Super God Gene Chapter 31

Chapter 31 free training partner
Chapter 31: Free Training Partner

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"Ill just fight her. Shes just a woman after all," Han Sen whispered to himself.

Han Sen knew that Qin Xuan would not leave him alone no matter how he restrained himself. So he would no longer do that. He had almost mastered Ghosthaunt, and it would be great for him to practice it on her.

When Han Sen stood in front of Qin Xuan in a combat suit, she didnt spare any effort and kicked him with a leg sweep.

For Han Sen, who was good at sneak attacks, as long as he had no chance to sneak up, he was doomed to lose. Hence Qin Xuan hit first and didnt give Han Sen any chance.

But she had still committed a great mistake: she still didnt take Han Sen seriously enough and did not regard him as an opponent. All she wanted to do was to kick his ass. Thats why she didnt use even half her strength.

In her mind, he was still the ignorant Ass Freak, a rookie who could be bullied by anyone in the shelter.

Qin Xuan did not really want to harm Han Sen, so she wasnt hitting hard.

But what she didnt know was that Han Sen now had 18 sacred geno points and was practicing Jadeskin. Although not as fit as her, the gap between them was not so big either.

Seeing her leg sweep, Han Sen moved to a spot where Qin Xuan couldnt reach and twisted her leg with his arms. She immediately lost balance and fell to the ground.

Han Sen immediately pressed himself against her and locked her limbs down.

Qin Xuan hadnt expected such nifty moves from him, and when she realized her mistake, she was trapped and couldnt wriggle free.

Feeling anger and shame, she struggled and failed because of the clever techniques of Ghosthaunt. If she struggled with all her strength, her arms would be dislocated or even broken. Trapped by Han Sen, she blushed and still couldnt believe Han Sen had taken her with the first move. She wanted to teach him a lesson, and everything went wrong.

"Stationmaster, did I win?" Han Sen was secretly pleased. "I did not expect Old Devils teaching to work. I even beat Qin Xuan."

"You will never win." Qin Xuan raged and refused to throw in the towel.

If it was anyone else, it might be fine. But for this despicable Ass Freak, she would not bow her head.

Qin Xuan roared and shapeshifted into a golden lion taller than a man. Han Sen was thrown off her instantaneously, and the lion swooped down at him.

"Foul! We have agreed not to use any beast souls," Han Sen quickly shouted.

Qin Xuan paused as her lion paw was about to hit him. She did promise last time that she wouldnt use beast souls. But under the circumstances, she had completely forgotten about it.

"Alright, no beast souls." Qin Xuan secretly blushed, took back her beast soul and launched an attack with her fist.

Han Sen still hadnt completely mastered Ghosthaunt, and his fitness and experience fell short compared to Qin Xuan. Although he resisted over 20 movements from her, he was still beat.

Qin Xuan did not say anything and turned away. In fact, she felt ashamed because if she hadnt used her beast soul, she couldnt have gotten rid of Han Sen. So, she had already lost at that moment.

"Im still not strong enough. My geno points and fighting skills were not even close to hers." Han Sen knew that he couldnt have caught up with the best in Steel Armor Shelter in such a short amount of time, while he was still a little disappointed that he couldnt even take 30 movements from her.

Qin Xuan was still blushing after a shower. She was truly abashed that she was put in such a tough situation by Ass Freak.

"Something is wrong. Although his wrestling skills were not bad, he couldnt have locked me down without great fitness. How did he gain so many geno points?" thought Qin Xuan suddenly. She quickly called out the data collected in Han Sens combat suit.

Qin Xuan clenched her lips and cursed bitterly, "That bastard, he must have maxed out on his mutant geno points already. He was just playing weak to make me underestimate him. Ass Freak, Ill never make peace with you."

From then on, every time Han Sen passed the teleport station, Qin Xuan would always call him into the combat room.

Han Sen was glad to oblige. Wrestling skills such as Ghosthaunt really need much practice, and with a training partner as good as Qin Xuan, he could not really hone his techniques. Some pain was nothing compared to his gain.

If it was not for Qin Xuan, Han Sen could only practice when risking his life, which was far more dangerous than his fights with her.

Of course, Han Sen was careful so that she didnt notice he was using her. Each time he would get on her nerves on purpose so that she would keep calling him to the combat room.

Qin Xuan picked on Han Sen many times but still didnt get over it. Every time she saw his smiling face, she would get mad and have an urge to beat him up. It almost became a habit of hers.