had imagined.

Luckily there were so many people here so there was no need to exhibit so much of his strength.

As they walked to the end of the canyon, they could hear human noises from inside and they sounded as if they were rather relaxed

Everyone approached with a face of jubilation. This canyon was really too long, approximately tens of kilometers. Moreover, it was extremely constraining!

Hearing humans talk all of a sudden, of which some of the voices belonged to familiar classmates, was a really pleasant surprise!

Someone appeared in front of them and shouted excitedly, "There are people from this road too!"

Within the canyon, someone exclaimed, "Its my friends voice!"

They sped up ahead towards the exit of the canyon. As they left the canyon, they suddenly felt the world brighten up!

The entire heart of the remains was like a patio. Above them was the beautiful sky with magnificent rays from the sun. No one knew how high this circular, surrounding mountain was. It was extremely hard to scale it.

And at the heart of the remains was a huge circular pothole which was unknowingly deep. It seemed like it was leading straight into the deepest parts of the Earth as if it was a route to hell.

Apart from this pothole, there wasnt any other strange sighting.

The heart of the remains was as big as a few football fields. There were already thousands of people here and Lu Shu was rather overwhelmed. It was as if they were back at the military base in Mt Beimang...

Everyone was constrained by the weird environment for a long time and couldnt resist showing some joy when they saw so many people.

Humans were sociable creatures who loved company. A horror film was a horror film when one watches it alone but in a group, a horror film could sometimes turn into a comedy...

A few thousand people were gathered together and everyone suddenly realized that not too many people died and that they were not alone. Everyone was here, and with unity comes strength!

It was as if they could overcome their fear with unity!

Lu Shu saw that everyone was far away from that pothole in the center, perhaps fearing something might come out of it. Only a girls rear view could be seen near the pothole. She had a spear and a sword with her and she sat there calmly, as if she wanted to investigate what was inside.

He suddenly recognized that girl! Cao Qingci!

At this moment, that prodigy with tier A aptitude exuded a calm and collected aura. Her aura was still as majestic even after not seeing her for a few days.

Just then, the student by his side started chatting with his old friends he just met, "Were there skeleton soldiers blocking your route? How did you guys get past the skeleton squad?"

"We were terrified at the start. When we just entered the remains, there was a skeleton squad right by our side. Two men from the heavenly network died and at that moment, we thought wed all die. Luckily that girl called Cao Qingci sprung into action and she was amazingly stronger than the experts in the heavenly network," the guy who was speaking looked towards Cao Qingci with a strange expression before continuing, "she killed 8 skeleton horsemen alone in battle. All the skeletons slowed down extremely when they got near her. I only knew about her when some Luo Cheng students told me afterward that she was Luo Chengs sole student with tier A aptitude Thinking about it now, she must have awakened as well!"

Everyone around gasped. She had tier A aptitude and she awakened? Together with her aptitude, her awakening would make her much stronger! How strong was she exactly?

Many people looked towards Cao Qingcis back in awe. This was a true expert! And she was a girl, she was absolutely a goddess!

In reality, Cao Qingci was already like that in Luo Cheng. Everyone around her wanted to be friends with her but she was just too quiet. She always exuded an unfriendly feeling and that she was always very distant.

Just like now, even though she was greatly admired and talked about within this group of people, she was just standing quietly near the pothole. She was totally different from everyone else.

"Speaking of which, did you steal this sword?" One of the students who traveled with Lu Shu asked enviously.

"No. Cao Qingci distributed them to us after the skeletons were wiped out. She said all she needed was a spear and a sword," The student exclaimed excitedly. Ever since hed gotten the sword, it never left him.

The student who heard this was absolutely furious. Why did everyone there share the equipment but over here, Lu Shu kept everything for himself?! Arent you tired from carrying all these?!

If Lu Shu could read his thoughts, he would definitely have responded: Ahh, nope. Not tired at all.

As they drew comparisons, Lu Shu received another wave of distress points. Lu Shu could no longer categorize who these distress points came from. There were too many angry people and so many issues that he did not understand where the distress came from. Whatever, the more the better...

"What about you? How did you guys get past the skeletons?" That student asked curiously as well, "Did the heavenly network take care of the skeletons?"

The student who was asked this was annoyed, he really didnt want to mention Lu Shu!

Despite that, he spoke honestly, "Another student of Luo Chengs daoyuan class awakened as a class E strength type. He was probably an athlete who threw javelins. He could accurately smash the skulls of the skeletons from far with just a throw of a spear"

He didnt explain the other details as he didnt have the slightest will to mention it. He absolutely hated Lu Shu. He didnt mention Lu Shus stealing of the spears. Neither did he talk about how the spears smashed the skulls into dust. And of course, he didnt mention Lu Shus heroics of killing nine skeletons on his own. He did not even mention the shock he felt when he witnessed Lu Shus capabilities.

Although he didnt mention the shock due to his hate for Lu Shu, the memory of Lu Shus lightning bolt spears was deeply etched in his mind.