Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 532

532 Little Fury The Member Of The Security Team

Lu Shu returned to his apartment after a long time. He realized that the apartment was very neat. He knew that in the past, when Lu Xiaoyu was alone at home, she would not do housework. Every time he returned, the house would be in a mess. What happened this time? She had actually done the housework before leaving the house?

No… Lu Shu swiped the dining table. There was not even a trace of dust on the table.

Even if Lu Xiaoyu had cleaned the place before leaving, one week had passed. Lu Xiaoyu had accompanied him at the Capital for a week too. There would definitely be some dust.

Just at that moment, Little Fury sprang out of the toilet with a towel in hand. It looked at the two of them in pleasant surprise. It got rid of the towel and wrote in the book on the table. "You are finally back. Can I go out to play?"

Lu Shu's mouth twitched. He still could not put much hope in Lu Xiaoyu in this aspect…

But he did not directly let Little Fury go. "How many rats can you control now?"

Little Fury gave it some thought and wrote on the book. "Around 50 thousand."

Lu Shu gasped in shock. "So many? Can you control them all?"

Little Fury proudly wrote on the book. "As long as I am strong enough, they will all listen to me."

"Wow." Lu Shu furrowed his eyebrows. "How many rats are above Class F?"

Little Fury wrote down a very accurate number, 617. This made Lu Shu very surprised. He did not think that Little Fury was so shrewd, to the extent that he could give a detailed number.

This number was very large. Under the cover of the Heavenly Network, which other organization had such influence?

Perhaps not even the Heavenly Network had expected that under their control, a non-human population was slowly growing under Lu Shu's training.

Lu Shu observed the waves of powers coming from Little Fury's body. His power was on par with that of a beginner Class C. He fed two refresher fruits to Little Fury. Little Fury was so touched that he cried. It had not done the housework for nothing!

In Little Fury's eyes, when Lu Shu made it do work, Lu Shu was the bad guy and Lu Xiaoyu as the good guy. But when Lu Shu gave it refresher fruits and Lu Xiaoyu made it do the housework, Lu Shu was the good guy and Lu Xiaoyu was the bad guy…

Little Fury was an adaptable squirrel…

When Lu Shu was at the Capital a few days ago, he had discussed the problem of the magical beasts' growth with Hao Zhichao. The Heavenly Network had many magical beasts. Some were even hidden. According to Hao Zhichao, Nie Ting would go to the Changbai Mountains for one or two days. This was not a secret.

The reason why Nie Ting left for the Changbai Mountains was likely because there were magical beasts there. Furthermore, Nie Ting personally raised them.

Every magical beast had different advancement aptitudes. As the Heavenly Network daily affairs manager in the Capital, Hao Zhichao was very clear of the matters concerned with keeping magical beasts. According to him, most magical beasts were classified into different levels. Some species had naturally high aptitudes, thus their Spirit Qi surged in levels. This kind of magical beast was able to quickly absorb Spirit Qi and advance.

There were other magical beasts whose aptitude was low. Their advancement speed was very slow, and it was easy for them to reach their upper limit.

Strictly speaking, if Little Fury had not met Lu Shu, its upper limit would have been around Class E. But after eating so many refresher fruits, it was not impossible for it to reach Class B. It could also aim for higher levels. They would have to see where exactly Little Fury's limit was.

The three magical beasts Big Cat, Naughty Pig and Little Fury had become like a family. Lu Shu was generous towards them. The ways of the world was of course, to work together and overcome the odds. Everyone had to become much stronger.

Lu Shu thought for a while. He gave Little Fury two buckets of diluted refresher fruit juice. "Feed these to your brothers. See if they can advance to Class E. Don't advance so many of them yet. I feel that you still have to spend quite a bit of energy to control these rats. Don't be too overconfident. I may be able to use your rats soon."

Little Fury had just finished eating two refresher fruits. Thus whatever Lu Shu said, he would do. He happily brought the two buckets of diluted refresher fruit juice to feed the rats. Before he left, he even gave Lu Shu a look of reassurance. But Lu Shu did not understand…

But Lu Shu was speaking the truth when he said that he would be able to use the rats soon. Before he had returned, he had received a notice. He had to report to the security formation. His orders had been transferred to Xi Fei.

After Xi Fei and his colleagues had been recognized for their meritorious military service, they were given preferential treatment and were provided with rich resources. Now they were about to advance to Class C. The leader of the Luo City Practitioners Security Force was Xi Fei himself.

But when Xi Fei and his colleagues received the orders, they were also slightly shocked. Usually, the information given in the orders was complete. But Lu Shu's order was extremely simple. Even his military rank was not indicated. Only his name, age, gender and place of birth were written.

At first they had thought that it was someone of the same name. Did they not just help Lu Shu's orphaned sister to take justice? Everyone had thought that Lu Shu was certainly dead.

In the end, when they called Zhong Yutang to confirm the information, they realised that this Lu Shu was the same Lu Shu they thought had died! Zhong Yutang did not hide the truth either. He said that in order to receive remuneration from the Darkness Kingdom, he had painstakingly worked with Lu Shu to fake Lu Shu's death. Now that they had received the money, Lu Shu could regain his identity. He did not tell them that Lu Shu had been promoted to Captain. Heavenly King Nie had told him to keep it a secret. Besides, Zhong Yutang was only an Assistant Captain. Telling them that Lu Shu was a Captain was very awkward for him…

They suddenly realized what had happened. So that was the case… but something was wrong. Xi Fei asked over the phone, "Doesn't Lu Shu need to go to the Luo Shen Cultivation College? Why is he…"

Before he could finish his question, Xi Fei heard Zhong Yutang's tone grow deeper. "Do not say a word of the Cultivation College to Lu Shu… I'm counting on you all…"

They looked at each other in blank dismay. What was happening?

And the reason why Lu Shu said that he needed the rats, was because of this order.

Since he had been sent to the Security Team, then he would go. But Lu Shu thought, even if he did not go to the Cultivation College, would he be able to go to university? If he could not enter the Cultivation College, then he would follow his plan and go to university. It didn't have to be somewhere far away. Now he was not fixated on getting into a famous university. A local university in Luo City would do.

If that was the case, Lu Shu would still have to go through all the content in the last few months. He would not have the time to deal with public security!

He would let Little Fury be the scapegoat. If there were any problems with public security, he would find Little Fury and let its rats settle the problem…

Since he had eaten so many refresher fruits, he could not do nothing all day, nor could he appear in dreams and sell digital coins all the time!

Lu Shu said earnestly, "You cannot just sell digital coins in your dreams. Business has to be flexible! Do you understand?"

Little Fury did not quite understand.