Super Soldier Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Xiao Bing Was Swallowed Up

Chapter 407 Xiao Bing Was Swallowed Up

In the legend, the realm of immortality was the highest level of human martial arts, almost comparable to the gods, but this level only existed in the legend. At least in the history of human beings, it was uncertain who had reached the Invincible Realm aside from the myths.

Some people said that Dharma reached this realm. In those days, Dharma crossed the river on a reed. His miracles were beyond human imagination. If it was true, Xiao Bing would rather believe that Dharma might have reached that realm. However, this realm was just a myth for the martial artists who did not know whether it existed or not.

Now, the master who had reached Invincible Realm was in front of him.

With a sword in one hand, Iza Kawatani suddenly stepped backward. His strength was improved by each step. The crazy breath was like a flame, as if it would make the surrounding trees burn up. Xiao Bing was dozens of meters away and he could still feel the heatwave.

Around the body of Iza Kawatani, the air was rippling and turning into waves, as if the air had been burned and melted.

What a terrible force!

Xiao Bing took a deep breath. The air that he inhaled into his body was hot.

In a short period of time, Iza Kawatani, who burned life, had gained the power of God.

Orochi also regretted that he had been so arrogant. The two snakes, with their mouths open, stared at Iza Kawatani and dared not relax at all. At this time, they were seriously injured, while their opponent’s burning power was so strong. If they were attacked again, they would be really miserable.

Suddenly, Iza Kawatani moved.

Iza Kawatani ran at Orochi quickly, like lightning and thunder. Xiao Bing opened his mouth and exclaimed, “So fast!”

Orochi screamed wildly with its body shaken, and the earth cracked rapidly. They went through the cracks and quickly retreated to the direction of the top of a mountain. At the same time, the two snake heads spat out water columns like continuous cannons at Iza Kawatani.

At this moment, Orochi finally began to take the battle seriously.

The speed of Iza Kawatani was extremely amazing. He made several dodges continuously. Each time, he could appear at a distance of 100 meters in an instant. Xiao Bing could see that the water columns were constantly shot into the air and hit the ground, leaving behind a huge crater, around which all the creatures were corroded.

Iza Kawatani was getting closer to Orochi. Suddenly, Iza Kawatani hid in the bush, and then appeared dozens of meters away from the left side. The two snake heads looked in the direction of Iza Kawatani, and they all stared at Iza Kawatani.

However, they found that the purple sword in the hand of Iza Kawatani had disappeared, and Xiao Bing also found that. Then Xiao Bing focused on the last landing site of Iza Kawatani, which was the bush.

The long sword, which was burning with a purple flame, flew out of the grass like a bombshell at Orochi, which also turned its head.

But he had no way to dodge. The sword flew at Orochi like a spear or a javelin.

There was a frightening power on the long sword. Orochi was a snake, while the sword was like a giant dragon that could devour all things.

With a bang, the long sword pierced through the head of the slightly injured Orochi!!!

Xiao Bing’s heart almost stopped beating. He was about to suffocate. He imagined whether he could escape from the long sword or not?

It was impossible.

Because the power shown by that blow should not exist in the world. The terrible power burned everything and could destroy everything.

With a bang, the head of Orochi suddenly exploded. Not only its head, but also its body exploded with the sound and turned into powder and ashes.

Xiao Bing stared at this in shock. The legendary top monster of Country R was killed by Iza Kawatani?

Although he killed only one snake head, it still made Xiao Bing feel incredulous.

Xiao Bing swallowed his saliva. Iza Kawatani sat on the ground suddenly and breathed heavily. At this time, it looked as if his body had no strength at all. The whole person seemed to be many times older than usual. He was like an old man about to die. The purple long sword was not destroyed in the explosion, but it seemed to have lost all its strength and luster, and fell to the ground.

It was quiet on the mountain. The other Orochi and Xiao Bing were staring at everything in shock. Their breath seemed to have stopped. The only thing that could be heard was the heavy gasping voice of Iza Kawatani.

“You… didn’t expect that… my ancestor, Izanagi, used spears as weapons… so even if it is a sword, the unique skill of the Iza family is to use it as a spear and fling it instead of stabbing with it.”

Indeed, no one thought that Iza Kawatani would have such a move, and it was not so simple. It was unknown how he had stopped the long sword in the bush for a fraction of a second when he had attracted the attention of Orochi to the other side. And then, it was as if the long sword had been installed in an aiming device to attack the head of Orochi at a terrifying speed, which was many times faster than the most advanced bombshell in the world.

