Super Soldier Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Xiao Bing Vs. Orochi

Chapter 408 Xiao Bing vs. Orochi!

Orochi said in shock, Its so interesting. So interesting I didnt expect that you could completely get rid of the demon body, being that you are young and weak. Among the demons, only the demons who have experienced great misfortune and great joy can completely get rid of the demon body. Although you were human before, the trace of demons still existed in your body, but they are gone now. The trace didnt simply fade away, but you return to the purest realm, which can one day help your body be the body of the dragon, which has never been achieved by the demons.

Iza Kawatani didnt know what Orochi said, but he knew that this woman had gotten an opportunity. Maybe her future would be brilliant, but it was not a good thing now. After all, Xiao Bing was eaten by Orochi, and he and this woman were controlled by Orochi.

Orochi sighed and said, Its a pity that if I met you in a healthy condition, I would give you up easily and will cultivate you well. You are also the only one among the snakes that has the hope to approach my strength. What a pity However, your value to me is equal to the value of the guy of the Iza family. If I can eat both of you, its hopeful that my several bodies will be resurrected At that time, as long as I recover 70 to 80 percent of peak strength, I can leave this island and do whatever I want.

Red Rose was not afraid at all. She stood upright and said, Eat me.

Orochi greedily looked at Red Roses body and said regretfully, What a pity. Your beautiful body is rare among human beings. We could have done something first, but I have to eat you now

Orochi was not only evil, but also immoral and dissolute, not even letting go of its descendants.

At this time, it seemed that Red Rose wanted to commit suicide, because of the death of her people, the so-called spiritual disillusionment in her heart, and more importantly, the death of Xiao Bing. Though she was still alive, her soul was dead.

Red Rose never thought that she had really fallen in love with Xiao Bing. She had never felt that kind of heartache in her whole life. Even when she saw the people around her die one by one, she had never had such heartache. Orochi wanted to swallow her up, but she didnt fear it. She did not know what fear was.

Orochi opened its big mouth and gradually approached her. Red Rose could even feel the heatwave of the big snakes breathing, which made people nauseous.

And just as it was about to swallow up Red Rose, its eyes suddenly bulged, and its stomach made a rumbling sound, as if something began to flow through its body toward its throat. Orochi showed an incredulous expression. There was absolutely no creature in the world that could survive in its stomach.

Its stomach was full of corrosive mucus. People who touched it would die and be digested in the stomach. How could someone survive that?

A figure quickly came out of its throat, and then, jumping out of its mouth was Xiao Bing!

When Red Rose saw Xiao Bing, she seemed to start to live again. She was about to call out the name Xiao Bing, but it suddenly got stuck in her throat. He was Xiao Bing, but this Xiao Bing was not the one she knew.

Xiao Bings eyes were red, and there was an endless killing intent in his pupils. Xiao Bing had this kind of eyes when he killed Zhu Mingyu in the death competition. That kind of eyes made people feel scared, even more scared than they were of Orochi.

Xiao Bing turned his back to Red Rose, facing Orochi. After seeing Xiao Bings eyes, Orochi retreated a little bit, then suddenly laughed. Unexpectedly, you are not the son of ordinary people. You also inherit different bloodlines. This is better. As long as I eat all three of you, I will be able to completely revive. Then the world will be mine!

When Orochi was speaking excitedly, Xiao Bing gave it a punch. It couldnt escape. One punch after another was hit on its face, especially the last punch. Orochi flew out directly and fell to the ground.

Xiao Bings consciousness gradually began to blur and his eyes began to turn red. Every inch of his skin became as red as baked carbon. His body was bending, and it was obvious that his consciousness had become blurred. With a low roar, his power increased several times over in an instant.

There was a roar in his throat, which was like the roar of a wolf, the roar of a tiger, and then it turned into the roar of a beast.

The atmosphere of terror began to rage from the middle. Because of the vibration, the air made the same sound as paper tearing. The crazy and horrible atmosphere was centered on Xiao Bing.

