Super Soldier Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Raging Monsters

Chapter 401 Raging Monsters

These men had never seen someone who could grasp bullets by hand. The ones who were capable of doing that were at least of Gang-strength Stage. The Vigorous-strength formed a shield, which slowed the bullets and weakened their strength. Hence, Xiao Bing was able to catch them with ease.

A man at Gang-strength stage would be regarded as a powerful artist anywhere in this world. Less powerful martial artists could never do that. So they were all stunned and quivered with fear.

Xiao Bing spoke coldly, “Answer my questions and do not talk about anything else. Who is in charge of these two ships?”

They traded glances with each other. Xiao Bing glanced at one of them and flicked his fingers A stream of air formed into an arrow and then it pierced that man’s forehead. Soon the man fell on the deck.

Xiao Bing said in a low voice, “I don’t want to kill and I don’t want to ask you for a second time. Who is in charge of these ships?”

These men were all terrified. One replied hastily, “Iza Kawatani, the Martial Gods, is the one who led the fleet.”

Xiao Bing nodded with satisfaction. “How many martial artists are there? Only Iza Kawatani himself?”

“No.” One man answered, “There are about one hundred of them and they are all the top masters of the country.”

Xiao Bing sniggered, “Including you?”

This sailor said in embarrassment, “Of course not, but we’re telling the truth and the weakest is at the level of Concealing-strength. Besides Iza Kawatani, the Great Patriarch, the Second Patriarch, and the third Presbyter are also there.”

Xiao Bing gasped at the numbers. Xiao Bing still remembered that gaunt Second Partiarch. That old man had reached the Completion of the final stage of Vigorous-strength. He was only one step away from the next level and he was already a mighty man in this world. Lord Long, the man who conquered the underground world of the three provinces in the north, was only at the final stage of Vigorous-strength. But he was invincible in these provinces.

Xiao Bing was shocked by the strength of his enemies. He gasped and asked fretfully, “Are they all on that mountain?”

“Ye…Yes!” He suddenly opened his eyes wide as he spoke. The trees on the distant mountain began swaying violently and soon after they crashed to the ground, one after another, as screeches and curses drifted into their ears.

Xiao Bing smiled bitterly as he said, “It doesn’t seem to be something good.”

Red Rose realized it and her face turned serious. Small wonder the other head of Orochi had left Xiao Bing alone. Besides the mighty Iza Kawatani, there were about one hundred of powerful artists on the mountain. The number was even bigger than that of the Orochi clan. If it could devour all of them, then only god would know what would happen…

Xiao Bing looked back and cast Red Rose a complicated glance. “Don’t follow me and protect yourself. I’ll come back soon.”

Red Rose said, “I can be of help, though I’m also Orochi’s…”

Xiao Bing interrupted her, “Don’t say that. The boy in your arms has lost his family. Do you want him to lose his life as well?”

Xiao Bing said it because he believed that Red Rose would not be of much help. Indeed she was a powerful martial artist, but she was one of the Orochi Clan, which meant she could not exert all her strength in front of Orochi.

On the other hand, Xiao Bing interrupted her so hastily because he did not want the others to hear what she might say next. Orochi was the most notorious beast in history. If others knew that she was one of the Orochi clan, there would be no place for her out there, even if she made it out alive.

Red Rose was not stupid. She knew Xiao Bing’s concern. She cast Xiao Bing a glance of gratitude. She hesitated for a moment and put down the boy in her arms. She was also suspicious of these sailors. But she agreed and said, “I’ll stay. But Xiao Jun… No, Xiao Bing. You have to come back alive.”

“Don’t worry.” Xiao Bing smiled. He seemed at ease even when he was about to confront the most dangerous beast in history. “No one in this world can kill me!” The confidence in his eyes was plain.

Then Xiao Bing jumped off the boat and dashed toward the mountain top. The sailors exchanged glances and aimed their guns at Red Rose. Red Rose sniggered and suddenly she snatched a gun from a man’s hand. She clenched her fist and twisted the gun, , which startled all of them. After that, they trembled and kept themselves well away from her.

After Xiao Bing jumped off the boat, he saw a man covered with snake scales crawling along the passage. Half of this man’s body was gone. Xiao Bing walked over to him and squatted before him, “Did Orochi do this to you?”

“It’s our god… Not a serpent. The other two guardians of our clan are the two serpents that were guarding the ceremony. They both were so terrified when they saw Orochi devouring its own kind. They started attacking the ones who managed to escape from the god. I… I…”

Xiao Bing recalled that those two white serpents seemed to be at the level of Void-breaking. The clan had these white serpents as guards before, but the two of them were now dead. Xiao Bing surmised that they all had reached the level of Void-breaking. Plus Feng XIII and Bai Jun, there were six beings at Void-breaking level in the serpent clan. The number was even bigger than that of the human world. Small wonder they were the descendants of the demonic beast. They were all born to be powerful and it was easier for them to become stronger.

They were talents who were all born to study martial arts. But it was a pity to see the clan falling and being destroyed by Orochi, the ancestor they called “God”.

Xiao Bing did not know why the two guarding serpents had devoured so many of their own kind. Maybe they truly went crazy. After all, they had always believed in Orochi and had been guarding this place all their lives, hoping to see their god being revived. Their god was revived, but it wanted to devour all of them. It was not hard for Xiao Bing to imagine how cruel a blow it was to them.

Xiao Bing did not ask anything else because he knew he would not get the answers. The half-bodied man died. Though snakes were tough, they would die eventually.

Xiao Bing sighed inwardly. But he could not waste too much time mourning the fate of these people. Maybe it did not matter to Orochi at all. As long as it could recover from the previous injury, it would always find a way to bring glory to its kind once more. Maybe it only cared if it could be the invincible Orochi it once was.

Xiao Bing kept climbing.

Iza Kawatani had encountered the biggest crisis of his life. He had been searching for Feng XIII for a long time, and he found nothing. He even wondered if there was something wrong with the tracking system. Indeed, there were two boats on the beach.

Just as he intended to leave this place with his men, he suddenly heard the sounds of the earth cracking and men screaming in pain. The whole mountain was shaking. He did not even know where the sound was coming from. But he was sure that there must another world in this place. Small wonder he could not find Feng XIII. He must be hiding there.

Besides, Iza Kawatani sensed something extremely horrifying and evil in this place. He had never had such feelings before. He believed that it did not belong to Feng XIII or any human. Instead, it seemed to be coming from either a devil or a monster…

The sense of danger increased. He summoned the men who were searching on the mountain to assemble instantly. But after they gathered around him, the whole mountain started shaking again. Giants boulders were falling and the roads started cracking. A considerably lengthy and gigantic white serpent wound itself out from a crack, and began sweeping around, while screaming in a terrifying, insane and evil manner.

Beside Iza Kawatani, the two powerful masters who had reached the level of Dan-strength, were taken aback. They almost slumped on the ground due to their legs suddenly turning weak. “What… What is it…” They muttered.

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