Super Soldier Chapter 404

Chapter 404 The Brutal Battle

Chapter 404 The Brutal Battle

Iza Kawatani slowly took out the purple sword on his back, made a half turn as he faced the two snakeheads, and said calmly, This is your honor and my honor.

All the members of the elder group had an absolute tacit understanding. The other two elders also took out their long swords, one after another, and faced the two giant snakes back to back.

The remaining 40 or more people were expecting Oroch to let them go, although it was almost impossible to survive, and there was only a slim chance of survival. They did not expect the three elders of the elder group would take the initiative to put up their fighting stances. They were shocked and said in a panic, Elders, dont fight if you can help it.

Yes, the opponent is Orochi.

Wed better not die for no good reason. How terrible the power of Orochi is!

We cant beat it.

Unless they were left with no room for retreat, these people who were not in a desperate situation did not want to fight with the legendary monsters. They were all pleading loudly not to fight. Both giant snakes looked at them with the same mocking eyes.

The momentum of Iza Kawatani soared. Several people standing beside him were even pushed backward by the terror breath suddenly released from his body, by one or two meters. His eyes were firm and confident. His body was burning brightly with a fighting spirit. Xiao Bings eyes were wide open. He could even see that the body surface of Iza Kawatani exuded a visible strength. There seemed to be light yellow energy rays around his body. The energy was the strength released from his body and even condensed into a solid shield around him. Xiao Bing could not even achieve this at this moment, and had never heard of it. Iza Kawatani was so powerful!

Oh? Its kind of interesting. The snake on the mountain suddenly ran back into the ground. It could be seen clearly that its exposed parts were becoming lesser, but Iza Kawatani was not relaxed at all, and continued to improve the strength of his body at an enormous speed. This was the most important battle, the most fantastic battle and the most difficult one in his life. The blood of the Iza family, the creator of Country R, flowing in his body, would not allow him to retreat!

Iza Kawatani said in a deep voice, Get ready. Fight!

Those 40 people or so were still in a daze. Iza Kawatani said, Monsters and Orochi, so what? Dont forget that the blood of Izanagi is in our bodies, the blood of the God of creation. All of you take up the weapons in your hands. I, Iza Kawatani, will take you out of this mountain alive!

Sure enough, Izanagi had a kind of power. All of them became excited. All of them stood back to back. Iza Kawatani held the purple sword. He could feel that the ground seemed to be rolling. The giant snake was apparently heading toward them from the bottom of the mountain.

Iza Kawatani stared at the ground. Suddenly, he ran forward, jumped up high, and made a thundering sound. He was in the sky with the sword facing down, and he stabbed the ground directly, with the type of strength that could split Mount Hua.

It was a terrible stab that could pierce through a mountain!

It was a terrible stab that could pierce through everything in the world!

All of Iza Kawatanis strength was concentrated on this stab.

All of a sudden, the ground cracked, and the huge white snake came out from the bottom of the ground, with its big mouth open, and it headed straight for the sword. It roared, and a huge wave came out of its mouth and splattered on his face.

The wave was like a flood of green. The stinking smell spread almost through the whole island. The whole body of Iza Kawatani was surrounded by his Vigorous-strength, which formed a hard protective cover. He did not flinch at all and directly rushed into the smelly wave, and then he was submerged under the green wave.

Iza Kawatani only felt that his whole body was submerged by the green liquid, but his momentum did not weaken at all. His eyes could not see anything, only the color green everywhere. Moreover, the green liquid could erode the vigorous spirit which protected his body surface. It was eroding his vigorous spirit at a very fast speed, and made a loud sound, this attack, venom with such strong corrosiveness, could instantly make Iza Kawatani evaporate if it were not for the protection of vigorous spirit!

Although Xiao Bing stayed far away, he could feel that the green liquid was definitely not any ordinary venom. Iza Kawatani seemed to be putting his life at stake, because he did not even dodge the attack. This old person was really starting to fight with his life.

With a cry, Orochi swayed wildly. The big green wave fell on a large land in the distance. The flowers and trees withered and disappeared in an instant. There was a cut more than one meter deep on the neck of Orochi. The green blood flowed from the wound, making people nauseous.

