Super God Gene Chapter 169

Chapter 169 just awesome
Chapter 169: Just Awesome
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Han Sen punched Yu Mingzhi on the arm. Yus face suddenly froze. He thought this punch was thrown with the yin force and used only one arm to block Han Sens fist. But the fierce punch was actually a black fist, which was a yang force, and Yus arm was smashed into his own face.

Sparkles suddenly flew before Yus eyes and a feeling of soreness hit his nose. He fell back involuntarily and sat on the floor.

A hush descended on the entire room as the students were dazed. The result of the first round could be explained by the fact that Yu was unprepared, whereas the second punch was hit when Yu was intent and alert. However, Yu Mingzhi still made the wrong judgment.

"Han Sen is awesome. He is good at black and white boxing as well."

"Ha-ha, no matter what the outcome would be, this one punch is good enough. It is the Chosen he is playing against!"

"So cool."

"He is the pride of Blackhawk."

"Ha-ha, did you see how the expression of Yu Mingzhi has changed?"

"Han Sen is simply my idol. How many military school students can manage to hit Yu?"

"It is so worth it today to come to Professor Yan's class."

Tang Zhenliu could hardly contain himself for laughing. "Yu Mingzhi, if you are smart, then quickly find an excuse to step down now before you humiliate yourself any further," thought Tang.

Professor Yan was making a serious analysis, "This is textbook application of yin and yang forces. Pay attention to his toes, which were slightly pointed outward. This is an appearance of using the yin force, since the toes would normally point inward when using the yang force. Han Sen managed to use this disguise, among others, to confuse his opponent. Now if you would pay attention to his waist and shoulders..."

Professor Yan played back the holographic image of Han Sens punch and made a detailed analysis, pointing out the strengths of this blow. Although the professors tone was monotonous as ever, he did highly praise Han Sens performance.

"S*#t! Well-done! So many details in one punch." After listening to the professor, the students shook their heads in tribute.

Yu Mingzhi wiped his bloody nose and got up, unable to keep smiling.

But he did not give up like Tang thought he should. Yu Zhiming continued to believe that his loss was due to his carelessness and walked up to Han Sen again.

Han Sen knew what was on Yus mind and understood that Yu wanted to use a student to show off his own strength. Hence Han Sen did not plan to save his face.

Another punch was thrown at Yus face. Eyes locked on Han Sen, Yu again made a judgment. From any perspective, Han Sens punch was not firm though it looked fierce. Yu decided that it was a harmless punch.

Having spent nearly a decade in First Gods Sanctuary, Yu had experienced millions of combats. With his rich experience, he was confident in his judgment.

Even if it was just a practice between friends, as long as the punch was thrown with any intention to beat the opponent, he would sense it.

"White fist." Yu Mingzhi confirmed his own judgment, and put two arms across his chest to block the punch.


Yu Mingzhis face turned ashy grey and was only able to stabilize his body after stepping back. He looked at Han Sen, astonished. It was impossible.

And the students were so excited that they were about to cry out loud. No one had expected Han Sen to beat Yu once again.

If it was not for the fact that the class was still in session, they would go up and hug Han Sen, because it was such an honor for a Blackhawk student to beat the Chosen three times in a row.

If anyone dared to praise the Chosen in the future, they could say, "The sixth Chosen was beaten up so badly by one of my classmates. Oh, I did not go. If I did, that Chosen would lose even more miserably. You think I am bragging? You can ask around yourself"

Professor Yan was still doing his job, explaining the theoretical knowledge embodied in Han Sens performance to the students in detail, but unfortunately few were paying attention to his words at this point.

Tang even felt embarrassed for Yu Mingzhi who had suggested to switching with Han Sen.

Tang Zhenliu shook his head. "Yu Mingzhi has such a small mind. It did not need to be like this."

Han Sen agreed to Yus proposal and became the defensive side. Fixing his gaze on Han Sen, Yu threw a hard punch at the young student.

Seeing the fear on the students faces, Yu smiled within himself. "Now all of you must have thought that I have been angry and want to retaliate, so this punch must a black fist? That would be unfortunate since I threw a white punch. This way I would win this round and look like a bigger person at the same time, salvaging my own reputation."

Yu Mingzhi believed that Han Sen would definitely dodge, yet the young student did not even cross his arms. Han Sen simply reached out a hand in front of Yus fist.

Yu Mingzhi suddenly turned pale, since his fist was grabbed by Han Sen. The two stood still.

"S*#t! Just awesome. I thought it was a black fist for sure, and it was a white one. Han Sen is so great."

"That is dope."

"And he is so confident."

"He is so good at everything!"

Professor Yan was still meticulously analyzing and teaching. More and more students had come since they heard about Han Sens performance. Even the corridor outside the windows was full.

Those who could not come were also watching the synchronous holographic session via their smart device.