Super Soldier Chapter 410

Chapter 410 The New Identity

Chapter 410 The New Identity

Monitor was in the office, and a subordinate rushed in without knocking on the door. Looking at the subordinate’s panicky face, Monitor could not help being furious because he was originally in a bad mood. “Why are you so panicky? Why didn’t you knock at the door?”

The man was scared. He just realized that he had been too impulsive, and had just rushed in, then he thought that the news would make Monitor’s anger dissipate. So, he stopped trying to explain and reported directly. “Director, the positioning system shows that there is a ship leaving the island and crossing the high seas, heading for Shanghai city.”

Monitor suddenly stood up and said excitedly, “It must be Xiao Bing. It must be Xiao Bing. I knew that this stinky boy would be fine. It’s okay if he’s fine. It’s okay if he’s fine. Go and arrange a car for me and I will go to Shanghai now. In addition, inform all departments to prepare for the reception.”

The man quickly said yes. Monitor walked around in the office in delight. He even hit his fist into his palm repeatedly, to show his excitement.

After more than a day, Xiao Bing met the two ships from Cathaysian State in the waters of Cathaysian State, which were flying the flag of Cathaysian State.

Pointing to the national flag, Xiao Bing said solemnly, “Look at that red flag with the five-pointed stars on it. That’s the national flag of my country.”

Red Rose looked curiously at the flag, and Lil Bai also looked at it. Obviously, they did not understand why Xiao Bing suddenly became so solemn.

The ship soon came closer. Several men in navy uniforms stood on the deck. The leader was a middle-aged man in the uniform of a navy lieutenant. When the officer saw Xiao Bing, he immediately waved and shouted. “Is that Mr. Xiao Bing?”

Xiao Bing immediately replied. “I am.”

The officer hurriedly ordered people to put down the ladder. Xiao Bing, Red Rose, and the boy then left their own ship. The soldiers hurried to pull them on board their ship. When they saw Red Rose, there was admiration in their eyes. But there was no lust in them. Red Rose was not bothered by it. Men loved beautiful women by nature. Furthermore, Red Rose was originally the first beauty of the Orochi family. After her molting transformation, all traces of the evil spirits on her body disappeared. Compared with the ordinary human, her body was smoother and softer, and she also had the enchantment that the ordinary human did not have.

For example, in ancient times, King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was also a sensible king, who was brave and powerful, and made great contributions in war. How could such a person be tempted by Su Daji, and even lose his territory in the end? The cause was Su Daji, who was foxy. The word “wicked girl” usually represented beauty and enchantment. The most enchanting woman could not be compared with the real demonic women. Red Rose was not only the demon woman, but also the first beauty in her homeland.

After Xiao Bing and the others boarded the ship, the chief Lieutenant also had an expression of amazement. When he saw Lil Bai, he was shocked. Lil Bai looked like a human among the demons. He had no snake scales on his body. Compared with normal human beings, he just looked a little weird. His head was long and square. It was not ugly, but it looked strange, and this made people take a second look at him.

Then the Lieutenant looked at Xiao Bing, with respect in his eyes. He did not know that Xiao Bing was the former captain of Dragon Teeth. He received the news that Xiao Bing was from the National Security Bureau. He was carrying out a task that was very important to Cathaysian State. For these soldiers, anyone who risked his life to perform special tasks for his country was worthy of their respect.

The Lieutenant saluted Xiao Bing and said, “Tang Tian, acting sub-lieutenant, was ordered to meet Mr. Xiao Bing.”

Xiao Bing returned the salute and said, “I’m Xiao Bing. These two are my friends.”

Xiao Bing did not give him too much information, and Tang Tian did not ask too many questions, either. As a soldier, he understood what to ask and what not to ask.

The Lieutenant said, “Now, it will take a day and a night before we get to City Shanghai, so we should arrive at noon tomorrow. We are responsible for sending you to the shore. I heard that the head of the National Security Bureau will be picking you up in person.”

Speaking of this, Tang Tian was even more respectful of Xiao Bing. For person to be met by the Director of the National Security Bureau personally, it showed how important a task he had just completed.

Xiao Bing smiled, but smiled indifferently, “Will Monitor be there in person?”

When the Lieutenant heard how he addressed the Director as Monitor, he was aware that Xiao Bing must have a high position in the National Security Bureau, so he dared not be negligent. He said, “Your cabins have been arranged. You can enjoy the scenery from our ship. Please have a good rest. The food is the best that is available on our ship, and no one will disturb you.”