Iza Kawatani fell more than ten meters away and rolled on the ground. Many parts of his body had been corroded by the green liquid. There was only half of his right arm left, and the wound was still festering upward. Iza Kawatani did not hesitate at all. He cut off his right arm with his sword, and cut off his right ear at the same time.

Orochi had been badly hurt by Iza Kawatani, but Iza Kawatanis injuries seemed more serious. Xiao Bing had some respect for Iza Kawatani. Other people would not have the courage to cause destruction to both sides. He knew that his strength was not as good as his opponent, but he still kept going forward. The spirit of not being afraid of life and death made Iza Kawatani worthy of being the descendant of Izanagi.

Orochi was screaming crazily, not only the Orochi on the opposite side, but also the big snake in front of Xiao Bing. It seemed that the nerves on the eight bodies of Orochi were all connected. One could see what the others could see, hear what the others hear, and feel what the others could feel, because they were one, a monster with eight heads.

The Orochi beside Xiao Bing swayed wildly and knocked over countless trees. The tree on which Xiao Bing was sitting was also knocked down. After Xiao Bing fell to the ground, he quickly hid two meters away from Orochi and lay quietly on the ground, waiting for a chance.

For Xiao Bing, it did not matter to him whether people like Iza Kawatani were dead or alive. What he cared about was that those people should not be swallowed up by this Orochi, which would increase the power of Orochi, and may even speed up Orochis recovery.

But Orochi had forgotten that these people were his best tonic at this time. It was a monster with a simple mind, but violent power. Otherwise, it would not have been trapped and drank so much liquor in the beginning, so it took him thousands of years to recover from the injury. Anger made him lose his mind. The heads of two Orochi spewed out green liquid at the same time toward Iza Kawatani and the people behind him.

Iza Kawatani shouted loudly. Avoid the poisonous water. Dont face it directly Go around with me and kill the wounded monster!

It was undoubtedly the best choice. The big snake in front of Iza Kawatani had been severely wounded by him. If they could kill one of the two snakes first, there would be at least one less opponent left, and there would be more chances to escape. After all, the length of these two giant snakes exposed to the ground was only more than 100 meters. If there were no frontal and rear attacks, these people could completely avoid the attacking range of the snake. Although it seemed that the opponent could run into the ground and then appear anywhere on this island, there was always hope to find a way to escape.

These people scattered rapidly, but it was not easy for them to avoid the green water column, which fell like a rainstorm. Some of them were too slow to escape, and were directly sprinkled by the green liquid, and then they disappeared instantly, leaving no trace behind, not even their bones.

When others saw that, they were too scared to relax. They dodged and moved toward the injured Orochi, one by one. However, Orochi still kept spraying the water column through its open mouth. There was no way to avoid it. These water columns were like torrential rain, covering large areas, which was too difficult to dodge. When those people rushed to the back of Iza Kawatani, only half of the forty people were alive.

After seeing it, Xiao Bing secretly congratulated himself. Orochi was powerful, but not tolerant enough. If all these people died, its supplements would be gone, and there would be no hope to leave the island.

It suddenly occurred to Xiao Bing that he could leave this place alive and then get the government of Country R to send lethal weapons to kill Orochi in the deep underground. Was it possible? But it would work only if he managed to leave this place successfully.

Among the remaining 20 people, Second Patriarch had reached The Completion of Vigorous-strength Stage. Third Patriarch had reached the peak of Vigorous-strength Stage. Among the other experts, there were two in the early stage of Vigorous-strength Stage and more than ten in the early stage of Dan-strength stage. The rest could be called the most elites in the whole Country R.

Iza Kawatani said in a deep voice, Try our best to survive. If all of us are buried here, even if I die, I would feel too ashamed to face the past emperors in the lower world!

Yes, if all these people were to die there, it would be the biggest disaster for the experts of Country R.

These people looked at each other, then rushed to kill the wounded Orochi after Iza Kawatani said, Kill it.

Orochi shook for a moment and lowered its huge head. Looking at these people with his fierce and cruel eyes, he said, I will kill you all!

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