Super God Gene Chapter 807

Chapter 807: Roast Goose
Chapter 807: Roast Goose
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While Han Sen was still thinking, he heard a woman laugh. He wasn't sure from which direction it came.

"Have humans come here, as well? Or was that just another spirit?" Han Sen looked around him but failed to see anyone.

The land below was devoid of anyone and anything, creatures included. The fruit they had sought was nearly matured, and most of the creatures and spirits that vied for one were already up on the island waiting for their chance.

"Moment, did you hear a woman laugh?" Han Sen asked, looking at her.

Moment Queen shook her head and said, "What woman's laughter?"

"Did I mishear that, then?" Han Sen wondered, confused. Just as he was ready to forget about it, he heard the laughter once more. It was so clear this time, that he knew he had not misheard it.

"Are you really telling me you didn't hear that?" Han Sen looked at Moment Queen and asked again.

Moment Queen merely frowned and looked around, not seeing anything out of place.

"Little Silver, did you hear that?" Han Sen asked the silver fox, who was resting on his shoulder. It looked at Han Sen with a face that suggested it had not heard a thing.

"That's weird. I heard a woman's laugh, I am absolutely positive." With a puzzled expression, Han Sen perked up his ears and resolved to pay attention and sniff out the source of the laughter, if it ever sounded again.

A little while later, while Han Sen was climbing the vine, more of that bell-like laughter chimed. Moment Queen and the silver fox still didn't hear a thing.

Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to sense what was around him, but it was to no avail. He couldn't sense any creatures sneaking about.

And this was how it was, all the way up. He would hear the laughter, do his best to locate where it came from, fail, and proceed on up the vine.

"This is getting really weird now." Han Sen, despite his best efforts, could not uncover the source of this laughter. Onwards he went.

The Empty Island was far bigger than Han Sen imagined it would be. It was like a small kingdom perched above the clouds. Following the vines, they were led up to the island. When there, they saw a number of barren mountains in the distance, which were devoid of all life.

"Let me return to the Sea of Soul, in case I unwittingly draw the attention and possible ire of the Devil-Blood King. Venture there alone and do not draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. If he does not notice your presence, we may very well have a chance of securing the fruit." It was obvious that Moment Queen believed Han Sen had no chance of competing with the Devil-Blood King.

"Okay." Han Sen knew he wasn't powerful enough. His compatriots were too fewer; even fewer if you did not count the lazy fairy. It was indeed best to keep a low profile.

Han Sen returned Moment Queen to the Sea of Soul, and then he ventured on towards the center of the island. The Empty Vine ought to have been there.

He walked for ten miles before hearing a familiar voice crying for help. Han Sen was taken by surprise, as he recognized the voice as belonging to a human. It most certainly couldn't have been a spirit.

"Oh, divine masters above, I beseech thee to deliver me aid!" The voice was one of pity, and Han Sen couldn't shake the feeling he had heard that voice many times before.

"Isn't that Wang Yuhang's voice? Why in the world is he here? That should be impossible." Han Sen, with a head full of questions, felt his face morph.

This was where super creatures roamed in abundance. If Wang Yuhang had continued to accompany Han Sen, since the time they parted ways, God knew what might have transpired. Bad luck tended to follow him like a terrible smell. It was highly likely Han Sen would have been killed by now, as a result of it.

Han Sen then decided to turn around and walk away, but Wang Yuhang's voice was getting audibly closer.

"Bollocks! I cannot be this unlucky, surely?!" Han Sen's heart began to sink, as he saw Wang Yuhang exit the valley ahead.

Wang Yuhang was a great distance away but still, he had managed to spot Han Sen. With a face of surprise, he ran towards him in great hurry, shouting, "Bossman! I cannot believe you have come here to help little old me. To think you have come here to save me from another perilous endeavor. I am touched by your generosity. Touched, I tell you! Here I am, about to die a brutal death, and you have come to save me."

Han Sen felt rather awkward right now. He hadn't the faintest idea where Wang Yuhang had been spending his days, and he most certainly didn't expect him to be here of all places. He was definitely not planning on saving him.

But having been spotted, there was no point in Han Sen trying to make a quick getaway. Looking behind Wang Yuhang, Han Sen saw a big white goose giving him chase.

When it caught up to Wang Yuhang, it managed to lean forward and snap its beak on his fleeing bum. The pain that resulted from such vicious pecks to the backside had him screaming in pain.

"Bossman, save me!" Wang Yuhang yelled to Han Sen.

Pulling out his Flaming Rex Spike, Han Sen ran forward to engage the goose. Fortunately, the lifeforce of the goose was relatively weak and was more likely a sacred-blood creature more than anything. All he would have to do was kill it.

He struck once, and the goose almost disappeared in a billow of white feathers. The goose was set on fire by the weapon, but it actually managed to survive the hit.

The white goose quacked in agony, as it slowly became a black goose. Delivering another smack, Han Sen brought the feathered fiend to a fiery end.

"Sacred-blood Creature White Goose killed. Beast soul gained. Eat its flesh to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly."

Han Sen had a look at the scorched remains of the goose and thought it best not to waste it. Retrieving his Death Knell, he had it drink its blood in the hopes it would grow.

Han Sen also summoned Princess YinYang. He had them start a fire, so they could cook and have some roast goose to eat.

"Bossman, you truly are a kind soul. I cannot believe you were so willing to help me." Wang Yuhang gave Han Sen a suffocating hug, as tears and snots dribbled into his clothing.

"I had no idea you would be here. I was only passing through. But tell me, what brought you this far out into the wilds?" Han Sen asked Wang Yuhang.

When Wang Yuhang heard what Han Sen had to say, however, he did not believe him. He looked touched and said, "I knew you came this way to have my back. Feel free to admit it. You came all this way just to save little old me, did you not? Oh, golly! You sure know how to touch a man."

"Stop. Tell me why you're here." Han Sen told him as he saw Wang Yuhang leaning in for another wet hug.

Wang Yuhang, however, suddenly looked angry. He said, "Those people are not human, I tell you. I was ice fishing out on an ice lake when they got the drop on me. They knocked me out, and when I woke up, I found myself here inside a cage. They did not treat me like a human being, and left me locked inside a cage for the longest time. Humans should not be forced to suffer in such a way, I tell you."

Wang Yuhang's voice rose in anger the more he talked, and by the end, Han Sen asked him to stop. But then, he told Han Sen that the people who captured him came under attack by two powerful creatures. Amidst the carnage, he was able to escape.

"Eat something. Once you've had your fill, return to fonder pastures." Han Sen was not as brave as the others, who had dared bring Wang Yuhang out here. So, Han Sen prepared him food and bid that he leave.

"Of course." Wang Yuhang grabbed a large chunk of roast goose and began to chow down on it, heartily.


A strange goose-like quack was heard high in the sky above them. Hurriedly, it descended to land directly in front of Wang Yuhang. Its landing whipped up fierce winds, as their new feathered-foe's red eyes flickered between the roast meal and the unfortunate man that dined on it.