Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 580

580 Special Permission To Go To School

Lu Shu had two aims coming to the Capital. The first was to pay his respects to Liu Xiu and spend his first New Year after his death with him. The second was to annoy Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin.

When Shi Xuejin heard Nie Ting say that Lu Shu had gone to the Babaoshan Cemetery, he could not help but be silent. He said to Nie Ting, "He has a good heart. Perhaps you have made a good decision. If Lu Shu became the person in charge of overseas affairs, we may be able to reduce the number of comrades sacrificed overseas."

"If it were someone heartless, they would probably only care about their own life or about completing their tasks. They would not care about the lives of others." Nie Ting nodded his head. "These kinds of people are only suitable to be assassins, not leaders."

Shi Xuejin looked at Nie Ting. "You are talking about Cao Qingci, right? Then why did you still prepare to pass down sword techniques to her?"

"She is not heartless. It's just that she will do anything to fulfill her mission, be it by fair means or foul. She is even willing to sacrifice herself, let alone the lives of others," said Nie Ting calmly. "Thus, the job she is most suited to do is not overseas relations. She is suitable to be the sharpest sword in the Heavenly Network."

"Then how about the other geniuses?" Shi Xuejin curiously said, "This time, we have sacrificed two Class A aptitude geniuses. Until now, I still feel sorry for them. But others have changed very quickly. Some people had undergone an awakening when faced with life or death. Now, even the veteran experts in the Heavenly Network may be no match for them. This world is really unfair. These geniuses can quickly narrow the gap between them and those who have spent a lot of time training."

"We both know that there is no true equality in this world. If not, how is it possible that you don't even possess the natural endowments for training?" Nie Ting flipped the documents in his hands. "As for the two who were sacrificed, we had provided them with sufficient plans to protect themselves. But they did not listen when we allowed them to retreat and insisted on having their own way. Compared to these geniuses, I'd rather have Lu Shu."

"But if he is not willing to do so, what can you do?" Shi Xuejin shook his head. "Is there really no one else to choose from? I feel that after some time, Lu Shu may not be able to defeat some of these geniuses."

"I don't think so. Don't you think that Lu Shu has too many secrets?" Nie Ting looked up and said calmly, "At the key moment between life and death, those who are modest about their abilities are often the ones who win. Till now, we do not know exactly how Lu Shu killed Takashima Tairatsu. We do not know how much he had learned in the Hall of Swords either. We only know that he has probably reached Class B, but no one knows exactly how strong he is. The dog that bites does not bark. This metaphor may not be very suitable, but Lu Shu is certainly suitable to play a role, where he only unleashes his true potential during the most crucial moment."

"Let the geniuses return to their own units. Before the military training ends, tell the ordinary students in the Daoyuan Class to not let their guard down. Tell them that in the wider world, there are people more talented than they are. Some become complacent after the training ends." Shi Xuejin said, "But don't give them too much pressure. Things are easily broken if they are put under too much pressure."

"Okay," Nie Ting nodded his head.

"Then what do we do about Lu Shu? Do we just leave him in the Luo City security formation?" Shi Xuejin smacked his lips in annoyance. "Or do we let him go to school and satisfy his desire? Back then, you intentionally stopped him from going to school. That's why we're in this situation now. I feel that he does not necessarily have to go to school, but since you did not let him go, he insists on going. And you have to make this decision before he can finally accept it."

Nie Ting's tone became cold. "Are you making me admit defeat? He doesn't need to go to school. He can be by himself overseas. Why does he have to go to school and waste time there?"

"Hai Gongzi has been locked up in who-knows-where. There's no big deal about admitting defeat… haven't I said it before. This had happened precisely because you intentionally did not let him go to school. What he wants the most now, is a personal admission letter from you."

"Weren't you the one who insisted on giving the Cheng Ying sword to him?" Nie Ting's expression was dark.

"I can't bear the full responsibility either. Look at him. He came all the way to the Capital to spend the New Year with Liu Xiu. There's nothing wrong with giving him the Cheng Ying sword, right?" Shi Xuejin felt slightly awkward.

Nie Ting was also very aware of what Lu Shu was thinking. He thought about it and said, "Let's wait until he comes back in the day."

Nie Ting felt that Lu Shu had done this for the sake of Liu Xiu. Lu Shu's intentional trip here to pay his respects to Liu Xiu made Nie Ting very touched. But Nie Ting's conviction to send Lu Shu overseas had only been strengthened.

But it seemed like Lu Shu would not accept this offer now. Nie Ting had to think of another way.

The next day, Lu Shu still had not returned. No one knew where he had gone.

Nie Ting knew that Lu Shu had a mask. It was not difficult for him if he really wanted to disappear within the Capital. But Nie Ting had an unpleasant premonition. What if he caused another big problem within the Capital? Thus, Nie Ting sat in the control room at Lingjing Lane. The surveillance screens showed every single nook and cranny of the Capital.

But after an entire day, there was nothing.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What was happening? Nie Ting furrowed his eyebrows and returned to Liuhai Lane. He was still waiting to have a chat with Lu Shu. Nie Ting was thinking. Lu Shu had said that he could not bear the thousands upon thousands of "Liu Xiu's" lives overseas and thus was not willing to go overseas. Nie Ting could have a serious conversation with Lu Shu and convince him that going overseas would allow him to save even more "Liu Xiu's". Or he could say that if Lu Shu's abilities were strong enough, he could ensure that those "Liu Xiu's" lives would be safe.

This seemed to be a good point of entry.

But when Nie Ting had finally decided to have a good chat with Lu Shu, Lu Shu disappeared.

On the first day of the New Year, Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin did not have to visit their relatives. They went back to their own rooms to rest. Before dawn, Nie Ting suddenly opened his eyes. He heard the sound of people moving things outside. It seemed as if someone had moved a chair to their door…

"Bang! Crackle!"

"Bang bang! Crackle crackle crackle!"

"From Nie Ting's distress, +999!"

"From Shi Xuejin's distress, +999!"

Shi Xuejin tucked in his clothes in annoyance and opened the door. He saw Lu Shu sitting at the door, making firecracker noises with his mouth. Shi Xuejin was dumbfounded. "You disappeared for a day, but you still remembered to come back at night to make this kind of noise?!"

Nie Ting, with a dark expression on his face, threw a piece of paper at Lu Shu. The paper gave Lu Shu special permission to go to school. Nie Ting said, "Take this. Hurry up and give this to Zhong Yutang. Remember to treat Hai Gongzi well. According to legend, Hai Gongzi was not sealed in the Cheng Ying sword by someone else. Rather, he had sacrificed himself to save others. After his death, he forced his soul to stay behind and used the Cheng Ying sword to rear ghosts."

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. So Hai Gongzi had a history like that? When he looked into the black pearl that day, he still saw Hai Gongzi picking up green beans…