Super Soldier Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Is Orochi Resurrected?

Chapter 397 Is Orochi Resurrected?

Feng XIII was definitely not only a cross between a human and a snake. Perhaps he had some fox extraction, so he was more sinister than a snake and more cunning than a fox.

Xiao Bing was watching quietly. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. For Xiao Bing, this internecine struggle was a rare opportunity.

Bai Jun said coldly, “Don’t forget that you’re also a child of God.”

“God?” Feng XIII smiled mockingly, “Do you think that there is a god in this world? Don’t make a joke. It’s for fooling children, and it’s a ridiculous joke in the world! Any strong person who stands at the top can claim to be God, because no one dares to oppose him. This so-called God has strong powers that ordinary humans or snakes don’t have and stands at the peak. If I have the strength, I can be God too! ”

“In the outside world, I joined an organization, and the leader of that organization claimed to be a Buddha …”

Xiao Bing knew that he was talking about Mr. Buddha.

“We all address him respectfully as Mr. Buddha. We are in awe of him, because his power is far beyond others. If I can match or surpass him, I can call myself a Buddha, a god, or a demon. I can call white black and black white, because the world’s standards are set by the strong.

“This is true among the human race, and so too with our snake race. I have always been your leader. From now on, I can still be your leader. Even if these forces are sacrificed to Orochi, he may not be resurrected, but it’s different for me. As long as I take one-third of 64 top-notches’ Internal Dan, I may reach a realm that has never been achieved by any of us since Orochi.”

Feng XIII’s eyes flashed with madness, and looking at the cloth bag in his hand, he said, “At that time, we’ll rule the world. I, King Mamba, can do something that Orochi has never done in history. The whole world will be shrouded in the glory of our Orochi family! ”

Snake Ba looked at Feng XIII in disbelief, and said, “King Mamba, you’re crazy!”

“Yes!” Yu Ban and Chi Lian also said, “How can you replace our great god? Doesn’t our Orochi family exist for our god?”

Feng XIII said calmly, “Your thinking is wrong. People live to make themselves more comfortable, and snakes live to prey. Any creature is selfish. I will ask you again, “Would you like to follow me?”

Bai Jun said coldly, “Mamba, since you’re going to betray our God, we cannot let you leave this place.”

Bai Jun’s face was gloomy, and he made a gesture. Several other elders surrounded Feng XIII. After Feng XIII betrayed the supreme god, in their hearts, they now regarded Bai Jun as their leader.

Bai Jun glanced back at Red Rose, who was sitting on the ground, staring blankly. He said calmly, “Second Patriarch, come and help us to kill Mamba. He betrayed us.”

Red Rose staggered to her feet and stood aside, in a daze. She shook her head and said, “I won’t help you, let alone Mamba. You have nothing in your mind, other than God. You’re cold-blooded!”

Bai Jun said coldly, “We are not human at all, we are snakes! Since you’re not willing to help, you’d better stand aside.”

Bai Jun turned his head and looked at King Mamba again, saying, “Mamba, if you hand over all Internal Dans in your hand, we will spare your life. You’re ambitious but not wise.”

Feng XIII laughed arrogantly, “You want to kill me? As long as these Internal Dans and the person with God’s blood belong to me, I can become a new god and reach the legendary Immortality! ”

Bai Jun said coldly, “I want to see if you have the chance.”

Feng XIII laughed, “Do you really think that I have no back up plan at all?”

Feng XIII suddenly jumped up and leapt over the deep pit. The person with God’s blood was bound at the opposite wall.

Feng XIII was in the air. Xiao Bing finally had the perfect opportunity and hit out at Feng XIII, like a bolt of lightning. Xiao Bing was like a cunning hunter and this was the perfect chance that he could get today. In mid-air, Feng XIII absolutely could not escape his blow. After killing Feng XIII, he would get Internal Dans and then defeat those people, one by one. He would rescue the hostage with God’s blood and seize Red Rose. Everything seemed to be seamless.

Xiao Bing’s quick action caught everyone by surprise. Red Rose was stunned when she saw it.

Feng XIII’s strength has reached the Early Stage of the Breaking The Void. He was already one of the top people in this world, so it was not easy for anyone to kill him. However, he did not expect that someone would be hiding nearby. When the man launched an attack, he felt a terrible sense of crisis. Moreover, his body was made up of half the snake’s blood, and the animal instinct in him was much more sensitive to the crisis than any ordinary human. He had a feeling that this man could kill him.

Xiao Bing’s strike was as swift as lightning, but Feng XIII’s response was surprisingly fast. He immediately threw the cloth bag in his hand toward the deep pit, and then he flew toward the man who had God’s blood.

