Super Soldier Chapter 405

Chapter 405 A Surprise Attack From Xiao Bing

Chapter 405 A Surprise Attack from Xiao Bing

Though he was injured, Orochi still had a terrifying fighting ability. The venom in his mouth could be used as a weapon, and so could his body. Two persons were crushed by his body without a chance of putting up any defense, and two experts at Dan-strength stage were swallowed by him directly. However, Orochi also paid a high price. Even masters who reached The Completion of Breaking The Void could not remained unscathed under the siege of so many experts. Orochi’s strength was obviously still above the realm of Breaking The Void, but after all, he had also been severely injured, so there were many wounds were left on his body after he killed several experts.

Finally, Orochi was totally angry. He kept roaring and opening its mouth. He sucked these people into its mouth like a magnet. Four or five of these people were taken by surprise and were sucked into his mouth. After sucking these experts into his mouth, he directly chewed and swallowed them.

After these people were swallowed by him, the wound on his neck healed a little and he stopped bleeding. Iza Kawatani finally understood that the reason why Orochi did not leave the ground completely. Though Iza Kawatani did not know what happened exactly, he was sure that it could be related to the wound. Whenever Orochi swallowed a master, his wound would heal a little bit. No wonder he was so excited to see so many masters gathered here. He was worried that no one in the world could be able to control him anymore, if all these people were swallowed by him,

Several people had already been eaten by him and the last 20 people were either dead and wounded. There were only 14 people left including the three Great Patriarchs, now. Apart from the three Great Patriarchs, 11 people retreated one after another, looking at Orochi in horror. They rambled as they fled in panic. “We can’t defeat it… We can’t win. They are monsters. They are monsters… Run quickly.”

They suddenly turned around and started to run away. Second Patriarch shouted. “Don’t run, don’t run about… or you will die.”

Just then, several green water jets spewed forth from the mouths of the two snakes. They were starting to run, and were drenched, They died instantly, leaving no trace behind, not even their bones.

With the sword in his left hand, Iza Kawatani said to himself, “Nearly 100 top experts… There are only three left. Even if I can go back, how will I be able to face the royal family and the people?”

Second Patriarch said in a deep voice, “First Patriarch, it’s not your fault. What can we do? This guy’s fighting ability is very strong, especially the other snake is still intact and has not come out to fight yet.”

Iza Kawatani took a deep breath and said, “Watch this attack. Remember, if I am able to defeat this snake through my death, you should immediately find a way to run down the mountain and go around. If you’re lucky, the only snake remaining may not be able to stop you.”

Two Patriarchs took a look at each other and said, “Let’s fight with it.”

After saying this, the two Patriarchs held their long swords to face Orochi, with an uncontrollable belligerence showing in their eyes.

Iza Kawatani closed his eyes slightly, sighed and prayed secretly in his heart. “All these people can’t die for me!”

Iza Kawatani ‘s breath began to soar. Although his right arm had been cut off, he still had ninety percent of his force, even if he held the sword in his left hand.

At this time, Orochi who was in front of them, suddenly going berserk. The other one in the distance behind them was also going mad. The two Orochis were writhing wildly at the same time, and shouted angrily. “Shameless human, I’ll kill you. I will kill you!”

Iza Kawatani had no time to think about it. He stabbed Orochi again with the sword in his hand. The other two Patriarchs rushed to Orochi from the right and left sides. Suddenly, a snake’s tail rushed out of the ground, and then directly and fiercely smashed against the two Patriarchs. The vigorous spirit around the two Patriarchs suddenly collapsed. They spat out a lot of blood in a flash and flew more than ten meters away. The sword in Iza Kawatani’s hand was bitten by Orochi. Iza Kawatani was thrown into the air, but he was holding the purple sword firmly. A terrible force broke out from the sword, even a dazzling light.

Orochi gave a painful cry again. It flung Iza Kawatani away crazily, and its teeth loosened its grip on the long sword. Iza Kawatani, holding on to the long sword, flew tens of meters away. He fell heavily on the road and spat out a mouthful of blood. His whole being was almost scattered, as if all the viscera in his body had shifted.

