Super Detective In The Fictional World Chapter 509

Chapter 509: You Dare Shoot My New Car?

Most RPG users in the world were actually far, far worse than a regular person could imagine.

Some turned their partners behind them into roast chicken, and some even held the RPG the wrong way round when they launched it; to run into someone getting himself killed here wasn't odd at all.

After getting rid of these two hurdles, the soldiers let out huge breaths of relief.

Now that they had broken through the enemy's line of defense, they only had to be wary of attacks from the sides and behind them.

The captain said into the walkie-talkie, "Whip, how much longer do you need? We have a lot of hostiles on our tail."

Someone replied through the walkie-talkie, "We'll reach the rendezvous in five minutes. Get ready."

The captain: "Copy that."

Which meant that they had to hold on for five minutes.

A moment later, Luke stopped the car near the river. "This is the place?"