Super God Gene Chapter 91

Chapter 91 steel armor championship
Chapter 91: Steel Armor Championship

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On the day of the final match between Dollar and Qin Xuan, the stands were packed with at least a dozen hundred thousand audience. Even many of those who didnt register came.

In addition to it being the final match, it was popular also thanks to the fame of Dollar and Qin Xuan.

Qin Xuan was undoubtedly the legend of Steel Armor Shelter. As a woman, she had been the champion of the martial arts contest for several years now, although she was never among the Chosen. There was no doubt that she was the NO.1 in Steel Armor Shelter. In addition, she was also beautiful. All of these made her the goddess of Steel Armor Shelter. People loved, feared and respected her.

Dollars recent rise was even more legendary. He came from nowhere, but there had been so many headlines and controversies about him.

Both seizing Son of Heavens sacred-blood beast soul and killing Luo Tianyang made Dollar a somewhat negative figure. But smashing through the robot channel and fighting golden-horned Shura made him an idol.

When one legend met the other, everyone wanted to know about the outcome. Will Qin Xuan continue to be the invincible goddess? Or will Dollar become the new champion? Everyone was looking forward to this match.

When Qin Xuan and Dollar almost arrived at the same time, all expectations peaked and the cheers were deafening.

"Dollar, a bet?" Qin Xuan didnt move, but looked at Han Sen with a smile.

The audience heard Qin Xuans words and quieted down, wanting to know what bet she was proposing.

"What bet?" Though looking calm, Han Sen was puzzled. Did she want to buy the victory from him?

"If you lose this one, join my Steel Armor Gang and be my deputy. When I evolve and go to Second Gods Sanctuary, you will be the head of the gang." Qin Xuan had a sweet smile on.

There was an uproar among the audience. No one thought Qin Xuan would say something like this. Steel Armor Gang was far more than just a gang. It also represented the presence of military and the Alliance in Gods Sanctuary.

Qin Xuans was asking Dollar to become the official spokesman of the Alliance at Steel Armor Shelter. It was a great honor.

"Sorry, I cannot accept this condition." But unexpectedly, Dollar refused Qin Xuans offer.

"Why?" Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen, stunned. The head of Steel Armor Gang was a position pursued by many. It was a ladder toward the power center of the Alliance, but Dollar turned it down without considering.

The audience also thought Dollar was crazy. How can he turn down such a great offer?

"There are two reasons," Han Sen smiled and said. "First, you cannot beat me."

The answer left many slightly shocked, while Qin Xuan asked, "What is the second reason?"

"I will go to Second Gods Sanctuary earlier than you, so although I appreciate your kindness, I cant take your offer," Han Sen calmly said.

His reply was arrogant. With her gang, Qin Xuan could gain geno points a lot more easily than most people. While Dollar was on his own, he said he could evolve earlier than her.

But no one felt that Dollar was mistaken. It seemed that everything was likely with Dollar and he shouldnt be questioned.

Qin Xuan smiled. "Well, then I would like to propose something else. If you lose, tell me who you really are."

Qin Xuans words had led to a burst of cheers on the stands. All the audience were dying to know who Dollar was. Qin Xuans proposal was embraced by all.

"And if you lose?" Han Sen grinned and asked.

"You can propose something as well." Smiling, Qin Xuan looked full of confidence. It was as if she would never lose.

"An S-Class license at Saint hall." Han Sen was obsessed with the hyper geno arts in Saint Hall, he had neither the money nor the license.

"Deal." Qin Xuan did not even lift her eyes before she agreed, as if an S-Class license was nothing to her.

"Then lets begin." Han Sen drew the Shura katana. He didnt dare to slack when fighting Qin Xuan, who had the most geno points among all in the shelter. She was probably ten sacred geno points away from maxing out on everything.

Han Sen had never seen Qin Xuan using her full strength, but he still thought he stood a chance.

Han Sen's biggest advantage was his understanding of Qin Xuan. She would never thought that Dollar was in fact Han Sen, whom she had fought a million times. Although she was always kicking his ass, he had learned a lot of her fighting habits.

Qin Xuan on the other hand knew nothing about Dollar.

Qin Xuan stretched her hand and a beautiful purple butterfly started to dance in her palm, which turned into a purple dagger. Elegant and demure, she stood there like a goddess.

Han Sen had seen her using this sacred-blood poisonous butterfly dagger once, but it was on the purple-winged dragon. The dagger wasnt really effective as the dragon was gigantic. However, it would be different for a person. Han Sen didnt know if he could stand the toxin if stabbed with the dagger.

So, Han Sen wasnt going to give Qin Xuan any opportunity to attack. He wielded the katana using Bladestorm and the strike was so fast as if it could break the wind. It was a similar strike as this one that had ended Luo Tianyangs life.

Qin Xuan smiled, and moved away like a butterfly, dodging the fierce strike and stab her dagger at Han Sen's throat.

Han Sen stepped forward and ignored the dagger. The katana was wielded at Qin Xuan again.

That was a move that put both their lives at stake. If Qin Xuan did not dodge again, she would be cut in half; since Han Sen was in sacred-blood armor, he had a bigger chance at survival even cut by her sacred-blood dagger.

"Scoundrel," Qin Xuan scowled, gracefully moved sideways and avoided Han Sens attack.