Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1972

Chapter 1972 Where There Is People There Is Society

Chapter 1972: Where there is people, there is society

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Ge Yan goddess gave Ye Mo a pill This is a recovery pill eat it. If you go trial, its best you find a few people and team up. Its dangerous to be outside alone.

Ge Yan goddess was thinking about asking Ye Mo about the corner soul weed.

Ye Mo waved his hand Thank you Ge Yan goddess, I still owe you five top grade immortal crystals. How can I take your immortal pills. Thanks, Ill be leaving now.

Five top grade immortal crystals was a huge fortune to Ye Mo before but he knew know that she wouldnt even consider it as anything so he didnt bother repaying her back.

Wait Ge Yan quickly stopped Ye Mo.

Ye Mo stopped and looked at Ge Yan in confusion You have other things?

Ge Yan goddess said Actually I want to ask, were you the one who took out corner soul weed in the Bi Yi immortal city?

Ye Mo realised, so this was it. He didnt need to hide it now so he admitted Thats right, I took out those two corner soul weed.

Suddenly, Ye Mo thought of Yan Hongzhong. This was quite a nice guy. He didnt know him that well but he was a good person. Since he came to Biyi immortal city, he would go visit him if he could.

Ge Yans tone was a bit shaky Ye Mo, can you tell me how you got your corner soul weed?

In the cultivation realm, I went to a corner and saw some corner soul weed so I took them. Later I realised these things were good and could repair spirit sense and soul. Ye Mo knew that even if he went to the sea corner he might not be able to find it.

Ge Yans eyes dimmed. The man next to her also seemed to feel down.

It was impossible to go to the cultivation realm if one didnt have top god art or know of unique tunnels.

But Ge Yan soon asked Ye Mo in excitement Ye Mo, do you still have corner soul weed?

Ye Mo took out two clear weeds to Ge Yan and said I still have two here. You can have it, thanks for giving me five immortal crystals before.

Huh Ge Yan goddess really didnt expect she got two corner soul weed so easily. She took it excitedly Thank you, thank you Ye Mo. This is very precious, I cant take it for free, tell me how many immortal crystals.

Ye Mo laughed I dont need to rely on these two corner soul weed to get rich, good bye.

Then, no matter how much Ge Yan called him he didnt stop and left.

Martial sister Ge Yan this person is quite good. He can still remember today about the five immortal crystals. That great unity immortal looked at Ye Mos figure and said.

Ge Yan goddess nodded Yes, he can remember the five immortal crystals meaning that hes a very grateful person Oh, how can I let him go. Father is still looking for him. Plus, if he goes to Biyi immortal city now, then he would be over if people knew he was the one with corner soul weed.

Thinking about this, Ge Yan immediately chased over. She wanted to take Ye Mo to see her father and warn Ye Mo to leave Bi Yi immortal city. But she chased for a long time and still didnt find any tracks of Ye Mo. She stood in confusion Its only been this long, how could he leave my spirit sense range? I. I need to tell my father that Ye Mo is near the city.

The great unity immortal man said Martial sister Ge Yan, do you think uncle would force Ye Mo to tell him where the corner soul weed came?

Why force? Ye Mo said the corner soul weed came from cultivation realm. Theres no point in forcing him. Ge Yan looked at the great unity immortal in confusion.

The great unity immortal smiled Thats right, how can uncle care about someone who just flew up a hundred years or two.

Ye Mo was heavily injured but he had immortal pill that even divine emperors might not have. He put a few pills in his mouth and his wounds recovered rapidly.

Ye Mo found a quiet place and just wanted to change clothes when a figure stumbled into him.

This person was covered in blood and seemed more injured than Ye Mo.

Feng Chunmo? Ye Mo didnt expect this person to be her. Feng Chunmo didnt seem as young and pretty as before. Instead, she was dark and skinny. Her hair crest had changed to wife style.

Youre pill master Ye? Pill master Ye how are you here? Feng Chunmo stopped and looked at Ye Mo in shock.

Ye Mo knew that Feng Chunmo would probably leave Extreme Sword Sect after getting the great unity pills from him.

I was passing by here, I didnt expect you to be here too. What a coincidence. Ye Mo smiled. Feng Chunmo was still great unity immortal primary stage now. After she used his great unity pills and left the sect, she didnt progress at all.

Feng Chunmo breathed and took out an ordinary recovery pill to Ye Mo Hurry up and eat this? This is close to Bi Yi immortal city, are you planning to go there?

Ye Mo pushed her pills back and gave her a pill instead You know Im an immortal pill master, how can I not have pills? Use my pill, your wounds will go.

Feng Chunmo shook her hand Thank you but my sea of consciousness is injured. It wouldnt be recovered this easily. Sigh

Just eat it and you will know. Ye Mo could long tell that Feng Chunmos sea of consciousness was injured.

Seeing Ye Mo being persistent, Feng Chunmo could only take it and eat the pill. She trusted Ye Mo. She was willing to give her virginity to Ye Mo for the great unity pills but Ye Mo rejected without hesitation.

In just ten seconds she looked at Ye Mo with shock Pill master Ye, what immortal pills are these? It can even repair my sea of consciousness?

Ye Mo said calmly I already told you Im an immortal pill master. if I cant even cure these injuries, what immortal pill master would I be?

It seems your pill concoction skills have improved. Youre probably level five immortal pill great master now right? Feng Chunmo said in surprise and joy.

Ye Mo nodded Thats right, I can concoct level five immortal pill. How did you get in this state? After I left Extreme Sword sect I heard it was annihilated. Did you leave at that time?

Feng Chunmo breathed easy and bowed to Ye Mo Pill master Ye, thank you for saving me. You should eat some pills too. Ill tell you once you recover, its a long story.

My wounds are pretty much healed. I need to change clothes. You should too. Ye Mo set up a restriction and cleansed himself before changing clothes.

Feng Chunmo looked at the restriction Ye Mo set up so casually and realised that this pill master Ye was a restriction master.

She hid on the side and cleansed herself before changing into blue robes.

Although her tired look was still there she finally looked a bit more like great unity immortal now.

Where are you going? Ye Mo sighed.

Feng Chunmo reached great unity immortal and should be looking prettier and younger than before. However, her skin was dry. Clearly, she didnt have much time to cultivate and spent most of time fighting and burning her immortal essence and essence blood.

Feng Chunmos eyes were dim I dont know where I should go. For my family, I asked you to concoct a few bottles of great unity pills. I just wanted to bring my family back to glory and help my brother get revenge. Later on, I realised how nave I was. They took my great unity pills and introduced a dao partner to me. When my husband was killed I realised that the one who killed me brother was the one I was helping.

After these years, I finally killed the enemy and got my brother revenge but Ive been hunted by them ever since. Ive fled for decades and I dont know where I should go now nor what I should do?

Ye Mo was speechless.

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