Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 779

Chapter 779: : The Last Step Of The Plan

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As long as there is a prepared war, we must first think about what we hope to achieve through this war before it starts.

For Tony and others.

There is only one victory result.

-Kill or imprison Hela.

That's right, it's not even defeat or repulsion, but kill or imprisonment.

As long as Hela is not dead, no matter the multiple injuries, when she returns to Asgard, they will all be repaired, even stronger, and then come back again next time. In this way, the war is meaningless.

Therefore, if you are going to kill Hela, you must have a hole card to kill Hela.

This is what Tony the Assassin is preparing.

The cage he opened out of the fourth-level tank.

This device needs to prepare the location in advance, and then activate it at the moment of the moment, keeping all the existence in the designated area in the cage of the special space forever. Because it is the space technology from the rest of the universe, even Hela, It is impossible to break free in a short time.

And now, Tony is preparing, Thanos is just buying time for him.

Finally, Jarvis's voice came out.

"It's ready, sir."

"Great!" Tony couldn't help exclaiming, and the same signal was given to Thanos.

Then, the only remaining problem is how to drive Hela to that position.

Loki couldn't stand it anymore after he was sure that the arrangement was finished.

"Hela, I am the only king of Asgard!"

Loki rushed toward Hela holding his spear high.

I have to say that since opening the jar, Loki has consciously changed himself.

He wants to show his qualifications as the king of Asgard.

Loki was full of golden light, surging with divine power, full of power, and even the only onlooker, Dou Jian, was amazed. He didn't expect this unremarkable person to have such power.

However, Hela just glanced at him diagonally.

"Odin's child? You are nothing like him."

As the words fell, his figure accelerated suddenly, even leaving the chasing Thanos aside, a sword slashed the sharp spear in Loki's hand, and another sword pierced Loki's stomach diagonally.

Facing Loki's incredible expression.

Hela grabbed Loki's shoulder with one hand, leaned in front of him, and floated to Loki's ear with a sneer and whisper at close range.

"Odin has never done what he can't do, let alone deal with enemies he can't deal with all his life, understand? That's why he let go of his ambitions, because he knows that he is nothing more than that, but-he Shouldn't restrict me!"

The long sword in his hand slashed unceremoniously.


With blood gushing out.

Loki was cut in half.

The golden divine power was constantly surging at the fracture, trying to mend Loki's body, but his face was completely withered. Although such a heavy injury would not kill him, he no longer had the power to fight again.


The corner of Loki's mouth suddenly showed a strange smile.

"It seems that you don't know your father at all. In the end, he knew he would die, but he still did what a king should do, just like I am now."

"Huh?" Hela frowned slightly.

And at this moment, Thanos has found its place.

NinjutsuSix Red Sun Formation!

The six Thanos stood in a different hexagonal area, and a red knot seal had wrapped Hela in an instant, leaving no space.

However, Loki in Hela's hand turned into a phantom and slowly dissipated.

Long before Loki rushed forward, he knew he was not Helas opponent, but he specifically stated his ambition for the throne, which was to lure Hela to deal with him, and then set the enchantment by Thanos at the designated location. .

Moreover, Tony had already found his own fleet and armor within the enchantment range to prevent Hela from breaking through the enchantment as much as possible.

till this moment.

Their plans have been executed perfectly.

"Are you okay." Tony came to Loki's side and looked at his mutilated body with a slight admiration.

The most dangerous aspect of this plan is Loki.

If he fails to escape at the end, he will be sealed in the barrier together. There is no doubt that he alone will become Hela's dead soul.

And this plan.

It was even Loki's initiative.

"I can't die yet."

Loki gave a light cough and looked at Hela in the barrier with a cheerful smile on his face.

Is this how it feels to win?

Sure enough, strength coupled with his wisdom, he is truly qualified to inherit Asgard.

Unfortunately, there was no chance to see his father personally admit his qualifications.

"It seems that I look down on you." Hela already understood what was going on. She glanced at the battleships and armors that surrounded her, and then at the enchantment around her. The expression on her face was still calm. , "However, just relying on this method, you want to trap me?"

"It only needs to be trapped for a while." Tony ordered Jarvis directly, "All combat units, the phantom energy barriers are open!"

The moment the voice fell, the body of the battleship and battle armor wrapped around Hela suddenly opened up the phantom energy barrier, and even formed a piece of it, as if it were an enchantment within an enchantment, and then all the weapons on it were all together. roar!

Lasers and artillery fire covered Hela in an instant. UU reading

Tony naturally did not expect such a means to completely kill Hela, the last time he was in Asgard is still vivid.

With that kind of space barrier, Hela can completely defend against such attacks.

However, if it can play a little limiting role, it has already achieved the goal.

Thanos snorted softly.

The five clones plus the body maintain the constant compression of the enchantment.

The core purpose of this double enchantment is to restrict Hela's movement, compress it to the coverage of the cage, and then activate the cage, the entire imprisonment.

Hela seemed to realize the purpose of the other party.

Although still calm, but it is already fully fired.

The death force of the bearer of a sharp sword pierced from the most central position, slammed into the nether energy stand, splashed ripples, and then it was like a sword returning to the sect, aiming only in one direction. , The long sword that can destroy a Shia Empire battleship is like a machine gun, and shoots frantically at one point.

"Sir, the shield energy is dropping sharply." Jarvis showed a display of phantom energy.

Tony's face turned blue.

"Quick! Speed up!" He couldn't help shouting at Thanos.

But in fact, he doesn't need to say anything at all, Thanos is already the fastest compression barrier.

Win or lose depends on the final step of this plan.

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