Stealing Spree Book 4 Chapter 173

Volume 4 Chapter 173 At The Side Door Once Again

As I was making my way to the Gymnasium, I could already imagine Satsuki telling me I'm late while glaring at me. That girl was always not honest in her words but her actions were always more than honest.

With Sakuma out of the way, she now always expresses how she wanted to be with me, even in Messenger. During her practice, she will always send something like 'Idiot. When will you come and see me?' with an attached picture of her in practice uniform.

When I arrived at that side door we always use to meet up, I messaged Satsuki that I arrived. I don't know if they're still in the meeting so I have to make sure.

After 5 minutes, there's still no response which means they're still in the meeting room.

To pass the time I checked the other messages and saw a new message from Nao.

"Ruki. I miss you."

"What's wrong? Did you just get out of school?"

After my reply, her response came quickly.

"Yes. When can I see you again?"


I promised her that I will make up for the 2 years I've forgotten her, since I have free time. A few minutes with her, even apart, will most likely make her happy.

I initiated a video call to her and she immediately picked up. Nao was still in her school uniform and she seems like she's still in school albeit there's no one around her.

"Is this enough, Nao?"

She beamed a smile to my question as she continuously nodded. The ribbon hairband that she was wearing before was now nowhere in sight, her hair was back to the hairstyle she had back in middle school. With that Nobuo's influence gone, she's starting to go back to the Nao that was always with me back then.

"As I thought. That hairstyle really looks good on you, now I had the urge to go and see you."

"Then go here, Ruki. I really miss you."

Nao acted cutely on the screen which she never did before. This girl has changed, I know that. Seeing her affection like this, I really got the urge to go and see her.

"I miss you too. Next week, I'll go and pick you up there. Let's go somewhere, okay?"


"Un. I told you I'll make up for the years I forgot you."

"Good boy. When I graduate and start going to college, can I live with you?"

Live with me. Soon enough I would really feel bad to have them all stay in my parents' house. I really have to talk to them. As I have no capability to earn yet, even if I want to start doing that, all I can get will be part-time jobs. That wouldn't suffice, I really have to look at everything and determine which way to go.

"Sure. I'll think of something before the year ends. That way, I can always see you. Have you decided on what you will take?"

"Un. Pastry Chef."

"You and your sweet tooth."

"Hehe. I'll make some for you chocolates next time. I already have a bit of knowledge."

Nao proudly said, that smile on her face was genuine. The thought of making chocolates for me was something she looks forward to.

"I'll look forward to that."

After a while, Nao and I decided to end the call, the sun was about to set so I urged her to go home first. Like a good girl, she listened to me.

That girl, she's the one farthest from us but it doesn't matter. Distance can be tread on to shorten it. The others who were still waiting for me to come, they're who I am kind of feeling guilty for. I hope I can satisfy them next week. There's no more free time for this week, if there is, that will be my rest time which the girls all want me to take for myself.

"Yo, Onoda. Why are you there?"

Sakuma, in his practice uniform, appeared right after the call with Nao ended.

I looked up at him and shrugged. He already conceded there's no point to lie to this guy. Let him feel the chance that he wasted when he decided to give up on Satsuki.

"Well, you told me to not hold back. I'm going to see her."

Upon hearing my words, he visibly trembled but he managed to keep his smile on his face.

Have you felt it? Are you feeling regret? In any case, even if he didn't give up I will still make him give up. Let it be the lesson for him when he started going after Satsuki's sister. If he messed that up, that's on him. I will be meeting her sister too, who knows what will happen?

"T-that's good. So they're still in practice?"

"Meeting. They have no practice today. That's why I have no choice but to wait for her here. What about you?"

When he heard that, it's like another sword was stabbed to him. I knew what's going on with her schedule while he didn't.

"T-taking a break and my feet led me here. I came over when I saw you sitting there."

"I see. She might come out soon. Wanna wait with me?"

I had just asked that when the door finally opened and Satsuki appeared in her uniform, she looked a bit haggard as if she ran her way towards here and that smile on her face upon seeing me couldn't be denied.

She hadn't noticed Sakuma at first but when she did, she immediately covered her smile as she looked at him staring at her like a dead guy.

"Idiot. Why are you here?"

