Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 597

597 Advanced Chaos Snake

In the darkness, Lu Shu sat on the stool, watching the Fallen Lizard be consumed by the divine water. During this process, the water was growing rapidly in size.

It was unknown how long the lizard had been trapped here, but the long time had blunted its powers. Otherwise, its defeat would not have been so easy.

The speed of erosion gradually slowed down, as if the Fallen Lizard had mustered all its remaining energy in resistance. Yet, at that instant, the corrosion accelerated again as the resistance faded!

"From the Fallen Lizard's distress, +1000!"

This time, Lu Shu could confirm that the lizard was dead. It proved that his rash decision to venture deep into the cavern was worth it, and his divine water did not let him down either.

If all his magical weapons could be as powerful as the divine water and the chaos snake, Lu Shu would jump in joy. Could he be considered as a lake-level expert now? Even a small lake could still be counted as a lake, couldn't it

Suddenly, the chaos snake sprang into the divine water from Lu Shu's shoulder. Lu Shu looked at his snake with a pampering smile, as if it was his own son

In the next instant, however, Lu Shu realized something was wrong and to his surprise, the chaos snake was sucking the divine water, fused with the black fog, into its mouth.

Despite its small build, the divine water was being siphoned into its tiny mouth at an incredible speed!

"Wait a minute!" Lu Shu jumped to his feet in astonishment. "What are you doing!"

He rushed forward to catch the snake, but the latter avoided him agilely in the water while continuing the siphoning

In less than ten minutes, Lu Shu's divine water had shrunk back to the size of a swimming pool, and the snake showed no sign of stopping!

Lu Shu hurled his stool towards the snake, but it was soon corroded by the divine water too

Lu Shu roared in desperation, "I just praised you! Why can't you take compliments? Don't you dare copy other holy artifacts! Can you please be more reliable?"

"Stop! Save some for me!"

"Hey! I said STOP!"

"Damn you"

What about the lake-size divine water? What about setting up his stage wherever he was? That was so unexpected!

The chaos snake continued siphoning the water like a black hole. At this moment, Lu Shu noticed that the snake scales were getting clearer, and its fangs sharper.

In the next second, the snake suddenly grew in size, and a pair of horns emerged from its head.

It seemed that claws were breaking out of its skin too. The chaos snake was undergoing an internal transformation of its body!

Finally, there were no drops of the divine water left, but the chaos snake seemed to be in agony and unable to complete its transformation. Lu Shu gasped in shock.

Brother, don't die!

At this moment, a white figure flew out of the Cheng Ying sword in Lu Shu's grip. Hai Gongzi hovered midair, his gaze on the chaos snake cold as ice. "The blood of the evil dragon."

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. "Don't you dare attack it! Lay a finger on it and you are my enemy!"

In Lu Shu's opinion, Hai Gongzi, a pure-blood descendant of the dragons, would definitely despise the chaos snake, who had the so-called "blood of the evil dragon". Hence, he was genuinely worried if the life of his snake would be ended under Hai Gongzi's sword.

Yet, he was certain that the chaos snake was changing into a dragon!

What was a dragon? The most sacred creature in the ancient Chinese mythology. Be it a Panlong or an evil one, Lu Shu would be one of the most powerful practitioners in the world if he had a dragon.

In reality, Hai Gongzi did not draw his sword against what Lu Shu had expected. Instead, he picked a purple lotus petal from between his brows and let it float towards the snake.

Upon contact with the petal, Lu Shu could sense that the snake was finally freed from its struggle. Horns and four legs emerged from its skin, but there were only four talons on each leg.

Lu Shu was silent for a long moment. "So you helped it because you were getting impatient?"

Hai Gongzi cast Lu Shu a frosty stare.

"From Ao Hai's distress, +999!"

Lu Shu fought hard against his urge to laugh. My friend, your OCD is incurable

"Speaking of which, in your world, aren't evil dragons bad? Why did you help it?" Lu Shu asked curiously.

"The internal matters of our Dragon Clan are none of your human beings' business. You call it bad? Is good and bad absolute in this world? Ignorant," Hai Gongzi taunted.

Then Lu Shu understood. The Dragon Clan was a rather close family, and even evil dragons were still dragons, just like distant relatives were still considered relatives

"There are two types of for visiting.

Lu Shu recalled Chaos to his Seal of Lands for its slow transformation, and he was ready to get out of the cavern.

Walking forward, Lu Shu eyed the remaining four golden pillars, wondering if they were magical weapons that could trap anyone he wanted to.

At this moment, Lu Shu heard thunder rumbling overhead. It was so loud that he could feel the thunder rolling over his heart.

All of a sudden, everyone on the ground saw a flash of purple, dragon-looking lightning, striking towards the surface. It was the most magnificent they had ever seen.

Chen Zuan mumbled after a moment of shock, "Don't tell me Brother Shu has been struck by lightning because of karma!"

...An aquatic dragon in Chinese mythology, but different from the traditional Chinese dragon