Super Soldier Chapter 402

Chapter 402 The Disaster On The Mountain

Chapter 402 The Disaster on the Mountain

Looking at those lantern-sized eyes, Iza Kawatani recognized it instantly. “O… Orochi?” His eyes opened wide.

Iza Kawatani’s family were the decedents of the god who created this world, though people did not believe those stories completely. Orochi, for instance, had allegedly died a long time ago. But now it was still alive, which proved that parts of those stories were true. Most people did not believe it as it sounded a bit odd and quite unconvincing.

Iza Kawatani spoke in a serious tone, “The stories about Orochi has been told many times in our family. It says that its eyes are red lanterns and people will feel terrified if they were near it. But it also says that it was killed by Susanoo a long time ago. It is said that it has eight heads, trunks and tails. It can burn skies and drain oceans. Though this beast seems to be formidable, it is not as powerful as Orochi. But it also has red eyes and white skin, and seems really vile. Is it really Orochi’s kind?”

Orochi was the most formidable demonic beast in Country R’s history. All the men gathered there felt a chill of fear when they heard Iza Kawatani comparing this serpent to Orochi. Even the two patriarchs felt a pang of panic. “My lord, please make a decision.” They pleaded. “

Its eyes gleamed with greed as it saw the scattered martial artists in the mountain. It lashed out and seconds later 6 or 7 men were devoured. Some of them tried to fight and some of them tried to run. But they seemed so small in front of the serpent. Masters below the level of Innate Realm were nothing to Orochi.

Iza Kawatani shook his head and said, “Retreat and get back to the ship!”

Then the men near him shouted out his orders to the rest of the group. Their voices echoed in the mountain. Many powerful masters began retreating even before they got the order.

But it was too late for them to run. A snakehead rose from a crack in the middle of the mountain, then came its body, which was hundreds of meters long. It was the one who left Xiao Bing to look for them. The men on the mountain were scrambling to leave. There were eight of them who almost reached the foot of the mountain, but Orochi caught up with them and bit off their heads. Then it feasted on their bodies.

There was one serpent at the top and one in the middle. The humans who had not been killed were trapped on the upper half of the mountain. They were all more powerful than the dead ones. Almost twenty of then gathered around Iza Kawatani and the rest of them were also coming to him as soon as possible. After all, Iza Kawatani was the legend among the masters of R Country. They all believed in him, no matter what happened, much like how the commandos in Cathaysian believed in Xiao Bing.

But Orochi did not show them any mercy. It writhed its way toward the crowd like a starving wolf. All the fierce beasts living in the woods fled in fear, and trees were being knocked down. Gigantic as it was, it was much faster than normal people. Even masters who had reached the Innate Realm could not be compared to him in terms of speed.

Two masters at Transforming-strength stage fell. But before they could get to their feet, Orochi opened its mouth and devoured one of them.

The other man screamed when he saw its bloody mouth approaching. But then he decided to fight back. He dashed toward it and delivered a punch. However, its gargantuan mouth sucked him in like a big magnet. Then Orochi closed its mouth, even as the man was still screaming.

“I had not expected that there would be so much food…”

Iza Kawatani came to look for Feng XIII, bringing with him half of the powerful masters in Country R, yet most of them had been devoured by Orochi, a monster that had only lived in the stories they heard.

“Well…” Orochi rolled its eyes and murmured, “Only one-fifth of my power is restored. I wonder what the number will be after I eat all of these stupid humans.”

Then as he opened its mouth, the several masters of Transforming-strength felt an irresistible suction from behind. One second later they were all in Orochi’s belly. Then the serpent continued its search for food.

The other two serpents were also searching for humans in the mountain. For some unknown reasons, they were looking for the masters who had gone astray, instead of the ones gathered around Iza Kawatani.

Eventually, all the masters who were alone in the mountain were killed. The rest were gathered around Iza Kawatani. The two heads of Orochi were in mid-air, one at the top and one at the mountainside. It gazed at them with evil and greedy eyes.

The masters around Iza Kawatani were in a panicky state, but they were still brave enough to stay on and fight, though this monster was beyond their wildest imagination. On one hand, the Martial God was here with them. On the other hand, over half of them had reached the Innate Realm and the rest were of Transforming Strength stage. Only 5 or 6 of them were below that level.

Artists who had reached the level of Transforming Strength were all regarded as powerful masters, let alone those masters of Innate Realm. Only after a tremendous amount of difficulties could one reach that level. Any masters of that level must have a superior mentality.

The Second Patriarch glanced at Iza Kawatani and asked in bewilderment, “My Lord, do you think it is of the same species as Orochi?”

The Third Patriarch asked, “It’s said that Orochi has eight heads, eight trunks and eight tails. And their trunks are all connected with each other. But the rest of the bodies of these two serpents are underground. If they are connected as well… They might be of the same species as Orochi.”

The Second Patriarch said, “If it’s true, we can never beat it, even if all of us attack it together. Orochi is a monster that scares even the gods!”

All the others panicked when they heard this, “What should we do?”

“What should we do? Run?”

“How? There’s one head on the top and one down the below… Do you know how many of us have been eaten? Over half of us did not survive.”

“That’s right. We must stay together, instead of getting separated…”

They were all terrified, but they could still think because Iza Kawatani was there with them. He was their mainstay.

The Second Patriarch said, “My lord, please make a decision.”

Iza Kawatani was the descendant of the god that created this world. Susanoo, the legendary warrior who once killed Orochi, was also created by Yisa Naki, which meant that Iza Kawatani was like Pangu in the myth of Cathaysian State.

That was the reason why Iza Kawatani was respected by so many martial artists in Country R and was able to calm these men.

Orochi found these humans rather interesting as it looked at them. It had thought that they would flee like headless chickens. But they gathered together quietly. They were calmer than Orochi had imagined, though they still seemed to be in a panicky state.

Orochi decided not to devour them as soon as possible, because it had not seen any human in 5000 years. Though he had been awakened several times by the ceremony, it knew that they were its people and the humans there were tonics that were too weak to speak. It had never seen so many humans gathered around and whispering to each other.

It was like a bored child who had found a new toy. Indeed, these people or tonics were also toys in Orochi’s eyes.

While the snakeheads were still staring at Iza Kawatani and the men around him, Xiao Bing had discreetly approached Orochi. In front of Xiao Bing was Orochi’s gigantic body. Half of its body was out in the air and the other half was deep under the earth.

Xiao Bing’s arms had to be ten times longer for him to be able to hold its gargantuan body in his arms. Its scales were sparkling. Xiao Bing had seen them before and he knew that they were as hard as steel. Xiao Bing looked up and found the snakeheads about 80 meters away from the ground, with its back of the head toward him.

Xiao Bing seemed so small in front of Orochi, like a cockroach to a human. Orochi’s attention was fixed on the “toy” below it. Xiao Bing hid his trace so carefully that Orochi did not even notice Xiao Bing’s presence.

Xiao Bing climbed up a giant tree beside Orochi and hid behind the dense branches. Sitting on the branches, Xiao Bing could see Iza Kawatani and his men, who were a hundred meters away from him.

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