Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Chapter 266: Most afraid of sudden silence (Part 1)
Chapter 266: Chapter 266: Most afraid of sudden silence (Part 1)
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Lu Shu's sudden use of kungfu frightened the animals which all ran to the opposite side of the empty ground and crowded together, not wanting to remain too close to him.

Lu Shu carried a spear as he walked towards the animals which ran away in all directions thinking that since they were not the only one there, the slower they were, the more they had to lose.

The animals slowly figured out how to escape and in the end, the white-hair ape and wild boar were the slowest, and thus, had the most to lose.

After chasing them for an hour, Lu Shu stopped to catch his breath. The animals were surprised to see that he would be tired too.

However, Lu Shu was not tired. He was only catching his breath. He then realised that by then, even if he stopped chasing the animals, they would still keep producing distress values.

Although Lu Shu may be an extremely determined person, now that the animals would remain distressed without him moving, he would not waste his energy.

"All of you better stay still and not move!", said Lu Shu happily as he kept his spear and returned to sit by the firepit while the small insects on Lu Xiaoyu's end remained in distress which ensured that Lu Xiaoyu was not in danger and that was sufficient.

Lu Shu estimated that after another two more nights, his seventh star would be secured.

It was as though the animals understood what Lu Shu said and laid down where they were to rest as they were tired even though Lu Shu was not. Furthermore, they really did not dare to move under Lu Shu's orders.

While Lu Shu was adding wood to the firepit, the animals took the chance to communicate with their eyes asking one another, "Does anyone knows where is he from?"

"No, I don't know"

"Has anyone seen him before?"


"When is he leaving?"

"Why are you asking me? Who should I ask?"

The animals were all puzzled by the sudden appearance of such a strong presence whose hobby was to chase after them.

However, they were sure that Lu Shu was not there to kill them!

Living in the woods meant that it was each for his own life. Since they would not be killed, they could only wait till the next morning when the forest would be safe before everyone escapes.

All it took was to just bear with it for a night!

It would pass quickly...

As a result, while he was adding wood, Lu Shu realised that the animals' distressed values were decreasing...Could he allow that to happen? He immediately stood up.

The moment the animals saw Lu Shu stood up, they trembled once more and every one of them curled up on the floor, not daring to move at all.

Just as Lu Shu wanted to pull out his spear, he stopped and thought that if Wei Ganyi and his gang were not stupid, they would do their best to make a comeback and based on their abilities, it was unlikely that they have been wiped out totally. As long as Wei Ganyi was willing to save his schoolmates, the meta-sword he had should be able to allow him to save all of them.

If the other party returned to find that he suddenly possessed a spear, he would report it to the Heavenly Network and unfortunately, Lu Shu would have to be investigated.

Furthermore, just by using the spear to chase this bunch of animals, his own distress value remained the same and any slowdown in action would decrease the value.

Lu Shu happily looked at the animals and asked, "Have all of you heard of an occupation called 'dentist'?"

The empty ground became lively once more as the animals started running for their lives again as they suddenly feared what new tricks he was up to.


Wei Ganyi and that form teacher, Gao Yi, were tired as throughout the journey, only the two of them had meta-swords and whenever a Daoyuan Class student was caught in tree branches, they had to do the saving.

Under such a high-pressure battle, even practitioners cannot hang in there for long.

By now, everyone was at least injured lightly and some students' legs were even pierced by tree branches until they bled, affecting their progress.

The road was getting tougher and tougher to walk on but one good thing was that the tree branches' attacks were the same and did not seem to be thought out.

As these plants' attacks are already so strong, any more thought out attacks included would definitely be too tough for them and they would really die here.

"How far more to go?", Gao Yi asked while panting as he turned to look at Shu Ganyi.

"Not too far already."

Gao Yi heaved a sigh of relief and turned to look at his schoolmates around him, each looking more exhausted than the previous one. To be honest, before the Heavenly Networks opened up this relic, they were already aware of the high danger it brought about. However, what everyone was concerned about was individuals' ability and neglected the issue of quantity!

Just now during the breakout, a student near him met with an unfortunate incident and as his teacher, before he could save him, a tree branch pierced through his heart and he died.

The journey of practicing is never smooth sailing.

They continued to inch forward painstakingly. It took them an entire hour and all their energy to complete a road journey that needed just half an hour!

The only fortunate thing was that everyone was only injured and no one died.

Injury and death are two totally different concepts.

Wei Ganyi saw a familiar road on a hill and his eyes brightened, "Hang in there, everyone, we are almost there!"

He remembered this small hill. When he passed by in the afternoon, a female student accidentally slipped and fell!

"Look, there's flare in front!", a student excitedly exclaimed.

"It should be Lu Shu. Before we came, he said he wanted to start a fire!", said a female student who forgot how she rolled her eyes so hard in the afternoon as now the flare brought exceptional warmth.

Then, they suddenly heard a familiar sound coming from the forest, "come, come, come, listen to me, let me see if there are any decayed teeth"

Everyone looked at one another and Shu Ganyi suddenly said with determination, "The road to living is right in front, everyone dash forward!"

Everyone ran hard for their lives as though they were using the last bit of energy in them. The huge difference between life and death was scary and the

The devil-like tree branches aggressively attacked everyone while Wei Ganyi already charged forward to lead the way and Gao Yi stayed at the back.

Oh la la, a group of people dashed from the forest to the empty ground and then, everyone was stunned.

In front of them was a firepit with a flame burning and nearby, was a bunch of animals, obediently lying on the ground resting, yet all bruised and injured, especially the white-hair ape and wild boar.

Right beside the fire pit was a young man holding a gigantic wild cat's mouth and gently saying, "be good, let me quickly help you pluck your decayed teeth, if not...I will hit you"

The captured wild cat looked as pitiful as it could as though it was about to cry!

What a weird scene, so weird it does not seem real!

What even! Was our exit method from the forest incorrect?!