With the same tone she always used on him, Satsuki asked.

Seeing the contrast from her earlier appearance to now, Sakuma was stumped.

"It's his break on practice so he's accompanying me here."

I answered in place of him. I'm sure that's already a lot of damage on him, let's not add more.

"I see. Setsuna-nee was asking about you, idiot. Check your Messenger."

Oh? Is that the name of her sister? So she already contacted him.

When Sakuma heard that name, he immediately stood in attention like an idiot not knowing what to do, he took out his phone while his hand was trembling.

"Ruki, let's go."

Satsuki reached for my hand and in front of Sakuma who was busy opening his phone, we went back inside the Gymnasium through the door.

"You didn't tell me he's with you."

Satsuki was a bit upset. Well, he just arrived so I didn't have the time to tell her.

"I'm sorry. He just showed up before you went out. You sure it's fine to show him how you pulled me in?"

"I don't need your sorry. Kiss me, idiot. Look at what happened to him when I mentioned my sister."

When she said 'kiss me' Satsuki was already clinging onto my shoulder with her back on the wall.

I only needed to push my head forward after she finished her sentence and our lips touched which immediately turned passionate. Ignoring the fact that Sakuma was just behind that door, Satsuki responded to my kiss as if it's been a while since we met. Her tongue moistened from her saliva invaded my mouth. Because of this, I haven't had the time to answer her.

With our tongues entangled like this and our bodies close to each other, this side of the Gymnasium turned hot in all of a sudden.

"Are you sure it's fine to do it here? Are there still people from your club inside?"

I asked her after we separated for a bit to take a breath.

"...The locker room is empty."

Locker room? That's where our first kiss happened.

"Can we lock it from inside?"

"You're thinking of perverted things again."

Though she said that, I could see Satsuki's whole face turn red. This girl couldn't really be honest in her words.

"I am. I miss my Satsuki. Now that I remembered, that locker room is also special for us, right?"

"Idiot. Let's wait for a while, someone might come back."

"Alright. Then for the meantime..."

"Kiss me more."

"My Satsuki is already this proactive now. You're making me fall for you even further."

"Curb that tongue of yours, idiot."

Impatient, Satsuki took the initiative to kiss me this time and like earlier, it quickly evolved to us savoring each other.

And it was at this moment that the door where we entered from opened.

"Onoda, Maemura. I'm go--"

With our lips and tongue locked together as well as Satsuki clinging closely to me. Sakuma's voice stopped as our gazes turned over him and saw him frozen at the spot.

But instead of stopping, Satsuki held onto my face and had me look at her as she continued on with what we're doing. Not minding the Sakuma who stood speechless by the door.

This time, she's even more eager as I saw her stealing glances at Sakuma while our tongues kept on entangling each other. She even held my hand and put it on top of her b.r.e.a.s.t as if asking me to grab and fondle it.

All of that while Sakuma was watching us.

Is this her weird fetish manifesting itself? She became bolder now that he's there. Though I almost forgot about this, Satsuki liked the idea of Sakuma watching us. It excites her.

"I-I, I'm going."

After a while, Sakuma's stuttering voice sounded as he bolted back out of the door almost immediately.

"He saw us"

Satsuki slowly said, her face as red as a tomato now and the l.u.s.tful expression on it couldn't be hidden.

"Did it bother you?"

"No. It made me want to do more with you, while he's watching."

Though she's embarrassed to say it, that thought really excited her. I could feel her n.i.p.p.l.e turned stiff even over her clothes.

"This girl. He will soon talk to you. Will you tell him?"

"Un. I want to see his reaction. If he knew that"

That she loved him before I appeared.

"I'll be there with you but I'll hide so he wouldn't chicken out."

"Okay. It will be before the game this Sunday."

I see. I have to go early then.

"Want me to pick you up at home?"

"Idiot. You'll go out of your way. It's fine to meet at that cake shop. The game will start at 2 pm so"

"Alright. I'll be there at 10."

I smiled at her and gave her a kiss again and like always it soon escalated.

After a while, Satsuki stopped and said.

"L-let's move now. The others should be gone by now."

Sakuma was already out of her mind again. I've now completely replaced him. While holding my hand tight, Satsuki led me to that memorable locker room and locked it from inside.