Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 709

709 You Are Good Looking

They had been waiting for Lu Shu to carry out a massacre. For example, they wanted to fight tenaciously side by side with Lu Shu. No matter how injured he had become, Chen Zuan wanted to shout, "Chen Zuan is here! Who dares to fight me?" But now, he had no chance to do so. They had nothing else to do here…

In a flash, the small sword spirit had come in front of Satan!

Satan suddenly bent over like a cooked shrimp. Ouch…

When Lu Shu saw his, he was very shocked as well. So the second sword spirit hit people in the crotch…

Chen Zuan looked at Lu Shu in shock. So what if we are shocked? You should be the last person shocked by this!

Good. He no longer had to call him Satan. He could just call him Erdan 1 . Of course, he still had to see how strong this sword spirit was. If it were stronger, Lu Shu would be able to get a head start in battles. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After this strange event, the members o @@