Xiao Bing could see a snakehead creeping along at the bottom of the deep pit. If these 64 Internal Dans fell into Orochi’s mouth… Xiao Bing suddenly changed his mind and tried to grab the falling cloth bag. As it was about to fall into the pit, he grabbed the cloth bag. Then, a vast tongue came out and tried to devour Xiao Bing.

Everyone was stunned as they watched this scene. Xiao Bing’s left foot stepped on his right foot, and he sprung into the air. He flew back to his original spot, and the large, fierce-looking mouth closed. It almost brushed against Xiao Bing’s two feet, and Xiao Bing broke out in cold sweat.

Xiao Bing landed. He and several Great Patriarches of the Orochi clan were on this side of the deep pit. Feng XIII was on the opposite side. He had already reached the person with God’s blood. Holding the man’s shoulder, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Feng XIII looked at Xiao Bing and said, “I did not think that even with so much meticulous planning, I would fail because of you. It does not matter. I don’t want those Internal Dans. Tell me, who are you?”

Not only did Feng XIII want to know, but the other people were also very suspicious. Red Rose had not expected that Xiao Jun, who had been with her for several days, was so powerful that even the Mamba King was almost killed. Only then did she understand that this human being from the outside had not been forcibly arrested by her, but it was better to say that she had fallen into his trap.

Red Rose looked at Xiao Bing in a complicated way. Xiao Bing noticed her gaze. Instead of answering Feng XIII’s question first, he looked at Red Rose, and sighed, “I know what you’re thinking. You’re blaming me. However, I believe you have already figured it out, because you dared to stand up and stop them. You should also know the reason why I deceived you and sneaked in. You don’t want your fellow people to lose their lives because of ignorance. I also don’t want the outside world to be harmed by your so-called gods. At that time, many people will become destitute and homeless; many people will be separated from their wives and children; many innocent people will lose their lives.

The hatred in Red Rose’s eyes disappeared, and her eyes dimmed. “I see.”

Xiao Bing looked at Feng XIII and said, “You should have heard of me. My name is Xiao Bing.”

“Xiao Bing … It turns out that you’re not Xiao Jun, you’re called Xiao Bing.” Red Rose muttered to herself.

Feng XIII thought for a moment and felt slightly puzzled. Xiao Bing laughed and said, “It seems that you don’t pay too much attention to the affairs of the Cathaysian State. I’ll tell you another name, Mr. Dragon. Should you have heard of it?”

Feng XIII was shocked, looked at Xiao Bing with some doubt, and asked, “Are you Mr. Dragon? No wonder you’re so powerful… The man who can keep abreast of Mr. Buddha is extraordinary. If I’m not wrong, you’re the person in the imperial palace. ”

Xiao Bing looked at Feng XIII and said in a deep voice, “Did you kill Lei Jiutian?”

Feng XIII laughed and said, “Yes. Do you want to avenge him? Unfortunately, it’s too late… After I suck his blood, even Mr Buddha may not necessarily be my opponent. Then, the world will be mine, let alone two misters in the dark world! ”

Orochi’s snakehead was stuck in the giant pit. It was struggling as if it would be freed at any time. The earth shook continuously. Xiao Bing was planning to fly over to Feng XIII and grab the man. Bai Jun and the others suddenly surrounded him and shouted, “Give the Internal Dans back to us!”

Xiao Bing looked at these people and said, “Sorry, I’m going to keep these Internal Dans!”

Bai Jun and others tried to launch their attacks, but failed. Xiao Bing had gone straight towards Feng XIII.

Feng XIII laughed and knocked on the wall. The slate of the wall made a buzzing sound. The slate that bound the person with God’s blood swiveled to the other side. Feng XIII followed him to the other side of the slate.

Xiao Bing rushed over and hit the wall with one palm. As the stone wall was shattered, two people were exposed at the same time. Feng XIII was biting the throat of the person with God’s blood. His mouth was full of blood. Seeing Xiao Bing rushing over, he contentedly pushed aside the person with God’s blood, then turned around and walked quickly away behind the wall. Xiao Bing promptly chased after him.

A thunderous hissing sound rang in everyone’s ears. A giant snakehead about ten meters wide, finally emerged from the ground and opened its mouth to bite the person with God’s blood, who was barely alive. The living person was swallowed into his stomach. Then, the evil Qi of the big snake started to soar, and the hissing sound in his mouth made everyone cover their ears. Xiao Bing, who had chased it for dozens of meters, suddenly stopped. He turned around and said secretly, “Oh my god, has Orochi been resurrected?”