Super Soldier Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Speaking Human Language

Chapter 399 Speaking Human Language

The other head of Orochi was hundreds of meters away. It was on the mountain where toxic insects and snakes could be seen anywhere. Orochi seemed to have bolted out from the top. The distance from its head to its tails was hundreds of meters long. But it was only a part of its body. The rest was still under the mountain. If the two serpents’ bodies were to be connected, it was highly possible that Orochi measured thousands of meters long, considering the length it had already shown.

Small wonder that it was an ancient monster!

Its body was not only long, but was even thicker than a gigantic trunk of a tree. Xiao Bing surmised that it could devour several people with one swallow. Even the giant dinosaurs could not be compared to it.

It seemed to have encountered an enemy on the top of the mountain, which was a relief to Xiao Bing. Otherwise it would be hard for him to escape.

Orochi was devouring many of its descendants as quickly as possible, and did not pay any attention to Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing jumped over and held the two kids in his arms. He rolled on the ground and dodged an attack from the serpent. Then he dashed towards Red Rose. Orochi cast a glance at him, which made Xiao Bing’s heart convulse for a second. He found its glare rather terrifying.

The eyes of a normal human were black and white. Orochi’s eyes were like two crimson lanterns. The gleaming red in its eyes gave off an evil and bright light, and a horrifying killing intention could be seen in them.

Xiao Bing did not stop. When he approached Red Rose, he placed the two kids on the ground.

When Xiao Bing released the kids, the little boy burst into tears, but the girl dropped on the ground. There was a hole on her forehead. Xiao Bing held a finger beneath her nose, and his heart sank instantly. “She has stopped breathing,” he sighed.

The boy’s cries became louder. Xiao Bing threw a look at Red Rose. He felt very uncomfortable because these two kids were the ones he had played games with before. But now the girl was dead.

Xiao Bing stood up and looked at Red Rose. “Please take care of him for me.” He said this sternly.

Red Rose looked at Xiao Bing, and for the first time, she sensed a formidable aura from him. It made her tremble. Xiao Bing turned around and raised his head to look at Orochi, quietly.

Standing behind Xiao Bing, Red Rose said, “Xiao Jun, our god… Orochi has 8 heads and tails and they are all connected. I was told that its coiled body is as big as 8 valleys and mountains. So we all know that it has been living beneath our feet. It is everywhere on this island, because its size can fill this whole land.”

“I can see that.” Xiao Bing said, seriously. He knew whose side Red Rose was on now, because she was sharing information with him.

“Now only two heads were revived, which means that it is much weaker than when it was in its prime. The ceremony failed. But you must be careful. It’s so… terrifying.”

“I know.” Xiao Bing said sternly. “It’s an ancient demon from the legends. Normal men will not stand a chance against it, even if it’s far less powerful than when it was in its prime. But I will fight it.”

Then Xiao Bing sprinted at full speed toward Orochi.

Xiao Bing was incredibly fast and fearless, it was as if his blood was boiling.

Xiao Bing looked invincible, due to his fearless pace and he was in perfect control of his strength. After casting a glance at him, Red Rose felt as if Xiao Bing was capable of punching a hole in the sky.

Xiao Bing had kept his power hidden ever since he had come to this country, and he had never revealed his actual strength. He was the most powerful man known to men in the Cathaysian State, and now he decided to show his true strength.

In other words, Xiao Bing was by far the strongest in a 1 on 1 combat!

Only Mr. Buddha of the Dark World, was equal to him, in strength.

He was the best solider among all the special forces!

Xiao Bing gave a mighty leap. When he was about ten meters above the ground, the distance between him and the snake’s head was less than a meter. He was at an extremely high distance above the ground, and that was his best effort. After all, humans did not have wings.

Xiao Bing punched its scales hard, his fists issuing forth a burning force. Although Orochi’s scales were as hard as steel, a hole appeared on its body and blood spurted out. The massive strength behind the forceful punch made its gigantic body fall to the ground.

Xiao Bing grabbed a scale on Orochi’s body, as he fell. Then he mounted the beast. It was trembling as it fell to the ground. Xiao Bing jumped clear when it crashed onto the ground. The earth vibrated and cracked. Several residents were smashed into pieces, before they could get away.

Xiao Bing decided to kill it while it was in a weakened state.

While Xiao Bing intended to lunge at it, he suddenly felt something horrifying coming from behind him. He turned around and saw its tail, which was about dozens of meters in length, coming for his body. It was fast and unexpected. The only thing Xiao Bing could do was to cover his head with his hands. “Bang!” The tail smashed against Xiao Bing’s body. Although he was protected by his Gang Spirit, he could feel his inner organs shifting. The strength from the strike was too much for him to bear. He was sent hurtling, like a flying arrow. Then he tumbled hard on the ground and rolled for over ten meters.

“Xiao Bing!” Red Rose screamed, her voice cracking in fear.

“I’m okay!” Xiao Bing stood up instantly, and his breath was still even. He spat out some blood. Then he stared at that boa constrictor, which was about one hundred meters away from him.

Now things became difficult for him. Xiao Bing wondered why he had not thought of the tail, after all he was told that Orochi had 8 heads and 8 tails. Now he finally saw them. The distance between its head and tail was dozens of meters. It was able to cause massive destruction while fighting.

And the strength coming behind the tail’s strike, was no less than that of a strike that contained all Xiao Bing’s power.

Xiao Bing managed break one of its scales and punched a hole on its body. But the injury seemed no more than a scratch. Yet it was able to send him hurtling, with a random strike from its tail. Though part of the reason was that he did not see it coming, he realized how powerful this Orochi was.

Besides, he was only dealing with one of its tails and heads, and there were still eight of them, which meant it was only exerting one-eighth of its strength. Xiao Bing could not imagine how formidable it would be, when all its body parts were revived. He believed it would be a catastrophe for the world.

Xiao Bing had always thought that his biggest enemy was Mr. Buddha. Now he realized that there was something more powerful than that man. It was Orochi, an ancient beast who was coiling in front of him.

Orochi raised its head slowly until it was about ten meters above the ground. Its tail was wriggling.

Making a rattling sound, Orochi looked at Xiao Bing as if he was a delicious prey. The avarice in its crimson, lantern-sized eyes was very evident.

“You are a delicious human, not one of my descendents.”

Orochi spoke, and what surprised Xiao Bing was that the language it used, was from the Cathaysian State instead of R Country!

Xiao Bing gasped and asked in his native language, “You can speak? Why are you speaking the language of the Cathaysian State?”

Orochi felt a trace of panic when it heard Xiao Bing speaking the language of the Cathaysian State. He asked in horror, “You’re from the God’s Realm?”

“The God’s Realm?” Xiao Bing asked in bewilderment. “Which country is that?”

Orochi fell silent, while still staring at Xiao Bing and thought of something unknown to Xiao Bing. Its people had fled in disorder. Some of them had been eaten by their ancestor, some were killed by its tail and some were crushed by its teeth and gigantic body. There were only dozens of them that survived, and some of them were seriously injured.

All the residents were screaming and running, but Orochi did not care about them anymore. It believed that Xiao Bing was from the God’s Realm, which meant that he was worth more than dozens of its normal descendants.

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