Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 640

640 Arrival In South Africa

Lu Xiaoyu had been vexed for a very long time. Why was it that whenever Anthony was laughing, he would realize that he could spit out the soul pearl and use it for other purposes?

After the soul pearl absorbed the soul, Anthony's strength would increase, just like how absorbing a soul pearl would increase one's strength. Lu Shu had thought that the soul pearl was a one-use item, but this was not true.

Lu Xiaoyu had planned to stop Anthony from laughing. Having thought about it, she realised this would not do. If Anthony no longer laughed, how would she be able to find Lu Shu?

Although Anthony's laugh made Lu Xiaoyu rather unhappy, she calmed down when she thought about how she could make use of this to get back at Lu Shu…

The soul that had absorbed Lev Shagin gave Lu Xiaoyu a few new memory fragments. These fragments were dispersed, but they all pointed towards the same reality. Lu Xiaoyu opened her mouth in shock as she saw the body of Lev Shagin. So this person was the leader of the White Bear organization?

She had gotten rid of the last person in the White Bears?!

Such luck! What had she done?!

Lu Xiaoyu suddenly realized one problem. If the White Bears were gone, then would Lu Shu and the rest still come here? Obviously not…

Lu Xiaoyu was upset. Why was he so easy to kill?! She had come here for nothing.

Thus, Lu Shu and the rest most likely changed their plans and headed directly to Europe. Lu Xiaoyu pondered deeply. Her face while she was thinking was cute but serious.

"Then let's go to Europe!" Lu Xiaoyu said with certainty. Suddenly, Anthony laughed and took Lu Xiaoyu underground to flee to the west.

At the same time, the plane that Lu Shu was on had landed in South Africa. He suddenly saw a Russian name register on Lu Xiaoyu's distress points record page.

Lu Shu felt uneasy. After he exited the plane and changed his sim card, he called Lu Xiaoyu. "Sorry. The number you have dialed is unavailable."

Although this was not the first time Lu Shu had heard this line because of Zhong Yutang's ringtone, this time, Lu Shu was very certain that Lu Xiaoyu had gone somewhere out of range and had lost signal…

What was happening? Did Lu Xiaoyu secretly head to Russia to find him? Lu Shu remained unsure. As there was only one Russian name recorded, Lu Shu was not sure whether Lu Xiaoyu had attacked a Russian within China…

He had wanted to use Johnson to summon a clone and see what exactly Lu Xiaoyu was doing. But as Lu Shu wanted to use the celestial map to activate Johnson's abilities, Lu Xiaoyu suddenly kept Anthony in the black hole in a frenzy…

Lu Shu had to obtain proof of Lu Xiaoyu's approval before summoning a clone. Furthermore, Lu Shu could not use Anthony without Lu Xiaoyu having first released Anthony.

Lu Shu tried to summon Anthony for a long time, but there was no reply. He suddenly remembered that Xia Rensheng understood Russian. He looked at the words in the system's back end and copied them out on a piece of paper. He passed the piece of paper to Xia Rensheng. "Is this name in Russian? What does it say?"

When Xia Rensheng saw this name, he was dumbfounded. "Isn't this the leader of the White Bears that had escaped overseas? Lev Shagin! Many organizations are looking for him."

Ha ha, no need to find him anymore. 1000 distress points had appeared. Bro, he is dead!

Lu Shu was slightly depressed. How did Lu Xiaoyu bump into him and kill him?!

What a mystery…

The weather in South Africa was very hot and humid. They were in Anguo, which was where the headquarters of EO were as well.

The minerals were in the east. Due to EO going back on their word, and the fact that their combat power was evidently much higher than that of the local Practitioners, there had been conflicts for a few consecutive years. But due to the intervention of outside organizations, there was suddenly a rare peace in this region.

Although they were in South Africa, Lu Shu estimated that they would spend most of their time dealing with Practitioner societies like the Phoenix Society. They would not have many opportunities to interact with the locals.

As they walked out of the airport, Lu Shu saw Howard from the Phoenix Society walking out as well. There were at least 20 members from the Phoenix Society that surrounded Howard. They all held formidable strength!

Lu Shu had dealt with Howard before. He was in charge of foreign relations in the Phoenix Society and had an air of arrogance. He was a rather high-leveled Class B.

Lu Shu accidentally glanced at Xia Rensheng. He realized that Xia Rensheng looked as if he was feeling weak…

Lu Shu was curious. "Leader, you don't look very confident."

Xia Rensheng did not say anything, but he felt weak. He was in charge of research on foreign relations. How could he not have come across any information about Howard? As expected, he was an important Class B. Xia Rensheng himself was a peak Class C. Was it possible for him to not feel weak? What was this? Heavenly King Nie could not have underestimated the importance of these minerals, right?

These thoughts continued to spiral in Xia Rensheng's head. But as the leader of the team, he could not expose his weakness. Even if he felt weak, he still had to lead the team to complete their task.

He could not let his emotions affect his team. This was what a leader had to do.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There were times where whether you wanted to do something was not important. What was important was whether you needed to do it.

Xia Rensheng said calmly, "It seems that almost all the representatives from the respective countries have arrived. We will most likely proceed with the negotiations once all the representatives have arrived. For the secret practitioners, you can relax for now, since there are no resources to be traded in Africa. But for the negotiators, your responsibility is heavier. I hope that everyone can work together and focus on the task so that we can complete this mission."

When Li Ganyu heard this, her eyes lit up. She wanted to be useful to others. When others needed her, she could prove that there was value in her existence. She would feel accomplished as well. "Leader, you can rest assured!"

"For the secret practitioners, try not to have any conflicts with the other representatives." Xia Rensheng reminded them. "The other representatives are stronger than us. But everyone, there is no need to worry. The Heavenly Network has been notified when we left the borders. Follow-up support from the Heavenly Network will arrive in two or three days."

As Lu Shu looked at the environment around him, he nodded casually. "Yes, yes, no conflict, no conflict…"

Liu Fan and the rest also assured Xia Rensheng that at most, they would only take a walk around and not get into any fights with the other representatives. After all, they knew that they were not that strong.

But Xia Rensheng suddenly felt that something was wrong. Why did he feel that the secret practitioner called Li Teng did not take his words to heart?!