Super God Gene Chapter 83

Chapter 83 one minute fight
Chapter 83: One-minute Fight

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"Dollar of course. Right, Manli?" Su Xiaoqiao asked.

Yang Manli nodded, apparently agreeing with Su Xiaoqiao.

Liu Hongtao commented on the side, "Even Dollar is strong, he is just one person, without anyone behind his back, while Luo Tianyang was supported by Son of Heaven. It is still hard to tell who will win."

"One person is enough. Dollar fought a golden-horned Shura alone. Even with a gang behind him, I dont think Luo Tianyang could do that," Su Xiaoqiao said with disdain.

"Young man, you are too young to understand." Liu Hongtao acted as an elder.

"What dont I understand?" Su did not take that comment well.

"Think about it. If Son of Heaven and his whole gang all let Luo Tianyang use their beast souls, who do you think will win? Dont forget that Son of Heaven has a sacred-blood shapeshifting ape beast soul, and god knows how many mutant beast souls he has. If Luo Tianyang use them all, do you still think Dollar will win? "Liu Hongtao said confidently.

"Its just an ape beast soul. Dollar has a bloody slayer beast soul, wings and sacred-blood armor. It would be easy for him to win Luo Tianyang. I dont think Luo Tianyang could last a minute." Su Xiaoqiao said disapprovingly.

"This kid sure knows how to speak." Han Sen was pleased with Su Xiaoqiaos words.

"Well, you just said Luo Tianyang couldnt last a minute, so lets make a bet. If Luo lasts less than a minute, you can have my mutant beast soul of red-hoofed beast. If he lasts longer than that, your mutant nocturnal wolf beast soul will be mine. Do you dare to bet against me?" Liu Hongtao looked at Su Xiaoqiao and said.

Su Xiaoqiao suddenly got nervous. One minute was just a figure of speech. How was it possible for one to end the match in a minute after all?

Like Liu Hongtao had said, Son of Heaven had Luos back. With some beast souls here and there, Luo Tianyang could definitely stay on the stage longer than a minute.

The nocturnal wolf beast soul was a lucky gain of Su Xiaos when he shot an arrow at the nocturnal wolf king in a recent campaign. He had been bragging to everyone about it. Yet Liu Hongtao had proposed to use this beast soul as the stake in a bet that was less than fair.

"Liu, we were just chatting. No need to get serious."

"Yes Liu, Xiaoqiao was just saying."

"Yeah, figure of speech."

Several Bullseye members tried to smooth things over, but being unreasonable, Liu Hongtao said with a mean tone, "Im trying to teach him not to comment on things he doesnt understand. He could say whatever he wishes at home, but in the society, a wrong comment could get him killed."

"S*#t! You insist? A bet is a bet. Im game. Dont be a deadbeat when you lose." Although Su Xiaoqiao was usually joking and messing around, he still had his pride as he was from a wealthy family. Even at the cost of a beast soul, he wouldnt be a doormat.

"Xiaoqiao, just suck it up." The teammates next to him all tried to stop Su Xiaoqiao from getting involved in this unfair bet. He would be basically giving the beast soul away.

Liu Hongtao didnt have the best personality and not many liked him except for a few henchmen of his. Almost everyone was on Sus side.

"Well, I appreciate a young man that can stick to what he believes in. If you dont trust me, we can both transfer our beast souls to Manli and let her be our witness. So that we could both reassured," Liu Hongtao said and gave his beast soul of red-hoofed beast to Yang Manli.

"Liu, its just a small difference. We all are in Bullseye, and there is no need to do this." Yang Manli frowned.

"Manli, Im doing this for his own good. If he keeps being insolent like this, he might get into bigger troubles elsewhere in the future." Liu Hongtao gave Su a contemptuous glance and said to him, "If you apologize to me right now, Ill let this go. And remember to watch it in the future."

Everyone thought Liu Hongtao was just shameless. If these words came from another person, Su Xiaoqiao might apologize; but Liu saying this himself made an apology an impossible option for any guy with dignity.

Everyone knew there was no going back at this point. Su gritted his teeth and raged, "Liu Hongtao, cut the crap. Im down."

Su Xiaoqiao then transferred his mutant nocturnal wolf beast soul to Yang Manli, "Manli, keep this for me. When I win, Ill treat everyone to barbecue."

"I like a young man who doesnt know any better." Liu Hongtao was overjoyed. A mutant beast soul was very rare and he had just gained one with a few words. Also, the mutant nocturnal wolf was a shapeshifting beast soul which was worth even more than his mount beast soul, red-hoofed beast.

Yang Manli frowned. She had wanted to mediate the dispute with a few words, but Liu Hongtao said those words first so that Su Xiaoqiao had to bet against him now.

"The young man is too impulsive, maybe a loss could be considered a lesson for him." Yang Manli sighed. Things had come so far that there was nothing she could say to turn it around.

Su Xiaqiao felt upset after accepting the bet. Although he was confident in Dollar and believed he could win, one minute was simply too short. Even the exchange of pleasantries could last that longnot to mention Luo Tianyang did have many resources. If he had really borrowed the ape beast soul from Son of Heaven, the match could easily last longer than ten minutes

The match between Luo Tianyang soon began and Su Xiaoqiao murmured his prayers, "Dollar, it was me who spread your name. Please help me. I havent had the nocturnal wolf beast for long and dont want to give it to Liu."

Sitting next to Su and hearing everything, Han Sen was mad, "Help you! In the beginning, everyone was calling me Doll, and it was all because of you!"