Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 195

Chapter 195: 195No LaughingPart 4

A streak of white started spreading across the sky, as if tearing the pitch black darkness apart, bringing the world brightness.

Just at this last stretch of darkness, Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu out of their house. They weren't going to switch the test tube themselves, but they were looking for an appropriate place to release the soul.

This was because although Lu Shu could roughly know how much magical energy a class B expert like Li Xianyi could sense, and this soul puppet of theirs was made of smoke and could move about with minimal noise and theoretically couldn't be detected, he wasn't a hundred percent certain that this weird energy would not be sensed by Li Xianyi.

This could be tested out in the future. There was no time left.

As the two of them got further away, a black shadow streamed out of Lu Xiaoyu's chest and cackled hysterically as it started moving off...

Lu Xiaoyu complained in annoyance, "Why is his laughter so ridiculous? Lu Shu, what did you feed him?!"

"From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +188!"

"Ahem, isn't the increase in its powers all that matters? Why do you have such a superficial way of thinking?"

"From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +288!"

At this juncture, the two of them were squatting under the shadow of a building. This place was rather dark under the shadows and Lu Xiaoyu suddenly said amid the darkness, "We're up so early, how about we go have some beef soup later?"

"Focus on controlling the puppet, don't go to the wrong place! We can talk about the beef soup later," Lu Shu's focus had already shifted to the seal of lands and he started to monitor Luo Cheng. His view was locked onto the soul puppet, afraid that Lu Xiaoyu would commit any mistake.

"This is half-automatic. I just have to pay attention to it occasionally," Lu Xiaoyu rebutted. She continued looking through the soul puppet as it continued its advance.

Lu Shu suddenly realized that it was really suitable for this black soul puppet to carry out activities in the dark. It was camouflaged very well and if he didn't focus on observing, it would be extremely difficult to notice this soul puppet moving about.

It's already after 5 am and many people are waking up, especially the elderly.

At this moment, the two of them could hear soft noises of people in houses. There was even a baby crying as his parents tried their best to coax him back into slumber.

Lu Shu was observing the soul puppet through his seal when he suddenly heard Lu Xiaoyu beside him, "Lu Shu Lu Shu! Did you hear the baby cry?"

Lu Shu nodded silently and didn't say anything.

"Lu Shu, do you know why he's crying?" Lu Xiaoyu continued as Lu Shu didn't reply.

Lu Shu was rather annoyed, "Why?"

Lu Xiaoyu sighed in sorrow, "Probably because no one is bringing him for some beef soup."

Lu Shu, "???"

Wasn't it just a bowl of beef soup, did she have to go to this extent? Lu Shu was dumbfounded, "All you know is eat. We'll go have beef soup once we obtain that test tube."

A hint of a smile formed on Lu Xiaoyu's face as she started to focus on controlling her soul puppet.

The puppet suddenly stopped in its tracks as it approached 50 meters of Luo Cheng International School's vicinity. Lu Shu had reminded Lu Xiaoyu that surveillance cameras were installed all around the school perimeters and students always felt as if they were treated like prisoners in a prison. Now, Luo Cheng International School has the reputation of the number 1 student prison in Luo Cheng...

The black soul puppet then started sprinting towards the school from 50 meters out. As it got to 20 meters to the school, it suddenly jumped up!

In the darkness, the black figure of the soul puppet rose high up into the sky. It leaped past the school perimeter in the night sky and it was an incredible display of pure strength and with the height it attained, it successfully avoided all the surveillance cameras!

And at more than 10 meters in the sky, the puppet's black body was its greatest salvation as it camouflaged into the sky, avoiding the eye of anyone.

The puppet then started its descent and landed without any effort while not making a single sound! Lu Shu was feeling rather agitated as he watched all this from the sky using the seal of lands. This was the most incredible part of this era: when someone's abilities reach a breakthrough and life becomes more incredible and exciting, all that was possible only in movies in the past could now be achieved by themselves.

This sort of feeling was like they were part of a movie!

The black soul puppet stuck close to the walls of a building and started scaling it rapidly. Once it arrived outside Li Yixiao's office, it opened the unlocked window and crept inside. Actually, no important documents of the heavenly network were kept in school, which was why the windows were left unlocked. Lu Shu then thought of the fire which was caused by the metahuman Liang Che. Underneath that shopping mall where the fire happened was a base and important items were probably kept there.

Once the puppet entered the infrastructure, Lu Shu could no longer observe what was happening. He then whispered, "The old man said the test tube is put in a convenient place in the office and should be quite eye-catching"

Before he even finished his sentence...

"Found it," Lu Xiaoyu said calmly, "So do I swap it with the other one?"

"Yeah," Lu Shu nodded his head in annoyance, this was the easy part, "Get out once you retrieve it! It's almost daytime."

By this time, the streak of white was expanding and the brightness was approaching really rapidly!

But at this moment, Lu Shu suddenly noticed security guards were patrolling the area down below. The two guards were strolling slowly and started smoking downstairs together.

"Leave through another exit," Lu Shu frowned. He wasn't sure if the guards would detect the soul puppet but he preferred the puppet to leave by another exit so as to not take any risk. He had no idea when these two guards would leave and it was almost daytime, they had no time to waste!

Lu Xiaoyu immediately commanded the puppet as she heard Lu Shu's orders. But just as the puppet walked out of the principal's office and into the corridor, Lu Xiaoyu suddenly turned stiff.

"What's wrong?" Lu Shu asked anxiously.

"There's someone here!"

The person the puppet bumped into in the corridor was another guard patrolling the interior of the school compound. He had a big torchlight with him and its light was blinding.

Lu Xiaoyu didn't know what to do and ordered the puppet to stop at the corridor. The guard started to panic as he saw this black smokey silhouette of a person, he himself wasn't a practitioner!

He frantically pointed his torchlight at the soul puppet and scanned its appearance. After some hesitation, he stuttered, "You you where are you from, metahuman! Why why aren't you wearing any clothes!" Although he had ample training, the guard had never been in a real battle before and it was really frightening to bump into such a strange occurrence for the first time...

"From Li Zhe's distress, +555!"

Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes. The other party actually mistook the soul puppet for a special ability of a metahuman? She looked towards Lu Shu for his next command.

Lu Shu was not done thinking of a plan when Lu Xiaoyu noticed the guard had already called for reinforcements on his walkie-talkie and had also pointed his rifle at the puppet, "Hands on your head and stand against the wall!"

The guard had calmed himself down within a short period of time. Although the situation was strange, he still had his responsibility to fulfill.

The puppet remained still as Lu Xiaoyu awaited Lu Shu's reply.

The guard continued pointing his rifle at the puppet and stared at him, "You why are you laughing, stop laughing!"

"From Li Zhe's distress, +555!"

"From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +99!"