Super Soldier Chapter 398

Chapter 398 A Hell On Earth

Chapter 398 A Hell on Earth

Xiao Bing started to run back. When he was about to cross the broken wall, a gust of wind swept through the place. Xiao Bing shouted loudly and shot both his palms out. An invisible energy wall made a shield in front of him, so the force of the hurricane was blocked.

After the hurricane weakened, Xiao Bing withdrew his hands and crossed the broken wall. He saw a scene that startled him. Except for Red Rose, the Five Great Patriarchs’ Internal Dans had been forced out of their bodies. When Xiao Bing came out, Orochi had already swallowed four Internal Dans.

Xiao Bing had a bad premonition. Orochi had eaten the person with God’s blood and those caught from outside. Although he had the 64 Internal Dans, these four people were currently the strongest in this place. They were all at the Innate Realm, and Bai Jun had entered the Breaking The Void, the limit realm that human beings could currently reach. Even if the energy of their Internal Dans was not equal to that of the 64 Internal Dans, it could match that of 20 Internal Dans, because one of their Internal Dan was the equivalent of four or five Internal Dans.

He did not know what would happen to Orochi after it devoured the Dans. Would it return to its peak state?

Xiao Bing yelled at the four great patriarchs, “Damn, you are all crazy!”

Xiao Bing was not the only one who had this thought. Red Rose, who was in a stupefied state, had the same thought.

After Bai Jun and the others gave up their Internal Dans, their Qi began to grow weaker. Bai Jun’s handsome face showed a gratified smile and he said to himself, “I can feel the terrifying power growing in God’s body. Perhaps he can be reborn this time…”

Bai Jun felt his life seeping away. He suddenly looked at Red Rose, who was not far behind, with a pleading look in his eyes. “Rose …”

Her expression was complicated. After all, this was the man she once liked. She did not know what he would say to her now.

Bai Jun said piteously, “This is … this is our best chance, can you … can you do me a favor? Give your Internal Dan to God … to help our God to be reborn.”

Red Rose’s expression suddenly changed. She was not angry. Although Bai Jun’s words made her completely disappointed, she was frightened now. She suddenly opened her eyes and shouted, “Be careful!”

When Bai Jun turned his head, Orochi had already bitten him, and there was only his lower body left. After chewing his upper body, Orochi swallowed his lower body and that of the other three great patriarchs, who had donated their Internal Dans to it.

Xiao Bing gaped at this scene. So did Red Rose. Her body was trembling faintly, even though she was already the top-notch of the Orochi family. When she saw how this God crunched and ate his followers without any mercy, she felt terrified and absurd.

How ridiculous! Was there such a funny thing in the world? The god they believed in should have sheltered its believers, but he greedily swallowed some of its most loyal believers. Red Rose felt this was so ridiculous. Had she not been so frightened, she would have laughed.

Orochi’s body was long, and its whole body gradually came out of the ground. The white scales on its body shone with a bright and evil light. Its huge snakehead was almost the size of six or seven Xiao Bings. There was a glow of excitement in its pair of huge eyes.

As Orochi’s body gradually broke through the earth, the ground cracked, and the solid walls above it, also collapsed.

Orochi was screaming, a noise which almost deafened Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing felt a terrible power exuding from this python, one that he had never experienced before. This power made him temporarily give up the idea of fighting with the legendary monster. He quickly escaped the snake’s bloody mouth and flew directly to Red Rose. He grabbed her and carried her on his back. Then, he promptly got out of the hole, and entered the cave. Now, the cave was also on the verge of collapse, Xiao Bing carried her and flew out of the cave quickly. The more than 400 people of the Orochi family, who had gathered at the entrance of the cave were already far away, because boulders were rolling down from the top of the mountain, and the two powerful pythons were about tens of meters away.

Xiao Bing carried Red Rose, and instead of going in the direction of those people, flew to a place nearly 100 meters away, in the other direction. When he felt it was safe for the moment, he stopped and put Red Rose down.

Seeing that Red Rose looked confused, Xiao Bing said calmly, “My name is Xiao Bing, not Xiao Jun. Although I lied to you before, there is one thing I did not lie to you about. I will bring you out alive, as long if you are willing! ”

Red Rose looked at Xiao Bing in surprise. Xiao Bing stared at the direction of the cave and said solemnly, “The promise is that we must get out alive.”

