Super Soldier Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Immortality In Legend

Chapter 406 Immortality in Legend

The two men stood side by side. The right arm of Iza Kawatani had been cut off, and he had cut off his left ear, so that the venom would not continue to corrode the other parts of his body. After going through these series of battles, at this moment, his strength was almost exhausted, and he was almost a hundred years old, but still stood there firmly. Xiao Bing began to admire this old man.

The big snake, who had been seriously injured by Iza Kawatani before, disappeared underground. When it reappeared, it was already standing with the other big snake.

Suddenly, Iza Kawatani said, “You are Aoki Ichiro.”

Xiao Bing was not surprised that Iza Kawatani saw through his identity. He said frankly, “Yes.”

“Well, I don’t care what you have done before, and how you took advantage of my granddaughter, but we will fight together now. I’m afraid it will be the last battle of my life.”

When Xiao Bing thought that he was Princess Nami’s grandfather, he suddenly felt a little impatient and said in a low voice, “Elder Iza, in fact, you may not die. They are all seriously injured. We may not lose.”

Iza Kawatani grinned. “Do you think I’m not seriously injured? Please remember one thing first.”

“Please, sir.”

“If I do not survive, remember to kill me and destroy my bones with your own hands. My body must not be controlled by Orochi. They are seriously injured now. According to my observation, they probably can’t leave the island. It’s not so easy for them to recover from such serious injuries, but I heard that if they swallowed a lot of masters, their injuries would heal little by little. I am a member of the Iza family. If Orochi swallowed me, it would mean that they have swallowed all the masters I brought this time.”

Xiao Bing did not expect that Iza Kawatani would ask him to do such a thing. For a while, he was trapped in a struggle. Normally, Xiao Bing would agree, and Xiao Bing had never been that kind of indecisive man. But this time, it was not the same. Xiao Bing could feel that Princess Nami had fallen in love with him. Xiao Bing was sorry that he could not accept Princess Nami’s love, and now he had to destroy her grandfather’s bones as well.

Iza Kawatani said with a smile, “I think you are much better than Feng XIII. You are not an indecisive person.”

In the face of life and death, Iza Kawatani was very indifferent. After seeing that, Xiao Bing felt this deeply in his heart, and finally nodded heavily. Iza Kawatani was relieved and took a deep breath. Holding the purple sword, he said proudly, “Boy, which country are you from?”

“Cathaysian State.”

Iza Kawatani said, “Cathaysian State is a holy land of martial arts, I see. But I can’t cause Country R to lose face. I’m called the martial god of Country R, especially the descendant of Iza family. Do you think I only have these abilities?”

Xiao Bing said with a wry smile, “The ability of elder is not limited to this. I can’t reach the realm of elder.”

Xiao Bing did not mean to be modest. He had witnessed the battles of Iza Kawatani before. If it was him, he might not be able to survive until now. The strength of Iza Kawatani was significantly stronger than his own. He was at the middle stage of Breaking The Void. Iza Kawatani might even reach The Completion of Breaking The Void, which was almost approaching immortality. He totally could not compare with such a strength.

And one of the snakes could make Iza Kawatani so embarrassed. Xiao Bing could feel that if he and the other snake did not participate in the fight, Iza Kawatani would also die first. Therefore, how terrible it would be if all eight snakeheads and tails of Orochi were revived to reach its peak state?

Thinking of this, he could not let Orochi go out and cause disaster to the world. It seemed that if Iza Kawatani died, he should follow his instructions. Although Xiao Bing did not think that Iza Kawatani was able to revive Orochi completely, it was always good to be careful.

The two snakes gathered together and stood close to each other and spoke almost at the same time, the voice and intonation were completely the same. It was as if just one snake was speaking.

“You human beings are always so despicable, just like Susanoo, but you can’t kill me. You will be tonics in my belly, especially the boy of the Iza family, you first.”

The two snakes did not dare to spew their venom casually now, because if the bones of Iza Kawatani were not left, they would not get any supplements. After being angry, they also regained their calmness. Though the two snakeheads were revived, the two snakes were not healthy now, and one of them had even been cut in the neck by Xiao Bing to nearly half of the extent, and he also felt that his tenacious life was under threat.

