Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 768

774 Was It Exciting?

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According to Nie Ting, he said that he felt as if the world was breaking apart. When Nie Ting used his powers, it would be in conflict with the rules of the world. He could make a move, but there was a high possibility that he would destroy the area beyond repair.

This was very frightening. No one knew what would happen after the world broke apart.

Thus, to outsiders, the Heavenly Network was now much more powerful than everyone else. The large organizations, such as the Bishop and the Saint, all sought ways to break through as well. Some organizations hoped that they would be able to produce Class A experts as well and seek new heights.

But only Shi Xuejin knew that after Network had advanced to Shen Cang Jing, the strength of the Heavenly Network had instead regressed. They were supposed to have the strongest combat power, but Nie Ting had reached a point where he could not even attack.

Of course, total destruction was still possible. Nie Ting was like a mo Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting. @@ ...