Super Soldier Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Boarding

Chapter 400 Boarding

Orochi looked at Xiao Bing and when it spoke, Xiao Bing found that its mouth stank. You dont know what it is? Then what about Fu Xi, the Emperor? The beast asked in a booming voice.

The one from ancient times? Xiao Bing gasped. The history of the Cathaysian State began with the Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns. They were all legends from ancient times. Many myths originated from that time. Fu Xi was one of the Three Emperors and their leader.

According to what it said, Xiao Bing surmised that the beast was perhaps from the same era as Fu Xi, and that was 5000 years ago!

Xiao Bing shook his head and said, It has been over 5000 years. Our country is now united, and there are no more tribes. It is now a united nation called the Cathaysian State.

Over 5000 years? Orochi had a spooky smile on its face. I did not know that it has been that long. Fu Xi, Nu Wa, Gong Gong, Zhuanxu They must have all been dead for a long time. But I, Xiang Liu, outlived them all.

Xiang Liu? Xiao Bing found this name very familiar.

But Orochi did not continue with that topic. He sighed and said, I was stabbed in the back by Susanoo, centuries ago. Yet luck grows out of adversity. I found this place which contains the air that can help people reach immortality. Lad, you and I are from the same place. If you give me your Internal Dan and help me recover and get free from this place, I will stop killing.

Xiao Bing felt slightly relieved. Xiao Bing now knew that the earth beneath his feet was the reason why Orochi was still alive. And it would die if it left this place, which was why it could not break out from the ground totally. Xiao Bing believed that its injuries had not healed yet and the wounds must be deadly. Only when it stayed underground, could it live. Hence, Xiao Bing surmised that it could not cause much more damage, if they stopped providing it with tonics.

Xiao Bing let out a sigh of relief when he thought of that. Then he asked, What if I disagree?

Orochi made a spooky rattling sound and its mouth stank. Then I have to devour you all, including the kid behind you. It said with a booming voice, filled with mounting pride.

The two confronted each other. Then they heard something rumbling on the top of a mountain from afar. Anger appeared in the beasts eyes, then it turned into ecstasy. Xiao Bing looked confused, not knowing what was happening. He surmised that there was a battle going on, on the mountain top.

With a rattling sound, Orochi stared at Xiao Bing. Suddenly it swirled back into the cave. Xiao Bing was confused, because he had not expected that. Was Orochi afraid of him? Xiao Bing deemed it impossible. Xiao Bing could sense that he was only dealing with one-eighth of the beast. He could tell from the imposing evil aura around it, that the beast was far stronger than him.

Since Xiao Bing was not a match for the beast, why then did it run?

The only explanation was that it was running away. Something had happened on that mountain top. From the anger and ecstasy in its eyes, Xiao Bing believed that some powerful masters must be on that mountain, searching for this place. They might be even stronger than Xiao Bing. Otherwise it would not have just have left Xiao Bing like that.

Soon after, the earth began quaking. Xiao Bing could feel something moving fast toward the mountain beneath the ground. It seemed that his guess was right. Its two heads would converge to devour whoever was on that mountain top.

What kind of a being could be there, that the beast actually left Xiao Bing for it.

Xiao Bing pondered and thought there were only two persons who were likely to be on that mountain. One was Feng XIII and the other was Iza Kawatani, the martial god of Country R. Feng XIII was not stronger than him. But he had drank the blood of the man with the Gods Blood, before he was devoured by the beast. Anyone who drank blood from that man would become much more powerful, but then they would explode and die. What if Feng XIII drank the blood and did not die? Maybe he would be more powerful than Xiao Bing.

But Feng XIII was extremely cunning. Even Xiao Bing had been hindered by him several times. First, Feng XIII took the man with Gods Blood from him. Then he ran away before Xiao Bing knew about it. Not only was he powerful, he was also very shrewd. Xiao Bing had a feeling that even Mr. Buddha was unable to control this man. Because this man was someone who could not be ordered about.

He might be cunning enough not to be discovered by Orochi.

If it was not Feng XIII, then Iza Kawatani was most likely to be the one. The royal family of R Country had lost their source of Gods blood, and they would not just give it up so easily. Iza Kawatani had been deceived by his pupil, and he would not just let it go either. It would not be strange if he managed to find this island. Xiao Bing could not see through this man. Though it was not likely that Iza Kawatani had reached immortality, he might have reached the Completion of Void-breaking. If he knew that Feng XIII did not die after drinking the Gods Blood, he might take this risk to see if he could advance his skills.

Xiao Bing cast these thoughts away and ran to Red Rose. The boy had passed out in her arms. Cradling the boy, Red Rose looked at Xiao Bing. He asked Wheres the exit. Ill get you out of here.

Red Rose came back to reality. Theres a passage towards the foot of that mountain. But there are guardians there. No one is allowed to leave without the elders consent.

Okay, take me there!

Xiao Bing took the boy and cradled him. This is no job for women.

Red Rose had been dismayed because Xiao Bing did not tell her the whole truth. But what Xiao Bing just said dissolved all her anger. Then they ran to the discreet passage and found there were two serpents lying on the ground. They were of the same size as the serpents that guarded the entrance of the cave during the ceremony. Xiao Bing felt lucky that he had been prudent enough. Otherwise he could have been killed. After all, there were not only Feng XIII and the Great Patriarch. The serpents guarding this place were all at the level of Void-breaking.

Xiao Bing saw that Orochi had devoured the two guarding serpents at the cave, and many of the residents had been eaten as well. That was why its second head had revived. But these two snakes seemed to have been killed unexpectedly. Xiao Bing believed that it was Feng XIII, who did this.

Red Rose paused and sighed as she looked at the bodies of the serpents. Then she kept running with Xiao Bing trailing close behind her.

This passage was about thousands of meters long. Another world appeared as they reached the end: beach, sea and the rolling tides. The two boats Xiao Bing used were still there. And there were two big ships anchored beside the beach. It seemed to be manned and armed.

As he had expected, Iza Kawatani was there.

It seems that Orochi left me, because it thought Iza Kawatani is a better tonic.

Iza Kawatani was stronger than Xiao Bing, though he was not a match for a single snake head. But at least he could run. Orochi could not leave this island before all of its heads were revived. That was why it left Xiao Bing and came to this place. Xiao Bing surmised that it was here to kill Iza Kawatani, as soon as possible.

Xiao Bing looked at Red Rose and asked, Do you know how to start a ship? Perhaps you should take the boy with you and leave first. I will go and check the mountain top.

Red Rose shook her head and said, I dont know. I have never left this place.

Xiao Bing looked at the ships and he suddenly smiled. I have an idea.

As he said so, he put the boy on his back and grabbed the woman by the arm and sprinted toward one of them. The sailors screamed in panic, We are under attack!

Before they realized it, Xiao Bing had boarded the ship. He seized the screaming man by the throat, and looked at others who aimed their guns at them. You can shoot. He said this in an aloof manner.

Then the men pulled the trigger. There were six of them in total, which meant that there were six guns. But Xiao Bing did not even try to dodge the bullets, because they started to slow down when they were about three centimeters away from him. Xiao Bing flailed and a second later, all the bullets were in his hands.

Xiao Bing grinned as he dropped the bullets. Then he let go of the man and asked, Answer my questions, otherwise all of you will be killed!

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