Red Roses strength had been regarded as the best among the experts, but she also retreated because of the horrible power. The eyes of the dying Iza Kawatani suddenly burst into light and he muttered, This power is like

Iza Kawatani breathed heavily again because of the shock.

Orochi just got up from the ground. Xiao Bing rushed forward. When the head of Orochi was very close to the ground, Xiao Bing hit its head with his fists one after another. Orochi had almost no power to fight back!

Orochis teeth were knocked out of its mouth. Its eyes were swollen and its mouth was askew. Several swollen wounds appeared on its head. It looked so embarrassed.

Orochi was scared completely. Even in the age when powerful masters came out in large numbers more than 5,000 years ago, it had never been so embarrassed. Even when it was seriously injured, its weak area was stabbed by Susanoo. It was not simple attacking like this, which made it more embarrassed than if it had been killed, and even made it mad.

Orochi was furious, but it had no chance to fight back at all. Xiao Bings movement was too fast and his strength was too violent. It even felt dizzy. Everything in front of it was beginning to blur. Especially, it was seriously injured in its neck because of the sneak attack from Xiao Bing before. If it fought again, it would die. It began to shrink back toward the bottom of the earth. But before its body got into the ground completely, Xiao Bing suddenly grabbed one of its teeth and pulled it out with force. Then he threw punches on the top of its head one after another. The snake scales on the top of its head began to break, its head was broken, and the wounds began to bleed. It felt that its life energy was rapidly being lost.

It was not willing to be injured again by a group of weak people just after its resurrection. They had even killed one of its bodies, and that body was crushed by Iza Kawatani. Even if it was resurrected one day, Orochi would turn into a snake with only seven bodies, which was a great shame.

It felt more scared. It was afraid that this body would end the same way. Finally, it broke free of Xiao Bings hand at the cost of its tooth. It took the opportunity to quickly run toward the bottom of the earth. When almost all of its heads got into the bottom of the earth, Xiao Bing hit it on the top of the head with a blow. Its head was directly pierced, badly mutilated. Even half of its head exploded, but its vitality was so tenacious, because it ran into the bottom of the earth. But it could imagine that after coming back to the bottom of the earth, it would continue to sleep.

Xiao Bing lost his target and bombarded the ground continuously. Many deep craters were smashed into the ground by his fist. But there was nothing, because Orochi had already been hiding in the unknown depths of the ground. Let alone with his fist, even with a lethal bomb, he would not be able to find it.

All of a sudden, Xiao Bing seemed to have lost all his power. He even lost all his consciousness. His eyes dulled and he slumped to the ground.

When Xiao Bing woke up, he opened his eyes and found that he was lying in a cabin. Red Rose was sitting on a chair with her back to him, looking at the sea outside the window.

Xiao Bing coughed. Red Rose turned around and asked, Are you awake?

Xiao Bings eyes brightened. She was really amazing. Red Rose was a gorgeous woman, whose extreme beauty was a bane to the country and the people. But after she had just experienced the exuviate, her skin was tenderer and smoother. In addition, her clothes were gone. At the moment, she was dressed in a military uniform. Such a gorgeous beauty dressed in a navy uniform looked extraordinarily charming, especially her perfect figure. Two plump breasts, so white and tender, could be seen through the buckles.

Xiao Bing swallowed his saliva and said, You look beautiful in this military uniform. Are you trying to seduce me?

Red Rose gave Xiao Bing a blank look. Xiao Bing thought, Dammit. This look in her eye is so enchanting and attractive. Xiao Bing accepted it as if she was flirting with him.

Red Rose grumbled in a flirtatious manner. I had no clothes to wear. Of course, I needed to find something to wear on the boat. Fortunately, there were many clean clothes in these cabins. They are all the same. I found the clothes that suit me.

Xiao Bing asked curiously, Why didnt you have clothes to wear?

Red Rose thought of the scene at that time. After Xiao Bing was swallowed, she was reborn. She felt so hot on her body, with her skin melted and her clothes burned off. Then she stood naked. She didnt feel strange at that time. Now, when she thought about it, she became flushed.