At that moment, Orochi’s teeth were crushed by the sudden power of the long sword. Orochi roared. “This is not your power.”

Iza Kawatani stood up with the sword to support himself and said, “Of course, it’s not only my power. It’s sealed with the power of our family’s past masters. Before I die, I will also seal part of my power in the sword. The power of the sword cannot be replenished after every consumption. The power will not be released unless it is a crisis.”

At this time, Orochi screamed, but the scream came from behind.

Iza Kawatani had noticed something strange before. When he turned around, he saw that Xiao Bing had made a deep cut on the neck of the other Orochi. Orochi shook his head crazily and wanted to throw Xiao Bing off, but Xiao Bing was holding the big sword firmly. At this time, Xiao Bing had made his appearance. Naturally, Iza Kawatani did not know him. Seeing such a good opportunity, Iza Kawatani shouted hurriedly. “You fight that. I’ll control this.”

A few mouthfuls of green liquid spouted from the mouth of Orochi. Iza Kawatani was already exhausted and on the verge of collapse. At this time, it was strange that he managed to emit a strong burst of power again. He dodged the other’s successive attacks at a crazy speed and shot out his fist. Instead of attacking its own opponent, he hit the snake in front of Xiao Bing.

In strength, there was an obvious qualitative change between Vigorous-strength Stage and Breaking The Void. At the Vigorous-strength Stage, strength could be transformed into a protective cover to protect the surrounding of body. Unless in the situation of encountering a hot martial artist, ordinary postnatal masters could not break the protective cover with swords, fists or feet.

But Breaking The Void was not the same. In the realm of Breaking The Void, it could not only do this, but could also turn an air gun into a steel gun, which could hit any target within 100 meters, with one punch.

The reason why Iza Kawatani chose to fight with the opponent at close quarters before, was that if he fought at a distance, he would be far less powerful than Orochi. Since the water jet from Orochi’s mouth was too powerful, no matter how many fists he punched in the air, they would be turned into nothing by the corrosive water column. Moreover, the snake scales of Orochi were too strong. If it was an ordinary snake, the most powerful attack he made just could have killed Orochi directly, but in the end, his all-out attack only injured Orochi seriously, it was not even fatal.

The punch from Iza Kawatani in distance vibrated the air and a stream of gas dashed against the wound of Orochi. The wound of Orochi was originally holding the broadsword in Xiao Bing’s hand. The punch was directly hit on his vulnerability. Orochi made a very painful scream. A wider crack appeared in his wound. Xiao Bing swung gently, jumped to the top of Orochi’s head, then stepped on the handle of the broadsword. The falling force made the blade continue to cut deeper wounds in the neck of Orochi.

At this time, a third of the neck of Orochi was cut by Xiao Bing.

Xiao Bing panted slightly. Unexpectedly, Orochi was so tenacious that it didn’t die after suffering from his sneak attack. Before that, Iza Kawatani fought with the snake on the opposite side. The snake next to Xiao Bing wanted to help the other snake, so it was going to run back to the ground, and then climbed through the ground to help it. Xiao Bing took advantage of this chance. Just after its body got into the ground with its head exposed, Xiao Bing cut on his neck directly from its back. What Xiao Bing intended was to kill him once, so he had used all his life’s strength, but he still failed to kill the snake, only to make him seriously injured.

The reason why the big snake opposite him was so angry and screamed before was the cut from Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing observed that both brains of the two snakes could think, speak and see different things separately, but they felt the same when they were injured because they were a connected body.

Xiao Bing stood on the handle and kicked the handle with his heel. The wound went deeper. The head of Orochi suddenly turned around. Xiao Bing’s feet step on the air and he fell down. Orochi opened his mouth angrily and spat out a large water column. Seeing that Xiao Bing couldn’t avoid it, a dark shadow suddenly flashed through. Iza Kawatani held Xiao Bing and flew to a place more than ten meters away. After landing on the ground, both were relieved.

Iza Kawatani asked calmly, “How did you do it?”

“Sneak attack.” Xiao Bing smiled, but the smile was not very good-looking, because Xiao Bing felt that he had just consumed nearly half of his body’s strength, and the next battle was really related to life and death.

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