Xiao Bing smiled and held out his hand. “Thank you.”

The two shook hands, and the Lieutenant said curiously, “Mr. Xiao, you must have carried out a very dangerous task since the old Director is coming to pick you up personally?”

Xiao Bing sighed and said, “It was a close shave.”

It was no exaggeration. The dangers Xiao Bing had encountered this time was something that the others would not have experienced during several generations. Xiao Bing would never forget about his adventures on the island.

Tang Tian helped them to arrange their accommodation. Then he did not bother Xiao Bing anymore and gave them some private space. Xiao Bing and the others were standing on the side of the ship, holding on to the handrail, enjoying the sea breeze, looking at the sea, and Red Rose said, “Xiao Bing.”


“I find that the people outside are really different from those in our homeland.”

“Oh?” Xiao Bing smiled and asked, “You have just met a few people. How did you find that out?”

“Because I see in their eyes the respect that we don’t see in our people.”

Xiao Bing was silent, then sighed and said, “In fact, the outside world may not be as good as you think, but it’s better than your homeland. In most places, if you respect others, then the others will respect you too.”

“So, I’m starting to enjoy your life in the outside world now. So many ethnic people in our homeland stayed there all their lives for the so-called God. But they died in the end. Only Lil Bai and I are left alive now… I feel so sad when I think of these things.”

Xiao Bing sighed, gently took Red Rose into his arms, and said softly, “You can take Lil Bai to enjoy the outside world. By the way, Rose, you can’t be called Red Rose outside. Think of a name for yourself, and so too for Lil Bai.”

Red Rose asked curiously, “Why? Isn’t the name very pleasant?”

Xiao Bing said with a wry smile, “Humans need to be registered to prove their existence in the world. I will ask for help to set up two identities for you, but you must have a human name, a surname and a personal name. Tell me what’s your surname first? It can be one word or two.”

Looking at the sea, Red Rose suddenly said, “My surname is Bai. I hope everything in the first half of my life will soon be forgotten, and I can start over again with a new identity.”

Xiao Bing said with a smile, “That’s Bai.”

Xiao Bing looked at Lil Bai, and Lil Bai said, “The same with aunt Rose.”

Xiao Bing said with a smile, “Then both of your surnames will now be Bai. Rose, you can think of a name. Would you like to be called Bai rose?”

Red Rose acted in a coy manner and said, “You help me.”

“OK… When you lived in your homeland, you always wanted to fly across the sea and enjoyed the outside world. How about calling yourself Bai Yan?”

“Bai Yan? Does it mean swallow? It’s very good. I like it. You can call me Swallow later. What’s Lil Bai’s name?”

Lil Bai said coldly, “You can help me think about it.”

Xiao Bing thought for a moment and said, “You will be called Bai Shiran.”

Lil Bai agreed instantly. Xiao Bing did not explain much. His name meant to forget everything in the past. He knew that the child was sentimental. He was afraid that one day the child would go astray over what had happened, or be overwhelmed by everything in the past.

After a while, a soldier sent in three bottles of mineral water. Red Rose thanked him and received them. Lil Bai did not say a word. Xiao Bing saw that it was easy for Red Rose to gradually integrate into the outside society because she had read many books outside after all, while Lil Bai had always been hostile toward people from the outside. He had also suffered such a big blow, so it was difficult for him to integrate into the society. Fortunately, he was relatively young, and there would be opportunities for him to slowly eliminate the grievances in his mind.

After a day and a night, the three arrived at the military port of City Shanghai at noon the next day. Monitor had already been waiting for Xiao Bing. When Tang Tian met Monitor, he saluted him and said, “Hail to the Chief!” After Xiao Bing thanked Tang Tian, he got off the ship with Red Rose and Lil Bai.

Monitor hugged Xiao Bing excitedly, clapped him on the back, and said excitedly, “It’s good to have you back. It’s good to have you back.”

Xiao Bing said in an exaggerated manner, “Hey, hey, don’t scare me. I’m not gay.”

Monitor laughed and scolded. “It seems that you had a good time. I thought you were in great danger. In fact, you seem to be in a good mood and also involved in some romantic affairs.”

With this, Monitor glanced at Red Rose. Xiao Bing laughed and said: “You, old guy, have you arranged our lodgings? Let’s talk on the way.”

“Well, I already know in advance that you’ve brought two people back, so I’ve arranged for three rooms, but I don’t know if there’s going to be a room that’s redundant…”

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