Iza Kawatani said in a calm voice, “Boy from Cathaysian State, I’ll let you see the real strength of the Iza family in Country R now. Don’t forget what I just said. Besides, if you see my granddaughter one day, tell her that I am very pleased that she is very good now.”

“I know,” said Xiao Bing.

There were some bad feelings in Xiao Bing’s heart. The centenarian seemed to be arranging his own affairs after his death. Then Xiao Bing opened his eyes wide, and even could not help turning away from him.

A kind of sacred and terrifying breath was released from the body of Iza Kawatani. Xiao Bing could even feel that the old man’s body was covered with a layer of golden energy. He took a step forward easily. This step was far away from the world but close to him. Just one step, and he appeared dozens of meters away, standing between Xiao Bing and the two giant snakes!

Xiao Bing held his breath and realized that he was going to witness a really brilliant battle that he had never seen before.

The power released from Iza Kawatani was too powerful. At this moment, it was as if he was the sky, the universe, and everything around him had been incorporated into his world. There was no other creature in the world that could prevent him from doing anything.

The heaven and the earth were dominated by him. Maybe it was such a feeling.

Xiao Bing swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He thought, “It was definitely not the power of Breaking The Void. Was it possible that Iza Kawatani had broken through to the point of immortality?”

“No, it could not be possible.”

Xiao Bing found that even though the breath of Iza Kawatani was becoming more and more powerful, but the life-breath of Iza Kawatani was rapidly passing away. Xiao Bing finally understood why Iza Kawatani had just arranged for his future affairs, because he was using a secret method that Xiao Bing did not know, the way of burning life to forcibly improve the realm and breaking through to the immortality.

Maybe no matter whether Iza Kawatani lost or won, Iza Kawatani would die!

The old man, just a few days short of his 100th birthday, was burning his life in his own way. He did this for this country and for all human beings.

At this moment, Xiao Bing began to admire the old man. He was worthy of the descendants of the God of Country R. Ordinary people would not have such courage and responsibility.

The two snakes began to feel uneasy. In their heyday, they would not be afraid of the power displayed by Iza Kawatani. But now, one of them was half-dead, and the other had been injured. Most importantly, they had just felt that the power of Iza Kawatani had been almost exhausted, but he suddenly became so strong, which had them worried. They did not flinch, but roared in anger. At the same time, their eyes flashed with a cruel and bloodthirsty light.

They wanted to tear the person in front of them into pieces and swallow him into their stomach. Only in this way could they eliminate the anxiety in their hearts.

Iza Kawatani said calmly, “This attack is the strongest one of our Iza family. The sword technique was created by our ancestor Izanagi and has been passed to my generation.”

Xiao Bing was refreshed suddenly. His sadness about the practice of burning life from Iza Kawatani was stalled temporarily. Any master who could reach the Innate Realm was a martial art mania. What’s more, Xiao Bing had also reached the realm of Breaking The Void. It was possible to explain that someone who broke through the Dan-strength stage was talented. But someone who reached the realm of Breaking The Void must be a martial art mania.

Thinking that the sword had been handed down from ancient times, and was created by the creation God of Country R, Xiao Bing was very excited. He stared at it for fear of missing out any details.

In fact, Orochi was a little uneasy, but he was still very angry at being provoked by such a young generation. Even though he was a descendant of the God of creation, he was still considered a young generation for Orochi. Orochi deliberately said in a sneering tone, “What’s the powerful move created by Izanagi, boy of Iza family? Now I’ll give you an opportunity for you to display it and I’ll have a look.”

Orochi was arrogant. If not, at this moment, it should have killed Iza Kawatani before he displayed his unique move. However, it weighed each other’s strength. Now, because of the injury, its strength had been greatly reduced, while the strength of Iza Kawatani had been raised to a very higher level. As long as it was careful, it still had the confidence to defeat these two human beings, but it could not do what it used to. Next, it must be careful. Something could go wrong when there was a favorable situation.

Seeing the arrogance of Orochi and that he did not kill himself actively, Iza Kawatani smiled and grasped the long sword in his hand. The yellow light around his body gradually became less and less. It seemed to be absorbed back into his body. He said calmly, “This is the strongest attack from Iza Kawatani!”

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