Super God Gene Chapter 370

Chapter 370 beast soul add on
Chapter 370: Beast Soul Add-On
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The students named Wang Di was also in the senior year. He was top three in Martial Arts Department, and rather well known on campus.

With his good looks, the guy had a bright future ahead of him.

However, since Wang Di started to go to Gladiator, everything has changed.

Initially, like Han Sen, Wang Di also went to Gladiator in order to improve himself. However, Wang Di later discovered the VIP section in Gladiator.

In order to enter the VIP section, Wang Di needed to pay a large amount of membership fee. Since he was from a wealthy family, and had earned quite some money in God's Sanctuary himself, Wang Di paid the membership fee and entered the VIP section.

In an ordinary game, there was only winning and losing. However, in the VIP section, a large sum of money must be submitted before the game started as the stake. Once lost, one would hand the money over to one's opponent. In the VIP section, the opponents were always randomly matched. However, the unevolved and evolved belonged to different groups.

In the beginning, Wang Di was only giving it a shot. He had met both strong and weak opponents and earned some money. Later on, he became more and more obsessed. Not only had he lost all his money, he had owed the system a huge debt.

"What do you need me for? I don't have any money to lend you." Han Sen was not interested in helping a gambler. Han Sen would not even give money to a gambling friend, let alone a stranger like Wang Di.

"No, brother. I do want to borrow money, I only want you to save me" Wang Di shook his head and continued.

Because Wang Di had already become obsessed, not only had he borrowed a lot of money from others, he had also signed some deadly contracts. At this point, Wang Di had owed so much money that it was impossible that he could give it back. In this case, he had to fight life-and-death battles.

The so-called life-and-death battles were not real combats, but slaughters to satisfy some perverts.

In a life-and-death battle, everything could be used, and the only goal was to kill the opponent and survive. Blood and death were the ultimate feast for those perverts.

In two days, staff of Gladiator with take Wang Di to take part in a life-and-death battle. Although Wang Di was just a student, because of the contracts he had signed, Gladiator was allowed to take him away.

"How can I help you?" Han Sen frowned. In fact, he felt that Wang Di did not deserve his sympathy.

With a good background and solid foundation, Wang Di did not make use of his advantages, but became obsessed in gambling, which ruined himself.

Although Han Sen was good at mind games, he would never be a part of gambling, because he knew that one would always lose at some point.

If one had no other option but to gamble, Han Sen could understand that. However, with a million options, Wang Di still chose to gamble, which was simply his own fault.

But after all, they were schoolmates, and Han Sen would not mind helping the guy if it did not take much.

"I want to ask you to go to the life-and-death battle on my behalf"

Before Wang Di finished his words, Han Sen turned away. The request was too much.

Han Sen was not so arrogant that he thought he was invincible. He was merely an unevolved person, and so many people could kill him in the Alliance. If he agreed to take part in the life-and-death battle, he would be handing his life to others.

As a stranger to Wang Di, there was no way Han Sen would sacrifice himself for the guy.

"Brother Wait I could pay you," Wang Di quickly pulled Han Sen's sleeve and exclaimed in terror.

"I know you don't have any money left. And even if you do, money cannot buy human life," said Han Sen calmly.

Han Sen knew a thing or two about the VIP section of Gladiator. When Huangfu Pingqing introduced Gladiator to him, she had told him about the VIP section.

Technically speaking, Gladiator belonged to Ares Martial Hall, but there were other powerful board members who were in charge of the VIP section. Huangfu Pingqing had repeatedly told Han Sen not to go to VIP section, which would do him no good. In her words, it was a playground for perverts.

Han Sen was a good listener to advice. Without enough temptation, he would never go to VIP section.

Wang Di had dug his own tomb, and there was no need for Han Sen to help the guy, since Han Sen was no saint.

"No Brother, although I don't have money left, I could give you sacred-blood beast souls" Said Wang Di in a trembling voice, unwilling to let go of Han Sen's arm.

"Sacred-blood beast souls could not be traded for a human life." Han Sen shook his head and thought, why would you do this knowing that nothing good could come out of gambling?

"Not just any sacred-blood beast souls Brother I have a sacred-blood beast soul add-on, which is extremely rare and useful. You are so strong that you will definitely survive the life-and-death battle I also have a sacred-blood beast soul weapon that I can give you Please save me," Wang Di begged, as if Han Sen was his last straw.

Initially, Wang Di had been desperate already. Meeting Han Sen, however, gave him some hope. Wang Di felt like maybe God was giving him another chance, so he would do whatever it took to survive.

Han Sen wanted to say no, but hesitated when hearing "sacred-blood beast soul add-on." All the add-ons he had witnessed were extremely strong, like Qin Xuan's water spirit and Ye Yufeng's time curse.

"Which shelter are you in? And what does the beast soul add-on do?" Han Sen hesitated and asked.

"I know you are in Steel Armor Shelter. I'm pretty close" Wang Di became overjoyed, quickly told Han Sen his shelter and the abilities of the sacred-blood beast souls and looked at Han Sen expectantly.