Super Soldier Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Iza Kawatani And Orochi

Chapter 403 Iza Kawatani and Orochi

The humans were not the only ones who felt terrified, Orochi was also afraid. It was not the humans it feared. It only saw them as its delicious food. It was the human society that scared him. It had not expected that it would encounter humans who were at such a level. In its memory, men like Susanoo were the most powerful martial artists, and they were usually regarded as a god.

Though they were not as powerful as Susanoo, they were mighty masters among humankind, especially that old man with the white hair and white beard.

It wondered if powerful masters like them could usually be seen in the outside world. If it was true, it was not likely that it could conquer them all, even when its power was fully restored. If there were powerful martial masters like Susanoo, its life would be at stake. If would be a shame if it was killed by humans this time.

Orochi began to hesitate. The fire of vengeance had been burning in its belly for thousands of years. It once could roam freely in this world. But it had to hide here to recover because of Susanoo.

It had been 5,000 years!

Demonic beasts like it could have experienced several incarnations in 5000 years. Though it survived and had been sleeping under the ground, it was no different from being dead.

Hence, it craved vengeance. But it suddenly felt worried as it looked at these humans. It was not the empty-headed beast it once was, because it did not want the same thing to happen again. It did not know what the outside world was like now. It was afraid that powerful masters like them were innumerable.

Orochi did not do anything, nor did Iza Kawatani and his men. All of them were too afraid to move. The demonic beast in front of them was too evil and formidable. They were trying to come up with an escape route.

Orochi suddenly said, “Humans, you must answer my questions.”

The serpent spoke!

It was something outside the norm, but Xiao Bing was not surprised. After all, he had spoken with Orochi. But all the men beside Iza Kawatani seemed taken aback and more terrified.

As the pillar of these men, Iza Kawatani stepped forward and stood in front of them. Clad in a grey gown that represented the elder group, he raised his head high and put his hands behind his back. He was only 1.6 meters tall, but now he seemed like a giant, as if he could prop up the sky. His hair and beard were both white, but they did not make him look old. Instead, he seemed rather powerful with the ancient and purple long sword hanging behind his back.

For some unknown reasons, these men seemed calmer as he stood in front of them.

Iza Kawatani looked up at the white serpent’s eyes. “You ask and I’ll answer, ” he said calmly. His voice sounded old, but confident and proud.

Orochi’s interest was enkindled when he saw that Iza Kawatani was so confident. The two snakeheads stared at Iza Kawatani. The one that was in the sky above the mountain Iza Kawatani was on, spoke, “Interesting. Lad, what’s your name?”

Iza Kawatani was 99 years old. But he did not seem angry at being called a lad. He knew that beasts like it were hundreds of years old. So it was normal for it to call him “lad”.

“Iza Kawatani.” Iza Kawatani said it word for word, with mounting pride.

“Iza Kawatani?” The demonic vibe surrounding it suddenly intensified. “What’s your relationship with Iza Naki?”

From the fluctuation in it’s breath, Xiao Bing could tell that it was the name that excited it.

Hiding behind the tree, Xiao Bing thought that if he was Iza Kawtani, he would not tell the truth. One could easily tell that Orochi was really sensitive about the name. Obviously nothing good would happen when it came to a demonic beast and a god. The serpent might devour him instantly if Iza Kawtani told it the truth.

Of course, Xiao Bing knew that Orochi wanted to devour as many powerful masters as possible. So even if Iza Kawatani had nothing to do with Orochi, it would not let Iza Kawatani go. But Iza Kawatani did not know that. If Xiao Bing was him, he would choose not to tell the truth.

But to his surprise, Iza Kawatani chose to say it with pride. “Iza Naki is our family’s ancestor, and I have the most sacred and the purest blood of the Iza family in my body.”

“Boom.” Numerous trees were uprooted by the howling wind. Some trees were even blown to the sky. The men who had not reached the level of Innate Realm would have been blown away, if the others had not helped them with their footing.

Iza Kawatani stood steadfast in the wind, with his hands behind his back. Xiao Bing praised this man inwardly. Because, on one hand, Iza Kawatani was indeed a powerful master. On the other hand, Iza Kawatani was brave enough to confront this beast and acknowledge his identity directly. It seemed that he was truly proud of his name, and he would never let it be stained.

The two snakeheads howled. One second later, dark clouds began gathering in the sky above their heads. But the skies that were far away from them were still as blue as the ocean. What a powerful beast it was.

Iza Kawatani frowned, “I heard that the ancient beast Orochi is able to change the weather, summon lightning and floods. Are you the same kind?”

Though there was no lightning yet, Xiao Bing knew that it was because Orochi’s strength had not been fully restored yet. But the weather was changed by its will.

Orochi lowered its head to look at Iza Kawatani, its eyes gleaming with an evilness, as if it would devour Iza Kawatani instantly. The two snakeheads spoke simultaneously. Their tones and speed were totally identical. “I am Orochi. I did not expect that you are the decedent of Iza Naki!”


Even Iza Kawatani himself was startled by the name, let alone the men behind him. It was the strongest demonic beast from the ancient times!

The men behind Iza Kawatani found their legs becoming weak. Several of them even started running. Others watched, but were afraid to move. But if those men managed to escape successfully, they would definitely run as well.

Orochi did not seem to care about the runners. But after they had run several hundred meters away, one of its heads suddenly opened and spat out a stream of sticky mucus. The mucus fell on these runners like pouring rain. The men screeched and their bodies turned into wisps of steam instantly.

How poisonous it was!

The rest of them did not dare to think of running anymore. They believed that they might live if they stayed and fight. But if they ran in different directions, they would all die here.

Iza Kawatani was also shocked, but his face was still placid. After all he was their pillar, if he showed that he was terrified, the rest of them might lose all confidence of fighting, and all they could do then was wait to be killed.

Iza Kawatani said calmly, “You all have seen what happened to those deserters. Don’t try to run if you want to live. Stay and fight with me, so that we might survive through this.”

Orochi grinned gloomily, “You truly have the blood of Iza Naki, since you are still so calm at this moment. I will eat you all later. Your presence is truly a delight to me. I should thank you, the boy of Iza family!”

Iza Kawatani asked in bewilderment, “Why?”

Orochi answered with mounting excitement, “Because you have Iza Naki’s blood running in your veins. Your value is more than that of all the others. By then, I will be able to restore my strength fully, and grow even stronger than ever!”

Iza Kawatani was suddenly enlightened, “Small wonder that only two of your heads are here. You are still wounded?”

Orochi smiled in excitement, “You are right, boy of the Iza family!”

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