Super Soldier Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Leaving

Chapter 409 Leaving

Red Rose thought that Xiao Bing was teasing her, but then she heard that Xiao Bing asking, Why am I lying here? By the way, how about Orochi? Shouldnt I have been swallowed by it? You are here now. Where is Iza Kawatani?

Red Rose realized that Xiao Bing was not teasing her. He really was not aware of what had happened.

Thinking of Xiao Bings eyes at that time and the wild beast-like power that exuded from his body, Red Rose was still scared.

Therefore, Red Rose began to tell Xiao Bing about what happened after he was swallowed. Xiao Bing was a little surprised, but he was able to believe it. Before that, Xiao Bing knew that there was a strange power in his body. It would erupt whenever he was out of control. But he did not expect that it would save his life this time. Previously, Xiao Bing was worried about this power. He did not expect that it brought him such good luck this time.

Xiao Bing did not explain too much but said, After I was swallowed, I was still struggling desperately. I felt that I was going to die. Soon, I lost consciousness. Then I was lying here when I woke up. By the way, wheres Iza Kawatani? How is he?

Hes dead, Red Rose said sadly, you and I are the only ones left on this island, oh, and Lil Bai.

Who is Lil Bai?

Red Rose said, Its the little boy you saved. Hes sleeping in the cabin next door. He did not sleep last night. I talked to him in the morning and advised him to get some sleep.

Xiao Bing sighed and asked How long has Iza Kawatani been dead?

He died after you chased Orochi away.

Xiao Bing sighed heavily. Forget it. Its also expected. Its a pity that this old man is the first real strong master I have seen in my life. At least among the people I have seen, he is the top one in the world. It seems that he is proud to have died in the battle with Orochi. By the way, where is his corpse?

Red Rose said, I followed his instructions and cremated his body.

Well, you did right. Where is our ship now?

Then Red Rose said, It has not left yet I do not know how to operate a boat. Youve been in a coma for a day and a night. I have been waiting for you.

Not yet With a wry smile, Xiao Bing said, I forgot that you dont know how to operate a boat. All the people on this ship are dead. Lets go. This ship is too big. Ill take you away in another speedboat. By the way, shall we go back to your homeland first? If there are survivors, we can take them with us.

Red Rose hesitated and looked reluctant.

Xiao Bing sighed and said, I know that you are afraid, in your heart. Dont worry. It depends on you. And I believe that even if there are survivors, they wont be in danger. Orochi should have fallen back into a deep sleep and cant come out again.

Lets go. Red Rose sighed and said, Although Im afraid, its a nightmare Im afraid of when I think of it, but there are some things I have to face up to. Then I can feel at ease. Lets go now.

OK, lets go now.

When Xiao Bing got out of bed, he felt that his energy had been renewed and his strength was restored, but he was disappointed because he had not made any progress. But he realized that he had been expecting too much. Other people could not reach the realm of Breaking The Void in their whole life, while he had reached the middle stage of Breaking The Void, which was an unimaginable level for any martial arts learners, almost a life long dream. It was not easy to go further.

Iza Kawatani was the descendant of Izanagi. There was no doubt that his talent should be above that of the ordinary person. However, he was a hundred years old and was still stuck in Breaking The Void. It could be imagined that after reaching the realm of Breaking The Void, even a little bit of improvement might be something that could not be achieved in a whole life. On the one hand, keeping at working hard was necessary, on the other hand, one should have a common psychology.

The two of them went back to their homeland. This time, they did not need to jump off the cliff. Xiao Bing came back and lamented that the secret passage was too well hidden. If there had been no one to guide him, it would not be possible to find it all his life.

After returning to the homeland, Red Rose did not look well. The two of them combed through the homeland and could not find any survivors. A few corpses were found. Most of them had been eaten by Orochi directly. The rest of the bodies were eaten by the two guardians. To Xiao Bings surprise, they found the corpses of the two guardians. Maybe the two guardians killed each other after they went mad, or the two guardians were attacked by those people, after they started eating them. In a word, the two of them were dead.

That was to say, there were no survivors in the whole homeland.

To Xiao Bings surprise, he was wondering where Feng XIII went to? Not only was Xiao Bing thinking of him, but also Red Rose.