“Good… good…” The voice of Orochi was trembling. It was obviously angry. After eating so many supplements, it recovered two heads temporarily. Finally, with the sword falling down, it would have no hope to come back completely this time.

Orochi was angry, completely angry, and its eyes became more and more red. It opened its big mouth and bit at Iza Kawatani.

Iza Kawatani shouted with all his strength, “The boy of Cathaysian State!”

Just as Orochi was about to bite Iza Kawatani, Xiao Bing had taken Iza Kawatani dozens of meters away, stopped for a while, and then quickly retreated to the foot of the mountain again. Orochi spewed out water columns like cannons. Xiao Bing exerted his speed and strength to the extreme, and each time, he was able to survive. Finally, he hid at the foot of the mountain. Xiao Bing threw Iza Kawatani on the boat, then looked at him and said loudly, “Wait for me.”

Iza Kawatani breathed heavily, saying, “We can try to escape.”

Xiao Bing said with a wry smile, “It won’t be easy.”

It was not so easy. Orochi suddenly appeared at the foot of the mountain. The ground at the foot of the mountain shook. Orochi broke through the earth and came out. It was seriously injured. The sneak attack from Xiao Bing almost cut off its head, but anger had made it go to the edge of madness.

“You must die… When I am completely resurrected, it will be the time of your human extermination.”

Xiao Bing jumped out of the boat, looked into the eyes of Orochi, and said loudly, “You don’t have this chance.”

Orochi said with a terrifying smile, “Junior, a group of savage juniors!”

The snake head of Orochi went straight at Xiao Bing. Behind Xiao Bing was the big boat. He couldn’t dodge and he had no way to hide. And if he did dodge, the boat behind him would be completely destroyed by Orochi!

Xiao Bing took the long broadsword in his hand, and with a loud roar, he began to attack. Before the blade point arrived, the energy had been released!

The energy changed into the shape of a full moon and the broadsword was directly split on the head of Orochi. However, these forces couldn’t cause real fatal damage to Orochi, only slightly break some of the snakeskin on its head. There was no way because the snake scales of Orochi were too hard. Even if his head was almost cut off before, which was caused by Xiao Bing who hid nearby and accumulated all his strength, that attack had consumed almost half of Xiao Bing’s strength, but he still didn’t kill Orochi in the end.

After this attack, Orochi was even more furious and it said loudly, “I will eat all of you. You are all my supplements!”

It opened its big mouth and spewed toward Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing was still standing there instead of dodging. He could not let the beast eat Iza Kawatani on the boat behind him and could not give Orochi a chance to revive.

All the people on the boat stared at all this in shock, and Red Rose cried out in a hoarse voice. “Stay away, stay away!”

All of a sudden, Orochi swallowed Xiao Bing directly into its mouth. Xiao Bing had tried to use the long broadsword to hold its upper and lower jaw apart. However, this long broadsword, which was made by a famous expert, was actually like chocolate in Orochi’s mouth. It was broken and turned into pieces. Orochi ate them with Xiao Bing.

“How… how could this…” Red Rose saw that Xiao Bing was dead, and even lost the courage to go all out. She sat on the deck of the boat suddenly and cried continuously.

She gently touched her chest with her hand, with tears soaking her body, she sobbed and said, “Why does my heart hurt so much? My heart… my heart hurts…”

Orochi approached the boat and stared greedily at Iza Kawatani on the ship. At this time, Iza Kawatani had lost all his strength. He was too weak to commit suicide. He looked so old as he said weakly, “Kill me… kill me… I can’t be eaten by it.”

It was a pity that all the surviving crew members on the ship had been scared into a daze. When they saw Orochi approaching, they all jumped into the sea one by one, swam toward the deep sea, and were swept away by the waves…

There were only two people left on the shipthe dying Iza Kawatani and the grieving Red Rose.

Red Rose stood up, hissing and roaring. It was a roar of great pain, as if her body and soul were suffering from great pain, inhuman torture.

Her body suddenly turned red, as if there was a fire burning inside, her clothes were peeling off layer by layer, her skin was also burned and melted by the fire inside her body, melting into a liquid, which flowed onto the deck, and Orochi suddenly stopped and looked at Red Rose quietly.

The heatwave on Red Rose disappeared. She stood naked on the deck. After her skin fell off, it was replaced by a new attractive layer of skin, which was rare in the world. It was like water, more elastic and more smooth.

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