Super God Gene Chapter 715

Chapter 715: Killing Light Son Of God
Chapter 715: Killing Light Son of God
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The spectators all froze in their seats. The Light Son of God was getting pummeled by Han Sen over and over, until he was black and blue from head to toe.
Left-punch, right-punch, elbow-strike, knee-strikethe Light Son of God was like a punching bag, getting attacked without reprieve. His face was a sordid, disfigured mess.
The sound of beaten flesh and rattled bones was almost sinister, and hearing it shocked all those who watched and listened. People couldn't believe the Light Son of God could ever be treated so poorly and have such a wretched day.
But amongst all these hits, there was one thing Han Sen could not do; he could not break the Light Son of God's bones. The bodies of super spirits were too strong, and even the Light Son of Godwho had no prioritization of vitalityhad unbreakable bones.
"You can't kill me, you pitiable human. You can't kill a Son of God. Once your energy has depleted, I am going to make you suffer my wrath and end you!" The Light Son of God was seething with rage, and he gritted his teeth to spitefully curse his opponent aloud.
He had been drawn to Han Sen by a strange force. Despite all he tried, he could not break away and create distance between himself and Han Sen. All he could do was suffer the repeated blows. The punches he had received were innumerable, and his pretty face was now a maimed wreck. His heart only wanted one thing right then, and that was to kill Han Sen.
But he was stripped of all strength, and he could not use his hands to utilize his great speed and power as he did before. In such close-quarter combat, he was unable to compete with Han Sen.
But the Light Son of God was aware that humans did not possess an infinite amount of energy, and using such exhaustive powers to restrain and pummel him was sure to be taxing for the caster. Once Han Sen's energy had depleted, he would fight back and destroy his assaulter.
Han Sen did not care what hostile words the Light Son of God spoke, and he just continued casting his Elephant-Disc Punch all across the spirit's bodyhis head, especially.
"I am going to kill you! I am going to kill you!" the Light Son of God screamed in a frenzy. He wished he could tear Han Sen apart, as his face had devolved into a hideous hodgepodge of bruises and blood.
"I'm not sure you'll get the chance to," Han Sen replied, coldly. Han Sen pushed the energy in his right arm to the max, and elephants trumpeted and stampeded all about his body. A primitive, beastly power now energized his fist; it was like God himself was going to smite his enemy with all his might.
That horrible fist rocketed into the Light Son of God's face, shattering his skull. Blood and brain matter sprayed everywhere while the rotten, headless corpse was still propped up by Han Sen's other hand.
When Han Sen first began punching the Light Son of God's head, he used Yin Force and Elephant-Disc Punch. To finish his foe off, he used Elephant-Rex Strike. It detonated the Yin Force that had built up inside his enemy's head, causing it to explode from the inside.
Outside the battlefield was all quiet. It was like the audience had turned to stone upon seeing the headless corpse in front of Han Sen. They could not believe Han Sen had overcome the odds and beaten the Light Son of God.
The body of the Light Son of God began to disintegrate into sparkles, as he was returned to his spirit stone. Han Sen exited the Divinity's Bout battleground and returned to the Crystal Palace.
Han Sen collapsed and hit the floor. He had exhausted far too much power over the course of that fight. Jade-Sun Force and Long Live could sustain him for a long time, but when he drew too much power at once, it took a long while for to recover.
He didn't only use Elephant-Rex Strike this time; he simulated the energy flows of multiple creatures. With such a large energy output, in addition to the damage he had already sustained, it was a miracle that he lasted as long as he did.
If it wasn't for the reward of becoming one of the ten Son of God's, Han Sen would not have held on as long as he did.
Fortunately, even though the Light Son of God's speed was frightening, his body was not as tough as a super creature's. This was what allowed Han Sen to finish him off in the way he did.
But beating the Light Son of God was largely because of his usage of the gourd's energy flow. He initially thought the energy flow was useless, but the opposite turned out to be true.
He never expected the suction of the gourd's energy could draw the Light Son of God towards him. Although it didn't totally restrain his body, it lowered the Light Son of God's speed enough for Han Sen to keep up. If it wasn't for this, Han Sen would most likely not have been able to defeat him.
"I don't ever want to struggle through a fight like that again." Han Sen continued to lie on the floor, as his entire body rocked with pain. He couldn't even muster the strength to move his fingers.
Zero approached, holding the silver fox in her arms. Zero tried to heal the wounds he had sustained, while the silver fox used its tongue to lick the greater traumas he had incurred.
Quietly, Han Sen recovered. The Alliance, on the other hand, was busy. Dollar had just beaten the Light Son of God and earned a position amongst the ten Son of God's. This made him the first human Son of God in recorded history. For humanity to be able to achieve something as big as this, it was no small topic. People were going crazy.
All the news organizations reported Dollar's victory over the Light Son of God, and his earning a position as a Son of God. Each and every one gushed praise over his heroism.
The night after, Dollar's name became synonymous with the word "hero." The fight between Dollar and the Light Son of God was on the tip of everyone's tongue.
"Dollar is too strong! He is the first Son of God in the Second God's Sanctuary."
"I still can't believe he did it. Dollar actually beat the Light Son of God."
"It was brutal! He blew the Light Son of God's head off."
"There are no other gods, following Dollar. To assert a position as a Son of God is a staggering achievement, and the First God's Sanctuary's Divinity's Bout does not offer half the challenge."
"This Dollar isn't too bad. After all these years, it has been nice to have ourselves a Son of God."
"It's not easy!"

Ordinary people were more than pleased over Dollar's simple victory, whereas those in the Alliance were dying to find out where he might be. His performance was terrifying, especially the manner in which he killed the Light Son of God.
Without a doubt, Dollar had managed to absorb a Life Geno essence. All they would have to do to learn his secrets was track him down. But their investigations all led to dead ends, and they were unable to find the elusive figure.
Han Sen's doppelganger remained in the Goddess Shelter while he rested and recovered in the Crystal Palace, waiting for Divinity's Bout to end.
He decided to never join another Divinity's Bout. With his current level of power, fighting super spirits was still a difficult and dangerous affair. Beating the Light Son of God was solely because of his usage of the gourd's energy flow, and if he had not done that, he could never have managed to beat him.
If he had gone up against a super spirit that focused on vitality instead, he would never have managed to break through its defense.
The first ten rewards were randomized. He didn't need to fight and achieve a higher place, for the chance of earning an even better reward. Gunning for first place would be impossible, as things were right now, anyway.
Dollar was a household name and super famous across the entire Alliance now. Although the fights could not be recorded, someone animated a recreation of the battle. It was only three minutes long, but it became the most watched video for a whole week.
A lot of people were inspired by the battle to create video games of it, too.