Xiao Bing thought that Feng XIII had escaped by boat, but all the boats were docked on the shore, and there were no signs of anyone leaving. He could only be on this island, but he could not find any trace of him, after searching the homeland.

Xiao Bing sighed and said, Your King Mamba may have exploded after drinking the blood of that man. Maybe he found a place to hide and is trying to avoid us on purpose. In a word, we cant find him anywhere. Even if he is still alive, we cant find anyone who wants to hide in the big island.

Red Rose said, gnashing her teeth, I wish I had killed him.

Feng XIII was their leader, but he betrayed the whole family for his own selfish desires. If it were not for Feng XIII, the family would not be in trouble. Now, the whole family only had two people left, Red Rose and Lil Bai. It was also reasonable for Red Rose to hate Feng XIII.

Xiao Bing said with a sigh, Lets go to the ceremony site to have a look.

In the underground cave where the ceremony had been held, the pit was still there. Xiao Bing found some stones to fill the pit. Although he knew that it was useless, there would be no one left to sacrifice here. But at least he was relieved. After that, Xiao Bing returned to the ship with Red Rose. He called out to the alert Lil Bai, and the three of them boarded one of the speedboats.

Xiao Bing looked at the two of them and said, Wait a minute.

Xiao Bing got off the speedboat and destroyed the other speedboat with one blow. As for the two big ships, Xiao Bing had already destroyed all the systems in them. Then Xiao Bing sped off to the distance.

Red Rose, what are you going to do? Will you come back with me?

With you Red Rose was very excited. Then she said with a smile, I think that youre reluctant.

Why How can it be? Xiao Bing was a little embarrassed. Of course, he was reluctant. It was okay that he flirted with someone outside, especially sleeping with that woman. But if he took that woman back, Yezi might not forgive him.

Though Xiao Bing denied it, he did not persuade her to go back together with him. Red Rose felt disappointment in her heart. She pretended to be indifferent and said with a smile, Dont worry. Even if you want me to go with you, maybe I am not willing to follow you. Ill walk around with Lil Bai to see the beautiful scenery. I have not left that island in my life. Im tired of that place. I want to see what the outside world looks like.

Xiao Bing asked in surprise, Lil Bai and you?

Yes. The little boy nodded, grabbed the hem of Red Roses dress, looked at Xiao Bing with some vigilance in his eyes, and said, I want to be with Aunt Rose.

Red Rose looked at Xiao Bing and said, Its better for him to stay with me because he has suffered a lot.

Xiao Bing thought that this child had been told that people outside were all bad since childhood. He must have a lot of resistance to him. In this case, it was better to stay with Red Rose, especially since Red Rose was a woman, who was always careful. Lil Bai needed to have a woman like a mother to take care of him. It would be beneficial for him to stay with Red Rose.

Xiao Bing agreed and said, Well, Ill promise you. However, you cant go off in a hurry now. Please accompany me to Jingdu first. Well that is the capital of my country. On the one hand, if you live outside, you must have an identity card. Although you are from Country R, for the sake of convenience, I will apply for a household registration for the Cathaysian State for you. After all, I have some powerful connections in China. On the other hand, I will spare some time to teach you about the way of life outside. Otherwise, you might have some problems outside. I am worried about your safety and fear that you might be caught.

Xiao Bing was right. Red Rose had been on the island all her life. Although she had read many books that Feng XIII brought back from the outside, she had never lived in the real human society. The outside society was different from the island. There were laws and regulations in the outside society. If someone broke the law, he would be regarded as a wanted criminal. If someone broke the rules, he would probably be in conflict with other people. Red Roses temper was even worse. It would be troublesome if Red Rose accidentally killed someone.

After thinking about it, Red Rose happily agreed. She knew that Xiao Bing was right, and she really wanted to stay with him for a few more days.

Getting Red Roses agreement, Xiao Bing was relieved. He felt miserable when he thought that he had to teach a woman who had never lived in the outside society about the law and regulations and life etiquette.

Meanwhile, in a small cave on the island, Feng XIII suddenly climbed out of it, coated with dust. Looking at the light outside the cave, he grinned, and there was a terrifying light in his eyes.

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