As he was talking, the mountain wall suddenly collapsed, and the giant snake came out of the ground. It raised its head, which was sixty or seventy meters high. That was only a part of the snake’s body. Because its body did not ultimately come out of the ground, Xiao Bing felt that the sixty or seventy meters high head could only be regarded as a part of the body of the big snake.

When the 400 members or more of the Orochi family saw this, some screamed, and some were too scared to cry. For them, the so-called God had always existed in mythology. Most people were now kneeling and constantly worshipping Orochi. For such people, they were true to the faith.

The snakehead glanced around at the sky, and then suddenly swerved sharply, creating a strong wind. All of the 400 people were tossed onto the ground. Like a human wolfing down beans, it swallowed dozens of them, with its large, fierce-looking mouth. As it ate them, there was blood flowing from the corners of its mouth.

Now, those who believed in it, suddenly came to their senses. Their faith was in danger of collapsing. Some people directly slumped to the ground, and some people turned and ran away. But for Orochi, they were like small ants. As it flew over again, these people were eaten by it, one by one. More and more people were eaten.

Red Rose muttered to herself, “It’s impossible. It’s impossible…”

Red Rose did not agree with these people using their lives as a sacrifice. Unexpectedly, the first thing the God that they had always believed in did, was to eat all its believers.

Xiao Bing murmured to himself, “This time, you saw that you are merely tools for Orochi. Your generations made every effort to bring it back to life. It could be because I took away the 64 Internal Dans, so most of its snake body is still deep in the ground. It has not fully recovered. To strengthen its power and try to get a rebirth, it ignored everything and wanted to eat all of you. Does it know that you are all its descendants? Had it thought about what you had done for it for generations?”

Red Rose had a mental breakdown. She grabbed her head, shook it hard, and suddenly caught Xiao Bing’s arm, saying, “Save them. Save my people, please.”

Xiao Bing exhaled. He could not let Orochi continue to eat without restraint. These fellows were also lives. Every time it ate one, Orochi’s power became a little stronger. Now, its body had not ultimately come out of the depths of the ground, perhaps because its body had not completely recovered. Such a powerful and crazy monster would bring huge disaster to the world, if it could get out of this place.

Xiao Bing promised, “You wait here.”

After speaking, Xiao Bing ran toward the place where the disaster happened.

Seeing that Xiao Bing went straight to Orochi without any fear, Red Rose sat down on the ground, with a complicated look in her eyes. She thought silently that this was their belief. The so-called God was such a cruel, bloodthirsty, and crazy monster, a big snake. Had they had been expecting that such a cold-blooded monster would lead them to rule humanity? This monster was going to eat all of them, but they were waiting for the human beings they had been trying to rule, to save them. This was simply dark humor.

Xiao Bing was only over a hundred meters away from Orochi, but it looked like a thousand meters long. Evil power surrounded the monster, and that power was like a hurricane preventing Xiao Bing from moving forward.

When Xiao Bing was only about 10 meters away from Orochi, Orochi suddenly raised its head, and made an excited, hissing noise, like a huge dragon. Xiao Bing turned back. On top of a distant mountain, another giant snake had emerged from the ground. Its body was buried in the ground, so it was difficult to judge how big the entire snake was.

Xiao Bing suddenly thought of a description of Orochi in the legend. It was said that it had a total of eight heads and eight tails. They shared the same snake body, but its body had eight branches. Before Susanoo killed it, he had prepared eight jars of spirit. After each of its eight snakeheads drank one jar of spirit, all of them got drunk, and Susanoo killed it.

However, it turned out that legends could also be misleading. Orochi was not killed, but was seriously injured. So, it had been sleeping underground in this island for so many years. It woke up only once every 30 years.

Xiao Bing suddenly had an idea. Orochi had a total of eight snakeheads. If all eight snakeheads were popping out of the ground, it would prove that Orochi had fully recovered and was revived.

It was probably because the sacrificial offerings were not enough, during the ceremony. It could not emerge from the ground, and the other six snakeheads were still sleeping!

And now, the reason why it continuously devoured its descendants was that it was trying to get more power and recover completely. It had evidently lost confidence and patience in the ritual.

At this moment, blood spurted everywhere, loud cries could be heard, and broken limbs were scattered everywhere.

The homeland of the Orochi family, who had lived for thousands of years, had been wholly transformed into hell on earth!

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