Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 803

812 What Did He Say?

Nie Ting did not go to the Changbai Mountains. Instead, he returned to the courtyard to cut down the tree. Others could not quite understand why he had decided to do so.

Hao Zhichao and the rest were dumbfounded. They were helpless when they saw Heavenly King Shi hug the walnut tree, not willing to let go. Shi Xuejin was an ordinary person. If they forcibly pulled him away, they might injure him.

Typically, when they came to report for duty, they would be able to eat the food that Shi Xuejin had cooked. Although Shi Xuejin was an ordinary person, he was very popular in the Heavenly Network.

After all, everyone had to learn the Yinyang Kinship of the Three, which 99% of the Heavenly Network members had practiced, which had been developed by none other than Shi Xuejin.

Suddenly, Shi Xuejin said, "If you walk on that path, you will surely regret it! We have so many people! We might not lose. You don't have to take such a gamble!"

Nie Ting calmly looked at him. "Since when have I, Nie Ting, been overly cautious?"

Shi Xuejin reprimanded him. "You are my father's only successor. The sword techniques of the Shi family cannot be lost!"

"I have passed down the sword techniques to Cao Qingci. Relax. I will not use it unless I absolutely have to." He looked at said to Hao Zhichao and the rest, "What are you doing? Cut down the tree."

Hao Zhichao and the rest suddenly realized that this walnut tree might be different from the rest

Back then when Nie Ting had broken through the boundary of the Seal of Lands, the entire courtyard had been destroyed. But this walnut tree remained unharmed.

Back then, Nie Ting had been too occupied to control his strength. If he had been able to control his strength, the courtyard might still be standing.

That means that even under that immense power, this walnut tree had survived!

"Cut!" Nie Ting exclaimed with a calm and dignified tone. Shi Xuejin heard the resolution in Nie Ting's tone and slowly stopped struggling.

Shi Xuejin did not see them cut down the tree. He ran into his study. "I will find a way to resolve this!"

Bang! The door of the study was closed.

Hao Zhichao and the rest suddenly realized that this walnut tree might be hiding a secret that might be harmful to the Heavenly Network. Nie Ting had to do this because their manpower at the Changbai Mountains was decreasing. The large organizations constantly tested the morals of the Heavenly Network. Conflicts broke out everyday. Many overseas Practitioners constantly entered the Changbai Mountains.

The massive mountain had turned into a massive battlefield. The roots of the trees had been stained red with blood.

Nie Ting wanted to obtain something inside the walnut tree to give himself another choice.

Shi Xuejin knew what Nie Ting wanted. When he realized that he could not stop him, he immersed himself in books. He wanted to find a solution for Nie Ting. He did not ask Nie Ting about anything else.

Hao Zhichao and the rest finally understood that the reason Shi Xuejin did not allow them to cut down the tree was not because he was reluctant to part with it. It was just an excuse.

Hao Zhichao raised his axe and aimed at the walnut tree. Bang! It sounded as if his axe had come in contact with gold.

"Use your full strength," said Nie Ting.

This time, Hao Zhichao used his standard long sword to cut down the tree. Even the long sword was broken.

A person behind him silently passed him another sword. Hao Zhichao tried again.

By the time that he used the fifth sword, the walnut tree started to crack from the inside. Everyone held their breath in concentration. They wanted to see what was inside the tree.

They realized that there was a long and narrow box. It was black and made out of metal. Nie Ting silently took the box and used his sleeve to wipe it. He looked like he was reminiscing.

Nie Ting looked at Hao Zhichao and the rest. "Do not reveal what had happened today." He looked at the fallen walnut tree. It was July, the height of summer. Numerous walnuts had started to grow on the tree. Usually, Shi Xuejin would take care of the tree. Thus, the tree had been flourishing.

"Look at the walnuts. What a pity," said Nie Ting.

"Heavenly King Nie." Hao Zhichao hesitated before saying, "The situation has not worsened till that extent."

Nie Ting quietly looked at Hao Zhichao. "You don't have to worry too much about this. Go to the Changbai Mountains tomorrow. If you discover Lu Shu's whereabouts, inform me."

"Okay." Hao Zhichao said, "But you know that it will be very hard for us to find a Heavenly King if he is determined to hide his whereabouts"

"Think about his personality. Search from there." Nie Ting calmly said, "Do you not know what he is like? How many Practitioners in the world are as lowly as him?"

Suddenly, a member of the Heavenly Network behind Hao Zhichao started to shout abuses. "You are the lowly one! Your entire family is lowly!"

Nie Ting was silent.

Hao Zhichao was dumbfounded.

Everyone expressionlessly looked at that Heavenly Network member. Nie Ting's expression darkened.

"From Nie Ting's distress, +666!"

"From Hao Zhichao's"

"Where is Wu Jin? What did you do to him?" Hao Zhichao asked. Everyone knew that the Wu Jin in front of them was not the real Wu Jin. As for who he was, there was no need to guess

Lu Shu returned to his original appearance and stretched. "He's sleeping."

Nie Ting asked, "Why are you in the Capital?"

"I wanted to see how bad the consequences are after you were struck by lightning," said Lu Shu. He had come here to see whether Nie Ting could still attack. But he had to get others to do something as minor as cutting down a walnut tree.

This way, Lu Shu understood. He would not believe what was on the forum unless he saw it for himself. Indeed, Nie Ting could no longer attack.

As for what was inside the walnut tree, Lu Shu did not care much about it. No one could stay away from this conflict. As the boss of the Heavenly Network, Nie Ting had to answer the call of duty. If Shi Xuejin was unable to convince him, what could Lu Shu do?

"I'm going to the Changbai Mountains. Don't use that unless you absolutely have to. Although I have no idea what that is." Lu Shu suddenly paused and said, "There's still me."

Lu Shu did not finish his sentence. Who knows whether Nie Ting would eventually need to attack. But since he had chosen to do so, he would first bear the heavy responsibility.

Hao Zhichao and the rest looked at one another helplessly. When Lu Shu spoke, it was as if their breath was being suppressed by Lu Shu's aura.

At that moment, Lu Shu casually walked to the walnut tree and kept it in the Seal of Lands. The walnuts on the tree seemed quite plump anyway, Nie Ting could not attack him either!

After he was done, Lu Shu turned and left. He was afraid that Nie Ting would demand him to return the tree.

Hao Zhichao was stunned. Heavenly King Lu, you really seized every opportunity.

Nie Ting expressionlessly looked at Hao Zhichao. "Now you know how to find him based on his personality, right?"

"Yes, yes"

"From Nie Ting's distress, +199!"

Nie Ting looked at Lu Shu, but did not ask him to return the walnut tree. He knew the responsibilities that he had taken up. So what if he gave him a walnut tree?

They were going to the east. This was the real war.