Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Daoyuan Class Begins!

In the night, Lu Shu had to flash his student pass to get into the school. Daylight was short during winter and by 7 pm, the sky was already pitch-black.

Lu Shu realized that the school was still very lively. Students from different schools were gathered here and they amounted to almost 2000 people, and he wondered if the Music building was even able to accommodate all of them...

The Music building was 7 stories high and each floor had 4 classrooms. This meant that each class had about 100 people...?

Even after removing the tables and chairs, would there be enough space for everyone to sit?

While making his way to F9 classroom, Lu Shu bumped into Liu Li. The class rep did not seem as confident as usual, probably because he had realized that their original plan of forming a gang had been proven useless in front of the crowd.

The number of transferred students was already a few times larger than the gang they had.

If they really wanted to form a gang, Li Qi should have made use of his status as a metahuman to gather all the Daoyuan class students from their school which would be more likely to succeed.

But Lu Shu felt that Li Qis actions and plans had never been reliable. He had asked around in the afternoon and the 11 transfer students in his class were all from different schools...

Lu Shu could not believe that this was a coincidence and was rightfully afraid that this was a plot by the officials to prevent forming of gangs and groups.

As of now, only the Luo Cheng international school students were not split up and sent to different schools. But because of the transfer students, every class was facing a communication crisis.

If this was the case, Li Qis plan would be a failure

But this was expected. Their organization had gone through detailed planning to set up this program and gather all these potential metahumans in one place. It would be an insult if they were to be easily overwhelmed and outsmarted by a group of high school students.

Logically speaking, Lu Shu felt that in this Daoyuan class, the information it could provide was by far more important.

A single city already had almost 2000 potential metahumans. How many would there be in the whole country? Probably a few million?! Lu Shu did not probe further but he knew what he had to do in order to hold his standing in this world and to protect himself and Lu Xiaoyu- get stronger.

What point was there in life If he was to bring Lu Xiaoyu out one day and a metahuman came along and murdered them?

Lu Shu had also confirmed that no one else was emitting waves of aura and thus, compared to all the students his age, he was definitely ahead in terms of progress. Unless someone awakened into a Class E metahuman...

It was unclear how these classes were allocated.

Lu Shu finally found the F9 classroom which was located on the first floor of the Music building. This was convenient for him to travel home...

As he entered the classroom, the class form teacher was already waiting and the classrooms interior surprised Lu Shu. The chairs and tables were all removed and replaced with floor mats.

This made the classroom seem much more spacious. Using floor mats instead of tables and chairs, this could allow even a hundred people to be accommodated here.

Seeing the design of the classroom, everyone had confirmed that this Daoyuan class aimed to really teach them methods on awakening! How else could you find a school these days that still used floor mats?

Speaking of which, Lu Shu and the rest had no idea when these floor mats were brought here.

Lu Shu was thinking that since the class was called Daoyuan, could it teaching the ways of the Dao? Could it be some kind of meditation?! It seemed like the priest inhaling and exhaling clouds atop the mountain shown on the golden foundations website was real and he had already reached Class D, which meant that he could evade attacks from modern weapons.

Just how fast could he move and how quick his reaction must be to do this?

But Lu Shu already had his own way of training which was different from the ways of the Dao. If training the ways of the Dao would not work for him, what was the point in attending the Daoyuan class?

But he could only decide after seeing the real training himself. If the Daoyuan class was going to teach all those things, how were the black coats planning to keep the lessons a secret?

If his speculations were right, they must be planning to mass produce metahumans!

Within the group of students, it was possible to make one student not spill the beans but not all of them.

All the students were already in their respective classes and even the ambitious Liu Li who was aiming for the top of the Daoyuan class had already toned down.

Sometimes, people just did not understand the saying there is always someone better.

Perhaps it was because he had been a leader in Luo Cheng international school but now that leaders from other schools were all gathered here, people like him had become the norm and in fact, there were people who were much more talented!

Xi Fei closed the classroom door behind him and smilingly introduced himself, "My name is Xi Fei and everyone here should be able to recognize me since I have been going around and losing my voice from talking to all of you. Ill be handing out some papers now and you all will be required to sign and put your thumbprints on it."

While speaking, Xi Fei started handing out the papers and the title was Daoyuan Class confidentiality.

The contents of the paper highlighted the secrecy of the contents of the Daoyuan class and if violated, they would have to face charges from the military court.

Lu Shu had never come across such a thing and could not be sure about the validity of it. But even though he did not really understand the contents, the one thing he understood was that the consequences of violating the confidentiality were severe...

However, Lu Shu felt that the officials were not expecting to keep so many mouths shut just with a piece of paper. There must be something more, right?

"Why was this programme set up, Im sure some of you have some guesses so could these people share their thoughts?" Xi Fei had a sweet smile and gave others a very approachable impression.

Liu Li raised her hand and Xi Fei pointed in his direction, "You may speak."

"Learn the ways of Dao?" Liu Li answered.

Xi Fei nodded. This was the basic answer.

The job of keeping the information confidential was going quite smoothly as of now but this was a human society and it was impossible to completely shut off the large group of students from the rest of the world.

The organization had also thought about this and even though they could select the students based on their own set of requirements now, given some time, the various dignitaries would start pulling strings and influencing the selection in order to benefit their own children.

Who knew how long this situation could be maintained. Eventually, regardless of the aptitude of the student, dignitaries would come up with ideas to enroll their children into Daoyuan class.

Before this programme proved its influence, why not just treat it as a form of a leisure class, like learning to play the piano or martial arts, they would all have some form of long-term benefits right?